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Real Kids Shades Promotion

Summer is quickly coming to a close, but that doesn't mean we should put away our sunglasses. Real Kids Shades is currently offering a few great promotions to promote their wonderful products. A few months ago, we had the chance to review and share Real Kids Shades with our readers, and now again we get to share them again! Click here to read our review of RKS.
Real Kids Shades is helping out families by offering two special Facebook promotions:

20% off Coupon
Now through September 27, 2012, RKS is offering 20% off all items on the website. Click here to register and receive your coupon code.

$250 Visa Gift Card
Enter for a chance to win a $250 Visa Gift Card from Real Kids Shades. This gift card is just what you’ll need to cover some of those inevitable back to school expenses. Simply click here to enter.
Sunglasses are important gear for your child during back to school time and throughout the year! Your child’s backpack should always have a pair of sunglasses handy so they can put them on when they’re outside at recess, or walking home from the bus stop.
Thanks to Real Kids Shades for sharing this promotion with us. You can visit the RKS website here to shop or follow RKS on Facebook.

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