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Protect Your Floors with Decorative Rugs

My parents just went through a bit of a home remodeling project. They decided to have the carpet ripped out of their entire downstairs floor of their home, and have a beautiful laminate floor put down. A lot of folks choose to go with laminate floors, because they are durable and affordable. One of the best ways to protect your floors- be they hardwood or laminate, is to put down decorative rugs. Click here for a few more great tips on how to protect your laminate or hardwood floors!

My mom and dad have been trying to decide color schemes for the house. They had everything repainted the same color downstairs, bought a few media console for the family room, have a new appliance, etc- so everything is pretty neutral. They definitely need a few pops of color here and there, and a cozy square rug in their family room, would a great start for adding a little warmth back into their home.

60 x 110 - Greek Key Flat Weave - Green - Rectangle Shaped Rug - GreenGreek Key Flat Weave - Green - 60 x 110
Green Greek Flat Weave Rectangular Rug

My parents' couch is an olive green color, and their media console is a sort of grey color. My mom wants to get away from the greens, but I think that until they get a more neutral colored sofa, they won't have too many options as far as area rugs go. 

Another reason my mom and dad may want to put a few rugs down, is that Balian, my son, is over at their house pretty often. He is used to having soft, traditional area rugs to plop down and play on in our own home, and is having trouble remembering that right now, there is no rug for him to plop on. He's slipping and sliding a little bit, and the last thing we want, is for him to fall and hurt himself.

90 x 90 - Majestic - Cream - Circle Shaped Rug - MAJ 12CMajestic - Cream - 90 x 90
Beautiful Cream-colored Wool Rug

My parents also have a dog, who slips and slides all over the laminate floor downstairs. A cozy wool area rug in the family room, and a couple of runners in the hallway and in the kitchen, may help keep her on her feet, and off of her puppy rear. 

80 x 150 - Fusion - Brown - Rectangle Shaped Rug - 3639NFusion - Brown - 80 x 150
The colors in this Fusion Brown Retro Rug absolutely match my curtains and pillows in the living room!
 I must have this one!

I have been so busy helping my mom and dad put their house back together, that I have been ignoring my own home for the past several weeks! I still need a more durable area rug for my living room. The neutral colored rugs that I have down over my hardwood floors, are really starting to look dingy, and show spots and stains from my toddler. Maybe I can convince my hubby to go for something sort of traditional, but with a retro twist for a new rug!

How do you protect your hardwood or laminate floors?

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