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Packing for a Trip to the UK

This is kind of exciting... my mother-in-law will soon be heading to the UK, on a trip with her best friend. They're going to London, and then they'll go to a few other countries after they tour certain areas of the UK. When my m-i-l told us that she'd be overseas for two weeks, her main concern was really having the right clothing and accessories for her trip. 

I shared a great article with her about How to Pack for a Trip to London!

She knew she would need some comfortable shoes, because she'd be doing a lot (and I do mean a lot) of walking. So, we started looking for walking boots. My husband and I both encouraged her to look at men's walking boots, as well as women's. Honestly, I find men's sneakers often fit better than women's sneakers!

Hi-Tec Otter Trail Waterproof Boots

One of my top picks for her trip, is a boot like this one- the Hi-Tech Otter Trail Waterproof Boot. I thought this boot looked like it would suit her style, plus it looked like it would provide plenty of support for hours upon hours of walking. I like the tread on the bottom of this boot, too! I know my mother-in-law is expecting to be walking around in the rain, so the fact that these are waterproof is a huge plus!

She's also going to need a lightweight waterproof jacket for her trip. Something that will keep her dry, and also warm, if need be. With the changing of the seasons upon us, I wouldn't be surprised if a couple of days of her trip were sort of damp, and chilly. One of the brands I trust to protect against the elements, is The North Face. I think if she could go with a jacket, she'd probably pick one of these!

Craghoppers Womens Nosilife Pindwala Plain Shirt Dress

I know that I'm not the one going on this trip, but if I were, I'd want to wear something comfortable, cute and stylish while sightseeing. I'd go for outdoor clothing, but the last thing I'd want to do is look like a tourist. I'd probably put on a cute shirt dress or tunic, with a pair of leggings and flats to walk around in... but like I said, that's me, and I'm not going on this trip. She's going to have such a great time! I want her to hurry up and go, so she can come back and show us pictures!

Have you ever been to London? 
What did you take with you on your trip?

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