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Me4Kidz Smile Buddy (Review)

One of the best parts of our day in the Witt house, is toothbrush time! Though it seems strange, since so many kids hate brushing their teeth, my little man is an oral care lover! Since the first time he caught glimpse of a tooth brush, he was intrigued, and we took that as a sign to go ahead and introduce a little baby tooth brush to his sweet little baby teeth and gums. Now that he's two years old, Balian loves to actually brush his teeth (with help).

So, imagine how excited I was, when I came across me4kidz- a family owned and operated business, which focuses on providing safe, functional and modern first aid kits for the whole family. They use products that are made right here in the USA, and use recycled materials to package their products, i.e.- the cases, etc. 

Our little blue Smile Buddy Kit (how adorable is the case!?)

I was offered a Smile Buddy Kit to review with Balian, and we were super excited to give this sweet little oral care kit a try! It took very little time for our Smile Buddy Kit to arrive. Balian wanted the kit right away, as he was drawn to the delightful blue zebra, holding a tooth brush on the front of the case.

Our Smile Buddy Kit and all of its goodies!

The Smile Buddy Kit is awesome for kids and parents on the go. We're on the go, quite a bit, and as it happened, were slated to be on a road trip not long after we received this, so I knew it would be the perfect way to take Balian's teeth-brushing supplies with us!

The Smile Buddy Kit includes:
A Suction Cup Toothbrush
1 Travel Size Crest Toothpaste tube (with flouride)
12 Dentek Fun Flossers
1 2-3 Minute Tooth-brushing sand timer
Kid-friendly stickers
1 Reusable/Recyclable Plastic Carrying Case

Balian- checking out his cool new toothbrush from me4kidz!

A little fuzzy, but B was having a grand time with his new toothbrush!

Balian didn't know what he wanted to check out first! He saw the toothbrush, and immediately decided that he needed to try it out. He's still a little guy, so he does need help and close supervision while he brushes his teeth, but I'm all about encouraging good oral health, and healthy habits. He gave the new toothbrush a whirl, though I couldn't let him use the flouride toothpaste (we have toddler safe toothpaste that he's used to using on a daily basis).

Balian also went crazy over the stickers! There were so many adorable stickers included in the kit, that we didn't know which to use first. I told Balian that if he listened well, and did a good, thorough job of brushing, he could choose a sticker. The incentive worked like a charm. He listened, brushed, rinsed, and let me put the toothbrush away when we were finished without throwing a tantrum over it!

This cute little blue puppy sticker was the reward for good behavior while brushing!

As a parent, I love everything that is included in the Smile Buddy Kit! I love that the toothbrush has a little suction cup on the bottom, because that means that when we're traveling and don't have a little cup to hold the toothbrushes, I can just stick the toothbrush to the bathroom counter, and don't have to worry about it touching anything. The flossers are fun! We saved a couple of packages to keep at home, and shared the rest with cousin Connor, who is eight, and very into taking care of his teeth. He liked the fun colors! We found the sand timer a lot of fun, too! I made up a silly song (I do that a lot) to sing while the sand runs through and B brushes. I imagine it's very helpful for older kids, too!

The entire case is the perfect size to toss into a travel bag, send to grandma's house, take to summer camp, etc! Along with the Smile Buddy Kit, Me4kidz also offers a variety of other must-have kits for families, like...

...Nail Buddy, Medi Buddy, Diaper Bag Buddy, and Little Buddy Wipes!

The Medi Bag is a family must-have! It has all of the essentials needed for little bumps and scrapes to big boo-boo's!

The cute little buddy kits would make great stocking-stuffers for the upcoming holiday season (which isn't too far off!), and the Medi Bag would be a great baby shower gift, newlyweds gift, or just because purchase! Don't be caught without the essential supplies every family needs for good health, and those little bump-ups that are bound to happen!

Want It? Buy It!

You can purchase all of these adorable kits from your favorite online retailers, and be sure to check to see if they're available locally, by entering your zipcode on the me4kidz website! me4kidz is also on Facebook, so be sure to like their page to stay up to date on product news!

Special thanks to me4kidz to allowing us to give the Smile Buddy Kit a try, and make brushing fun for the whole family!

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Disclosure: Other than the above mentioned products, which I received directly from this sponsor for review purposes, I was not compensated for facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are my own. Your experience may differ.

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