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Getting the Hair I've Always Dreamed of...

Please don't laugh when I admit this to you, but I have seriously been contemplating buying a wig. Why? It's simple- I have fallen out of love with my hair. My hair has never been beautiful- it's thin, fine, naturally curly/wavy, oily and frizzy. Yeah- it's a hot mess, which most days, I'd just rather not have to deal with. I'd actually learned to love my hair before I became a mom, and loved it even more when I was pregnant, but after I gave birth, as promised, all of that lush pregnant lady hair started to fall out. For a few months, I felt like I was going bald and felt sort of lousy. When my hair started growing back, it grew in lighter, redder, and even curlier than before!

I wish I'd thought of it at the time, but owning a super nice wig, made from real human hair, or even a pretty synthetic hair wig, would have been a great option after the birth of my son. It would have been so nice to have been able to just don a beautiful wig while folks popped over to visit us our first few days home from the hospital with Balian. Never having owned a wig before, I wouldn't know where to start looking for one. Buy Wigs makes it easy, though, for anyone looking for a gorgeous wig to wear- be it just for every day use, a fancy event, women experiencing hair loss, etc. Here, I can find elegant wigs from designers like Jon Renau, who makes stunning human hair wigs of all shades and styles!

This is a lighter shade than my natural hair color, but I love this look!

I'd love a wig like the one shown above, because I yearn for straight hair (most curly girls do!). My hair won't stay straight, no matter what types of styling products I torture it with, so why not just purchase a beautiful straight haired wig, that I can style any way I'd like to?

Ellen Wille Hair Power Collection Pam Hi-Tec Wig
A cute cropped look that seems totally effortless...

The other thing I so am glad for in knowing about a wonderful place to purchase human hair wigs, and beautiful synthetic wigs, is that I have a great resource to share with those in my own community who are suffering through hair loss. A few women, whom I know personally are battling different types of cancer, and undergoing chemo treatments. Some of them have chosen to wear wigs, that they've been less than pleased with, and others just didn't know where to look to find a wig that just looked like their own hair. When my mom was battling breast cancer in 2004-2005, she didn't receive treatments, and didn't lose her hair, but I remember her saying that she just wanted to look and feel like herself again, after all she'd been through. Buy Wigs specializes in so many beautiful, natural looking wigs, that everyone is bound to be able to find something that suits their needs.

Jon Renau Illusions Collection China Doll Wig

Along with lovely wigs, I can also find fun party wigs at Buy Wigs, and other accessories, too! Need a fun wig for Halloween or New Year's Eve celebrations? This is your one-stop-shop for all of your wig needs!

I can't wait to add a few 'for fun' wigs to my collection, and start a collection of everyday wigs, too!

Have you ever thought of buying a wig?

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