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Discoveroo Toys (Review & Giveaway)

As Balian gets older, he is becoming more and more interested in things like trucks and large vehicles. Particularly, he's interested in garbage trucks and recycling trucks! I love to get down on the floor and play trucks with him. He's becoming more playful and creative, and is even starting to play more on his own. The older he gets though, the rougher his play is becoming. At twenty-three months, Balian is all boy, and plays hard! We try to refrain from purchasing toys that will end up broken within a few days, just because he's into crashing things!

Imagine my happiness when I discovered Discoveroo Toys, an Australian based company featuring wooden educational toys for children. Sean Richardson and his wife Kari have three children, who have lived abroad for most of their lives. They enjoyed being able to give their children wooden toys from the different countries they lived in, but noticed the lack of quality wooden toys in Australia- thus, they created Discoveroo Toys. Discoveroo Toys makes beautifully crafted wooden toys available for those who are looking to provide children with long lasting toys that will encourage inquisitive little ones to explore, discover, play and learn!

I reached out to Discoveroo Toys, because my husband and I have a love for wooden toys- we know they'll last a super long time, and we so enjoy watching Balian play and learn. I was also super impressed after reading through the Quality and Safety page on the Discoveroo website. Discoveroo tests all aspects of their toys- not just the coatings on them, and they only work with a select group of manufacturers, who are certified, and meet Discoveroo's strict criteria. Knowing this makes me feel good about letting Balian play with toys from Discoveroo!

Fruit Music Set and Sort 'N Tip Garbage Truck from Discoveroo Toys

We were given the opportunity to review some toys from Discoveroo, and I had no idea what we were being sent, so when our package arrived, I was pretty excited to see what I would get to present to Balian.
We were sent the Fruit Music Set, and the Sort 'n Tip Garbage Truck. This selection could not have been more perfect for Balian. I already mentioned his love of garbage trucks- he's fascinated with them... and he loves, loves, loves music!

Fruit Music Set

I decided to introduce B to the Fruit Music Set, first. Balian has loved wiggling and dancing around to music since he was a tiny babe, and as he grows, he gets more and more creative with his dance moves. Balian comes from a long line of musicians. Almost everyone in my family and my husbands family sings or plays an instrument. My dad introduced Balian to the piano when he was tiny- and now he begs to 'play' every chance he gets. He's also interested in his daddy's trombone, the drums, the guitar, and other percussion instruments.

Getting excited about what's inside the box!

Exploring what sorts of sounds the different instruments can make...

The Fruit Music Set from Discoveroo features an apple xylophone with wooden mallet, a lemon maraca, a lime, and a melon castanet, and a pear guiro. All of the wooden instruments came neatly packaged in a box made from recycled paper, and then, were held in a wooden tray. As I placed the tray containing the instruments on the coffee table in front of Balian, his little blue eyes lit up! He went straight for the apple xylophone, and started playing away! Next, he tried out eh maraca, and I helped him with the castanets and guiro. We have enjoyed countless hours of music and pretend play from Balian- the one man toddler band since we received the Fruit Music Set from Discoveroo. Needless to say, this toy set is definitely a winner in our book!

I waited until the next day to give Balian the Sort 'n Tip Garbage Truck. I knew he would be on toy overload if I gave him two new toys in one day! After his morning snack, we went into Balian's room and sat down on the play rug to play cars. I pulled the second box from Discoveroo out from under his bed, and let him give it the once over. As soon as he realized that it was a truck, he was begging for me to remove it from the box. I took it out, and then presented him with the new toy. As he reached for the wooden truck, he exclaimed, 'Garbage truck!' He took off with the truck, zooming through the house and having a great time. I followed behind, because I wanted to show Balian that the truck wasn't just a truck- the Sort 'n Tip Garbage Truck from Discoveroo is also a shape sorter. The truck comes with six wooden shapes that easily fit through their slots, which land them inside of the truck. The back of the truck lifts, so the truck can be tilted back and the pieces can slide right out and plated with again and again! 

The Sort 'n Tip Garbage Truck

Taking the shapes out of the truck and sorting them...

Balian loves this truck! He is having a great time continuing to learn his shapes, and learning patience and how to ask for help when he needs it. When the garbage man comes to our house on Wednesday mornings, Balian runs to find his wooden garbage truck, and roll ii onto the front porch as we watch the garbage man at work, and wave to him (such a friendly guy!). Balian loves turning the wooden truck on its side, and back to see just how everything works- the wheels, the back lift, etc. Maybe he's a little mechanic or engineer in the making.

Sort n Tip Garbage Truck - Click Image to Close

Features of the Sort 'n Tip Garbage Truck

A garbage truck which opens and tips with 7 different shapes to sort. 
28cm (long) x 16cm (wide). 
A great game that helps kids learn about sorting their waste. 
18 months and up.

We are very much enjoying these wonderful toys, and I would encourage parents and teachers to explore all of the wonderful wooden toys that are available from Discoveroo.

Here are a few more of our favorite Discoveroo Toys...

Bendy Caterpillar - Click Image to Close
For Baby- Bendy Caterpillar

Bird Smackeroo - Click Image to Close
18 mo+ Bird Smackaroo

Deli Set - Click Image to Close
For your little chef- Deli Set

I have a feeling that you and your little ones will love Discoveroo just as much as we do! 
With the holidays coming up, Discoveroo Toys are a great choice for the kids, as they'll last a long time, they're safe, and they're just plain fun to play with!

Want It? Buy It!

You can purchase your favorite Discoveroo Toys on the Discoveroo website, anytime! Be sure to connect with Discoveroo on Facebook, and Twitter, so you never miss out on important deals or announcements!

Want It? Win It!

One lucky MBP reader will win their very own Fruit Music Set from Discoveroo! Just use the handy Rafflecopter entry form below to enter for your chance to win!

Special thanks to Discoveroo Toys for allowing us to experience a world of fun and discovery, and for offering this wonderful giveaway to our readers.

Good Luck!

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Disclosure: I received the above mentioned items free of charge from Discoveroo, for review purposes. All opinions shared are my own. Your experience may differ. MBP is not responsible for sponsor prize shipment.


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  15. I love the bendy caterpillar and dump truck!!

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  17. Wooden toys also have the ability to support problem-solving. On a more basic level, children can use wooden toys to help provide visual representations of addition and subtraction problems. They can also be used to create logic puzzles for children to solve, to build towers that will withstand different forces acting upon them, or to create models to help represent different advanced math and science problems. Because wooden toys come in more general shapes and sizes, children will have to problem-solve to figure out how to make them fit certain scenarios rather than having the per-made pieces that often come with other educational sets.


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