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Cool Gear Travel Cups and More (Review)

I am quickly becoming one frustrated mommy. Balian will be turning two in less than one month, and still refuses to drink his milk from anything but a bottle. We've tried so many different sippy and training cups with him, it's unreal how many different ones I have in the cabinet. B has no problem drinking water or juice from these cups- but the milk in a bottle, is apparently not to be messed with. I know he's his own little dude, and part of me wants to just let him make the transition on his own, and then the other part of me wants to just make the bottles disappear entirely.

Having to pack milk around in bottles, though is such a pain! It was a pain when he was a little babe, and now it's even more of a pain! I end up having to pack a lunch tote, if we plan to be out for the entire day, stocked with lots of milk, and gel packs to keep everything cold. Not exactly what I would call traveling in style. 

cool gear logo

Lucky for me- and for Balian, I found Cool Gear, which has forever changed how this family feels about 'to go cups.' Cool Gear International has created some super cool products for the entire family. Cool Gear strives to revolutionize the 'green movement,' with hopes of eventually eliminating plastic bottle waste. Since 1986, Cool Gear has been revolutionizing the development of the modern housewares and hydration industry. They create awesome products to keep foods crisp and fresh, and liquids cool.

The friendly folks at Cool Gear offered to send us a few samples of our choosing to review, and I was pretty excited about that. They have so, so many wonderful products, that it was difficult to narrow my wishlist down. Balian and his struggle with letting go of the bottle was fresh in my mind, though, so I really looked for products that would aid him through this un-fun transition.

Our new Cool Gear products: Snack Time, Chiller and Cool Zooey

We chose to review one of the Cool Zooey Bottles, the Snack and Go Container, and one of the Chillers. We received our products in about a week, and I couldn't wait to introduce Balian to the new Cool Zooey Bottle- I knew he was going to love it!

Balian, enjoying some juice with his lunch, in his Cool Zooey Flip Top...

Before I could even get the tag off of the Cool Zooey Bottle, Balian was grabbing for it. I gave it a quick wash, and poured some water into it, so Balian could test it out. It was love at first sip! Balian loves the froggy flip-top, and the easy grip sides. He can easily get to the soft straw/tube, and can shake it and turn it upside down all he wants, because the Cool Zooey Bottles are leak-proof! The Cool Zooey Flip Tops are easy to clean, and the best part, is that they come with a gel-filled insert, so it can be placed in the freezer, chilled, and then it keeps your drink cold (like a dream!) while you're on the go!

Features of the Cool Zooey Flip Tops

Squeezable material
4 Fun Character designs
Non-toxic gel filled freezer stick keeps drinks cold
Flip-top straw cap
Top shelf dishwasher safe
For ages 5 and up

Cool Gear Snacktime Container

We also received the super awesome Snacktime Container. Though I love all of the Cool Gear products we received, this one is probably my favorite, and has impressed everyone in our family who's seen it! This handy, kid-friendly, mommy must have, makes packing a snack and a drink easy as pie! This 2-in-1 product  is amazing! The top is a sippy cup, and is filled with a freezer safe gel, to keep drinks cold. The bottom half, holds a snack, and has a lid. Both lids are screw top lids, and they actually screw and lock together, making this the perfect on the go container for kids, and a lifesaver for moms!

Locked together- milk on top, grapes in the snack cup on the bottom.

Shown apart- sippy and snack cup

We decided to put our Snacktime Container to the test a couple of weeks ago. We were planning a day trip, and knew we'd be out of the house for most of the day, so I stuck the top half- the sippy cup, into the freezer, to get the gel nice and cold. I filled the bottom half with a snack, and then the top half with cold milk. We went on our way, and the milk stayed nice and cold for at least two hours while we were in the car. The snack cup fit perfectly into the cup holder attached to B's car seat, so all I had to do was reach around, take the lid off, and set it down. We love this sip and snack duo! The sippy is leak proof, and easy for Balian to use. The screw top lid on the snack cup keeps snacks safely contained, and fresh-tasting! I love being able to just toss this as one piece, into the travel bag and hit the road!

Snacktime snack container blue

Features of the Snacktime Container

BPA Free
Twist-off cookie container
Non-toxic gel filled top container keeps drink cold
Bottom container keeps snacks fresh
Flip-top sipper
Great for school, ideal for travel

Last, but certainly not least, we come to a product for mom! I was lucky enough to receive one of Cool Gear's famous Chillers! I've been seeing women everywhere with their own plastic cups with lids and straws that they just fill with whatever they like, and take with them. They show up everywhere- in meetings, play group, rehearsals, etc. I wanted one, but had a hard time choosing one that would suit my needs. Lucky for me, Cool Gear has an excellent selection of Chillers- plastic cups of all sizes, with screw top lids and plastic straws.

24 oz Chiller

I was sent a 24 oz Chiller with a cute flower design. Like the other products we received from Cool Gear, this Chiller is filled with the freezer safe gel, which means that I can stick it in the freezer and get it nice and cold, then fill it with water, and go! I love this Chiller so much! I take this baby everywhere! It goes into the car with me each and every time, and believe it or not- it helps me drink more water. I hate drinking water- my husband usually comes home and asks me if I've had a glass of water at all for that day. Now, I just fill my Chiller while at home or on the go, and sip the day away. Being able to chill the cup before filling it, and then keeping the drink cold, helps with my water consumption, too- I hate room temperature water! I take my new Chiller with my to every vocal rehearsal and meeting- it's my new must-have!

The Chillers from Cool Gear come in many different sizes and patterns!
They've got something for everyone!

Gel Chiller 24oz with Pink Band

Features of the Chiller

BPA Free
Double wall construction
Non-toxic freezer gel keeps drink cold
TPR band
Top shelf dishwasher safe
Freeze cup in upright position

Along with the awesome products I have shown you already, Cool Gear has so many more wonderful products! If you're wanting to simply your life, live a little greener, or just plain save some money, check out a few more must-haves from Cool Gear!

15oz Reflection Coffee green
Reflections Coffee Mug

Beer Mug blue
Beer Mug (Ladies- think Christmas for the dudes!)

EZ Freeze Freeze & Lock 3pack round containers
Freeze & Lock (For lunch time, snack time, travel- anytime!)

I have been so impressed by the performance of our products from Cool Gear. No leaks or spills, which is music to mom's ears. These travel cups and containers are easy to carry, they fit into the cup holders in the car, they're durable, include fun designs, and they're top rack dishwasher safe, which means they're super easy to clean! I love that Cool Gear offers something for everyone- from the little ones to adults. These are products that we now use daily. They help us to pack our own drinks from the fridge at home, rather than waste money on buying bottled soda or water while we're out and about. This also cuts down on how much waste we're producing- even if it can be recycled.

Want It? Buy It!

If you're looking to purchase a few products that will make your life a little easier- from sippy cups for the kids to travel containers for yourself, give Cool Gear a try! Their innovative products will leave you jumping for joy! Thinking ahead to Christmas? We are, too! Cool Gear products would make great gifts for anyone you know who likes to enjoy a beverage on the go! Planning a road trip? You will love yourself for purchasing some of the travel bottles and snack containers for the kids- trust me! We're planning a couple of trips that will have our family on the road and I am not leaving home without our Cool Gear products!

Head to the Cool Gear website to check out their complete line of products! You can connect with Cool Gear on Facebook and Twitter, too!

Special thanks to the team at Cool Gear, for introducing us to our favorite new travel products, and for allowing us to share about them with our readers!

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Disclosure: I received the above mentioned products free of charge for review purposes, directly from the sponsor. All opinions shared are my own. Your experience may differ.

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  1. I also have bought a CoolGear cup and straw. I really bought 3. So far 2 have broken apart (the outside wall broke at the top away from the inside wall). These were the cups without the gel inside. I was wondering if you had any of these problems as well? We have no dishwasher and wash everything by hand so I cant blame it on that.


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