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zCushBaby Nap Mat Review

Since we have many pets in our home, I am always laying blankets and other things on the floor for Cameron to lay on so he doesn't get a mouth full of hair every time he rolls on his tummy.  So, when i was asked to review the zCush Nap Mat I was thrilled.  

The zCush Baby Nap Mat includes a base mat with polyester filling and cotton shell which has a pocket to lay your baby in securely. It measures approximately 17"” x 27" ”x 1"”.  Mat and covers are 100% machine-washable. There are 11 different Mats to choose from between cottons, chenilles & velvets available in assorted colors and styles.

My zCush in its easy to carry reusable bag...

Cameron’s new zCush Frog Nap Mat
The zCush is so soft and comfy it makes me wish they made them in adult sizes.  It has just enough of a pillow to make it comfy to lay on the floor but not too soft that it swallows up your little one.  Its like a really cute padded sleeping bag.  It has a great little zipper pocket that baby can fit right into so they don't roll away.  The outter shell even comes off so if the spit up on it or in our case gets peed on ( Cameron use to get us all the time when he was younger) you can unzip the bottom and pop the cover right in the wash.

zCush pocket unzipped

zCush pad and cover

zCush Nap Mats come in 3 different styles...

 Cotton Characters:

Very Velvet...

Cozy Chenille:

zCush does have some recommend age/size limits for the safety of your child.  zCush is recommended for children younger then 6 months of age who cannot yet roll over and are less than 25 inches tall.  Please do not ever place your infant face down on this product and never leave them unattended!

Cameron in his zCush (just a smidge too big but he still loves it)
zCush is great for on the go moms. It gives you a convenient, safe place to change baby, play with baby or even a nice cozy place to nap, of course!
Want it??? Buy it!!
Want to buy your very own zCush
You can order directly off of the zCush website or find them on Facebook or on  Twitter.  

Special thanks to zCush for allowing me to try this wonderful product, and allowing me to share all about it with our readers!


Disclosure: Other than the above featured product, which I received free of charge from this sponsor, for review purposes, I was not compensated for facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are my own. Your experience may differ.

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