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Our Search for a New Rug is Over!

You know, you wouldn't think that buying a new area rug is any kind of big deal, but my husband and I have had the absolute worst time finding one that we like, and one that we can afford. We've shopped around at a lot of rug stores, outlets, and home furnishing stores, only to leave with empty hands.

Really though, we need a rug. Our search for a contemporary rug for our living room has been ongoing for almost two years, and I am tired of searching!

We need a nice area rug for a lot of reasons:

#1: Balian's toys (trucks and cars) sometimes scratch the floors.
 #2: Our floors are a beautiful, dark wood, which need to be lightened up a little bit.
#3: Balian needs a soft, safe area to play on the floor.

I came across an interesting and helpful article about the Advantages of Using Area Rugs, showed it to my husband, and he agreed that we definitely needed one- maybe two or three!

We finally found a great online rug store, with tons of beautiful, affordable rugs to choose from. For a long, long time, my husband only wanted to buy brown rugs. We have dark brown furniture, and dark brown floors- our living room desperately needs some color.

Joseph Spice

I think I've talked him into a nice striped rug, like this one. I love the colors, which compliment our living room accents, and it would be a nice and soft spot for Balain to be a rough and tumble boy with his trucks, trains and fast cars!

While we were browsing, we thought we might as well keep looking for rugs needed in other ares of our home. We have an empty area in our bedroom, that would be the perfect place to put down a nice accent rug!

Shimmer Black/White

We have a black and white theme going on in our bedroom, and I'd love to have a black and white area rug like this one to help pull the look of the room together! I'm trying to make little areas within the room, but have them all tied together. This would be a great way to create an office area in our bedroom!

And of course, we can't leave Balian out! I'd love to get a new area rug for his room. It seems to be the coldest room in the house in the winter time, and it also has the creakiest floor boards! A nice kid's rug would help to keep the room a bit warmer, and it would muffle the creaking sounds.

Treasure Island Play Mat Rug
This Treasure Island Play Mat Rug is totally cool! It would do what I need it to do, rug-wise, and it would inspire Balian to get creative while at play! If we get him this rug, he may never want to come out of his room again!

How do you protect the floors in your home?

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