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Old Video Games Taking Up Space? Trade 'Em!

We've got so much stuff! We're acquiring more and more things each and every day here at The Witt's House, and the more we acquire, the less space we have to live in. We have tons of books, movies, and now- video games. We didn't have an XBox for a long time, but now we do, and it, along with the games, takes up extra space. I'm don't mind that we have an XBox... I just don't want my husband and my toddler to become video game junkies. So, my rule on video games is that whenever we get a new one, we trade or give away one of the older, lesser played games. This way, we're not adding tons of games on top of what we already have.

Grainger Games - Trade In Games

We really dislike going to some of the local video game stores, because the lines are horrid and the customer service is the pits. We found a great way to easily trade in old video games online, with Grainger Games. I love it, and so does hubby. I really leave this task to him, and all he has to do is jump on the internet, go to Grainger Games Trade In Center, and type in the name of what he'd like to trade. Instantly, he's given a trade-in price, a cash price, and the prices of a competitor!

Sacha can quickly and easily trade his old games, and build up a credit, which he can use to purchase 'new-to-him' games, or he can cash out, by requesting a check. We could even trade in older electronics and devices through Grainger Games! We both have old iPods that we don't use anymore. I think I'll find the boxes, head to the Grainger site and enter the barcodes from the boxes in the search box to see what they'll offer us for them.

I wonder what hubby will want to buy with his trade-in credits? Probably something like Call of Duty Black Opps II or Halo 4. I don't know a lot about the XBox, or video games in general anymore, but I am really happy that I can head to Grainger Games to make a trade, or to purchase new games. I can't believe how close we are to Christmas already, and video games will be at the top of everyone's list among the boys in our family. I'd better start doing my research, and got on the shopping ball!

Have you ever thought about trading in your old video games?

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