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Making Space for a Home Office

This summer, hubby and I are trying to do a few projects in and around the house, before we get into the busy fall season. We've already done a few of them- fenced in the yard, tiled the bathroom floor, and painted the dining room. The next big job on my project list, is to create an office space within our master bedroom. I know- sounds kind of silly, but right now, our office is in our dining room, and I mostly blog and work from the couch! I need a designated work space, and I've been looking for everything in office furniture, from a desk, chair and rug to shelving and other office accessories.

I found a great list of 10 Tips for Setting Up Your First Home Office, and am going to try to follow it, but before I make my way too far down the list, I have to actually get my office space together!

I've got to have a desk- I work best in a quiet, clean, well-organized space. Also need shelving. I receive lots and lots of fantastic items to review, and I so need a better system to keep everything organized, than what I have now. I think a combo unit, like a shelf system or cabinet, with a built-in table would be perfect!


If I had a great combo unit, like the one pictured above, I could very easily set up on side of the shelving unit to house my blogging items- products for review, paper work, etc. On the other side of the shelving unit, I could store all of my small inventory, paper work, etc, for my direct sales business. There's plenty of space for my laptop, printer, and maybe even a cute lamp! This would absolutely solve my office space problem, wouldn't take away from my bedroom, and would get my dining room back to being my dining room!

I would definitely need a designer table lamp for my work space, too. Hubby stays up late playing video games while I'm working (bloggers never sleep!), so I could work from our bedroom, even in the evening. The lighting in that room isn't super bright, and my eyes are tired by the end of the day, so having a professional looking lamp in my work space, is a must!

I can't wait to get my designated office space set up- it's a much needed, long overdue summer project, that I'll be happy to cross off my list!

Do you have a home office? What are your home office must haves?

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