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Keeping the Dirt out of the House

My home has hardwood floors, and I love them- they're really very beautiful, but with hardwood floors, comes a lot of sweeping. We've put down a few area rugs in our home, both for decorative and safety purposes. Though the area rugs are nice, they're in a high-traffic area of our home, and are constantly being filled up with dirt, leaves, etc, from outside. I beg and plead with my hubby to take his shoes off before coming into the house when he gets home from work, but that usually doesn't happen. So, I end up sweeping, and vacuuming these area rugs multiple times a day, because my toddler plays on them, and well- he'll put just about anything he finds on the floor into his mouth.

I have door mats at every entrance to the house, but the door mats are always left looking pretty squeaky clean, which means they're not really doing their job. So, when I came across Turtle Mats, I was in homemaker heaven! These stylish, functional mats, are ant-slip, non-stain mats that prevent dirt from entering the home, and prevent moisture from spreading from room to room!

Since these floor mats are made to be used both on top of floors, and carpets, they're perfect for every area of the home. I found a few designs that I really liked, and started thinking about where I could use some of these turtle mats in my own home.

Turtle Mat Tytnesfield Leaf Multigrip Washable Cotton Doormat 
Tynesfield Leaf Door Mat

I definitely need some pretty door mats- both inside and outside of my front door. I love the neutral colors and design of the Tynesfield Mats. Having one of these at every door to the outside, will trap the dirt, grit and sand that comes in with our shoes... and hopefully, it'll cut down on the number of times I have to sweep and vacuum every day.

Turtle Mat Kitchen Green Multigrip Washable Cotton Doormat 
Green Cotton Kitchen Mat

This kitchen mat is perfect for our home, because we have green and black accents in our kitchen. I keep a door mat in front of my beverage bar, to catch coffee spills, etc. Since the Turtle Mats are non-stain, I wouldn't have to worry about scrubbing stains out of it, like I do now, when I have little coffee drips onto the mat.


Turtle Mat Cotswold Stripe Multigrip Washable Cotton Doormat 
Cotswold Striped Bath Mat

We don't have a fan/vent in our bathroom, so you can imagine the moisture that builds up in there with no ventilation. Hopefully, just by switching out our bath mats, we'll see a bit of an improvement!

I'm so glad I found out about these Turtle Mats! I may even order one for my parents, who are installing hardwood floors  in their home. They have a dog, and they're going to need a couple of pet mats!

Do you use mats like these in your house?

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