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Icky Baby Disposables (Review & FB Photo Contest)

Most moms are moms on the go, and there is really nothing more helpful the products made for that!  I have recently discovered that lugging stuff back and forth from our house to Nana’s or anywhere else for that matter is NOT FUN!  Icky baby has come up with an eco friendly solution to that problem.

Icky baby has been around for sometime now, but has just recently launched their new product line of eco friendly, disposable & compostable placemats, bibs & multi purpose mats.  Each of their products comes in a box made of recycled paper.  Their products are designed to break down in months instead of years!  Got to love a company that is trendy, fashion forward and out to save the environment.  

The bibs & the multi purpose mats come in 2 designs a girl print of pink & brown mattise, and for our little men, a blue blast off pattern.  

Girl & Boy Bibs (12 bibs per package)

These Icky Baby  bibs are great they fold up small are light weight and I can throw them away guilt free when on the go.  At home we have the plastic/vinyl reusable, washable bibs for meal time, but who wants to take that out in public and have a wet bib in the diaper bag after they are done.  With this I can keep a few just folded up in my bag and ready to go.  They are also great since they still have the same little crumb/ mess catcher that our bibs at home have so no mess in the lap

Our Blast off bib...

Cameron & His Icky Baby Bib...

Girl & Boy Mats 
(8 18x22 mats per package)

Icky baby has also come out with a disposable changing mat.  I have found a few uses for this.  Of course as a changing mat, but also as a portable snack mat for Cameron when we are on the go.  He is learning to sit up and of course feed himself.  I hate having to break out a blanket every time I want to sit him on the floor with puffs and this is a great way to do it.

Puffs everywhere, except on the Icky Baby Mat, but still a fun toy none the less!

Icky Baby Color Me Place Mat (10 placemats and 3 non toxic crayons per package).

These Icky Baby Color Me Place Mats are chalk-based, which means no trees were used to make this product, and they are completely biodegradable. The beautiful design encourages children to be creative and draw a garden of their own, “How does your garden grow?”.  These are great for at home or on the go also.  For some reason not all restaurants these days have kid menus or placemats that have activities on them to give the ittle ones something to do while they wait for their food, and if they do they are usually made of paper and one drop of a a drink and they are done for.  These are a great “plasticky feeling” material which is waterproof. So no drink damage here just some great color time while we wait for food.

Wyatt using the Icky Baby Place Mat

Want it? Buy It!

Looking to get your kiddo some really cute and cool eco friendly Icky Baby products? Check them out on their website, facebook page, or on pinterest.  You can check out the website for for a list of local places to buy their products or online stores.

Want It? Win It!

Ready to have some fun? We're doing a special giveaway w/Icky Baby, that involves being a little bit creative! Use the Rafflecopter, and follow the instructions. The first 12 readers to post a photo w/comment to the Icky Baby FB page, will win a box of disposables from Icky Baby! Contest will end when we have reached 12 entries. Ready? Set? Go! Get to snapping those cute icky baby photos and post them, so you can win!


Disclosure: Other than the above featured items, which I received free of charge, for review purposes, I was not compensated for facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are my own. Your experience may differ.

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