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Holiday Shopping for Hubby in August

I know it's only August, but I'm the kind of girl who likes to plan ahead, so I am already making notes of things I think my husband might like for Christmas. He's not really hard to shop for. I know what he does doesn't like, however, he rarely makes me a list, or refers me to certain brands, so I am left on my own.

I almost hate to go the usual route. He loves movies, and electronics, and power tools, but there's a classy side to him. He loves classical music, nights at the symphony, french cuffs with cufflinks, silk ties, and tie clips. Maybe we just have too many personalities, but our lifestyle definitely doesn't always reflect the worldly, sophisticated way we often feel. I love to give my husband special things, though- gifts that say 'I love you,' 'I remember when you said such and such,' and so on.

Vent Black Soft Lacquer Cuff links

I started looking around for some nice men's cufflinks, because my husband has such an affinity toward them. I've only ever gotten him cheap cuff links, because they were all that I could afford at the time. This year, though, I'm looking for some extra special designer cufflinks that he'll treasure.

I love some of these options that I found at Dunhill...

Owl Black Lacquer Cuf links

Ad Coin Carbon Fibre Cufflinks

Black Mammoth Tusk Cufflinks

I love cufflinks, and love to see my husband wearing them. Many men don't wear them anymore, and that's sort of a shame. Maybe it's because they don't know much about them, why or how they ought to wear cufflinks. I read a smart little article about how to wear cufflinks: A Gentleman's Guide to Wearing Cufflinks. I'm going to share it with my husband, because I think he'll get a kick out of it... and maybe when he opens up a beautiful box bearing cufflinks from Dunhill for Christmas, he'll remember the article.

Why do you think guys don't wear cufflinks anymore?

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