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Helping Hubby Find a Great Fall Wardrobe

My husband is a pretty laid back kind of guy. His work consists of a private painting and home restoration business, combined with teaching and playing trombone, professionally. His schedule changes week to week, so I need to make sure that he always has what he needs, clothing-wise. He needs to have a great supply of casual shirts that can get dirty, to work in while painting and doing contracting work. When teaching, or playing for a gig, he needs to be a little bit better dressed. With fall fast approaching, and traffic almost unbearable (lots of construction close to where we live), we're making our fall wardrobe wish lists online!

We found a great new place to shop for men's clothing! Sach has been looking for everything from button-down shirts to pants and shoes for the upcoming fall season, and he's been pretty lucky to have found everything he needs, all in one place at Red Square Clothing!

He'll need some nice casual to dress shirts. He saw quite a few XL styles that caught his eye, like...

Dr Denim Ringo Shirt 
Dr. Denim Ringo Shirt 
(He loves the green check pattern!)

Here in NC, we never know what our fall or winter temperatures will be like. We could be at seventy-five degrees on Christmas Day, or much cooler. So, a fall/winter wardrobe staple for my husband, is to have a few good sweaters on hand, which can easily be dressed up or down. It can be worn over a nice shirt or polo shirt on chilly mornings, shed for the afternoon, and then put back on in the evening hours, when it starts getting downright cold!

Edwin Jeans EC Sweater 
Edwin Jeans EC Sweater
(Casual enough to wear while teaching, and even nice enough to wear to church!)

Sacha has never really been big into wearing jeans, until recently. If we're going out to dinner, or having a date night, he loves to wear a nice sweater and a pair of jeans. Jeans can so easily be dressed up! As long as he feels comfortable enough in them, he'll wear them. He really likes the look of some of the Carhartt Jeans!

Carhartt Ziggy Jeans 
Carhartt Ziggy Jeans
(Tried and true for guys of every age!)

With these classic pieces on hand, along with a few others, Sach will be good to go this fall. Now all we need is for some cooler weather to get here, so he can enjoy wearing great pieces like these!

What are your wardrobe staples for fall and winter?


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