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Happy 75th Anniversary, Pepperidge Farm!

When we're at the grocery store, stocking up on essentials, and shopping for snacks, we tend to gravitate toward the classic brands we know and love. One brand that's super near and dear to us is Pepperidge Farm. My sis and I grew up on their yummy products, like Goldfish Crackers, Cinnamon Raisin Swirl Bread, and their famous stuffing- oh, the stuffing! So, it was no surprise that when we introduced Balian to Goldfish Crackers about a year ago, he was all over them!

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Pepperidge Farm is celebrating 75 years in bringing us delicious foods, and treats, so when we were offered the opportunity to review some of their newest products, we couldn't turn that chance down!

We were sent a special package of goodies from Pepperidge Farm, which included NEW Jingos Crackers, in three delicious flavors, as well as two NEW cookies: Milano Melts and Milano Slices, and a classic- Goldfish Crackers.

Our NEW treats to try from Pepperidge Farm arrived early Saturday morning, and this little monkey couldn't wait to tear into these boxes!

 Since our Pepperidge Farm goodies arrived on a Saturday, just before we were headed out for a day of shopping, we decided to take some of the Jingos crackers with us in the car, and give them a try as we drove. We receieved all three yummy flavors of Jingos: zesty Lime and Sweet Chilli, savory Parmesan and Garlic, and smokey Fiesta Cheddar! We figured Balian would probably go for the Parmesan & Garlic Jingos, and took them along on our car trip. I wanted to save the new bag of Goldfish Crackers for later in the week!

JINGOS! Couldn't wait to taste these! We loved the colorful boxes!

At first, I was overwhelmed by the powerful scent, after I opened the box of Jingos. Once I got used to the strong scent of Parmesan cheese, I was ready to give them a taste. They are definitely more cheesy than garlic-y, so if you love cheese, you'll love these! Balian was put off by the strong scent of cheese at first, as well, but once he got used to it, he was asking for 'more Jingos, please!?'

Parmesan Garlic Jingos- delicious!

Our JINGOS were super tasty and delicious! I next tried the Fiesta Cheddar flavor of the JINGOS, and again, was greeted by a powerful, cheddary scent, which was a little more pleasant than the Parmesan scent. These yummy cheddar crackers have a little bit of a kick to them, which I loved! My husband, who is a big fan of smokey cheddar, fell in love with these tasty crackers. I'd be surprised if they last long around our house. I sent the Lime & Sweet Chilli JINGOS home with my parents to try, and I am happy to report that they loved them. My mom and dad are big fans of the lime flavor, and they said that combined with the chilli flavor, it was a winning combo!

Milano Slices and Milano Melts... which to try first?

We also received two packages of Milano Cookies. Now, I have a secret love for Milano Cookies- especially the mint flavored ones. Enjoying a couple of Milano Cookies with a cup of tea or coffee, is the ultimate afternoon pick-me-up. So, when I got ready to try the new cookies for the review, I put the coffee on, and grabbed a plate!

Need a coffee break? Go for the Milano Cookies- every flavor I've ever tried, has been delicious!

Balian wanted to try the Milano Melts right away!

I tried the Milano Melts first. The outside is a delicate chocolate cookie, and it has a crumbly sort of chocolate dust all over it- reminds me of crushed cookies making 'dirt' for pudding and gummy worm snacks! The inside is a creamy, melty vanilla, and oh, so yummy! I dipped it into my coffee, and it all just melted together in my mouth. My taste buds were playing their own little symphony. Balian liked the way these cookies tasted, but didn't like the chocolate dust left on his hands. He is weird about having dirty hands (comes by it honestly- I'm the same way!).

My little cookie monster loved the Milano Slices!

Milano Slices with a cold glass of milk? Don't mind if I do!

The Milano Slices are probably my new favorite store-bought cookie. It combines my favorite flavors- a Milano Cookie, covered in chocolate, and sprinkled with crushed pretzel pieces! I have a huge weakness for chocolate covered pretzels. Do you like those, too? Well, imagine them on top of a Milano Cookie, and you'll envision what I'm talking about, here! Out of this world delicious! I don't want to be unfair to the other flavors of Milano Cookies, but these win 1st place in my book! Balian loved them, too! He was digging the chocolate, and loves pretzels, too, so I wasn't at all surprised that he gobbled these cookies right up. My dad also loved the sweet and salty combo of the Milano Slices! What's not to like?

We love the fishes 'cause they're so delicious!

Don't you just want to reach into the bag and grab a handful? 

And of course, we loved the Goldfish Crackers, too! My husband loves Goldfish more than anyone I know- and I love to see him share a sweet little cracker snack with our son. These baked snack crackers are the perfect size, and they're incredibly delicious in tomato soup, chili, and more! Goldfish Crackers are probably Balian's favorite snack, and I doubt that will change anytime soon. I feel good about letting him snack on the Goldfish Crackers, since they're baked, and not loaded with tons of bad stuff.

Please join us in celebrating the 75th Anniversary of Pepperidge Farm!

Few brands have a larger portfolio than Pepperidge Farm, which is known and loved for its many products touching the lives of families across the globe. It all began with a humble loaf of bread, which Pepperidge Farm founder Margaret Rudkin baked in her rural Connecticut kitchen. Created in 1937 to address her son’s allergy to common preservatives, Margaret’s simple recipe is the origin of a flourishing business celebrating its 75th anniversary this year.

Pepperidge Farm’s heritage is rich and very much alive today as the company—founded on a mother’s love for her son—continues Margaret’s mission to deliver the very best products (from wholesome fresh bakery items to must-have snacks), many of which are staples in American homes today. 

 Margaret Rudkin, Founder, Pepperidge Farm

 Fun Facts about Pepperidge Farm:
On August 15, 1937, the first “official” loaf of Pepperidge Farm all natural, whole grain bread was sold in a store for 25 cents.

By September 27, 1939, one million loaves of Pepperidge Farm bread had been sold.
Pepperidge Farm® Goldfish crackers were originally made and marketed in Switzerland as “Goldfish Tiny Crackers” before being brought to the U.S. by Margaret Rudkin in 1962.
The first flavors introduced stateside were Lightly Salted (Original), Cheese, Barbecue, Pizza, and Smoky. 
The late Julia Child used to love to serve Goldfish crackers as an appetizer before dinner. 
Pepperidge Farm is committed to accelerating snacking and baking advancements in the future as evidenced by the 34,000-sqare-foot Innovation Center opening this fall at the company’s headquarters in Norwalk, CT.
Annually, the brand produces about 558 million Milano® cookies—enough to cross the United States more than 7 times—and bakes approximately 206 million loaves of bread.
 Today, Pepperidge Farm employs more than 5,000 people and operates plants in nine towns 
Each year, Pepperidge Farm uses about 390 million pounds of flour.

I can't wait to share about these new Pepperidge Farm products with my friends! I know they're going to love the new Milano Cookies, and the JINGOS, too! And I wouldn't even think about heading to the playground without a bag of Goldfish Crackers!

Look for Pepperidge Farm products at your nearest grocery store!
See what's new with Pepperidge Farm, by visiting their website! You can also connect with Pepperidge Farm on Facebook, and follow Pepperidge Farm on Twitter!

What are some of your favorite Pepperidge Farm products?

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