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Gift Ideas for Hubby's Birthday

Okay, so my husband's birthday is coming up in just a couple of weeks, and I have been struggling with what I ought to get him for a gift. He has a mile-long list of movies he'd like to own, but I sort of feel like that's pretty predictable, and I'd like to get him something that he'll enjoy, but won't be expecting.

Some guys like electronics, and my husband is one of those guys! He told me a long time ago that he always wanted a remote control car because he never had one as a child. I know nothing about these guy gadgets, but luckily, I found a few great options at Viking Direct. They've actually got quite a few awesome gifts any dude would love to open up for his birthday, on Christmas morning, etc.

I found a great Husband's Birthday Gift Ideas article, and electronics was at the top of the list for gift-giving! Go figure.

Remote Control Aston Martin
Remote Control Aston Martin

I'm thinking that he'd go crazy over this remote control Aston Martin. I mean, come on- it's an Aston Martin! It's the closest he'll ever come to owning one. This would be an even sweeter gift if I had once promised him that I'd buy him an Aston Martin one day!

Remote Control Helicopter Gyro Balance
Remote Control Helicopter

A remote control helicopter may be a close second in this gift contest! Sacha and Balian would have a lot of fun flying this thing around the yard together!

BBQ Tool Set and Carry Bag
BBQ Tool Set

Of course, Sach does love to grill, so a BBQ tool set would be a great choice, too. I can see it now- Sacha at the grill, new tools in hand, flipping over a couple of steaks, and feeling pretty macho!

Handheld Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner
Handheld Wet/Dry Vac

He'd also probably appreciate the wet/dry vac. He likes keeping his car pretty neat and tidy, but since Balian is often in daddy's car, it gets pretty messy. This would be a great gift to give, and then he would easily be able to vacuum up leaves, debris and cracker crumbs!

My husband is picky about a lot of things, but I am thankful that he's a pretty manly man (with the exception of not really liking sports), and likes tools and toys! Makes gift-giving a little easier on me!

What types of things do you like to give to your husband as gifts?

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  1. Awesome read! I'm pretty sure my husband would love any of these ideas, so I'll definitely have to keep them in mind for his next birthday. We did just celebrate his birthday a few months ago, so like usual I went the gadget route with him. He loves his TV, so when I heard a few recommendations from coworkers of mine at Dish, I figured the new Hopper DVR would be perfect for him. I was definitely right, because he is enjoying every minute of it! His favorite part of the system is how he can record up to six shows at once when he uses PrimeTime Anytime. He, just like me, also enjoys the fact we can start watching a show in the living room, decide we want to go to bed, and then pick back up on the show in the bedroom. I think it was a great gift on my part, especially since it benefits me as well! :)


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