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Finding Stylish Protective Gear for a Motorcycle Ride

Every year, my husband and I take a trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains, and go for a drive to see the beautiful fall leaves. We pick the perfect weekend- when the leaves are at their most beautiful, pack a lunch in a picnic basket, and just spend the day driving along the parkway, intertwining between the mountains and the valleys. We haven't been able to make this trip for the past two fall seasons, but this year, we're ready to start the tradition back up.

Every time we make this exciting trip, we see lots and lots of folks driving their pretty motorcycles along the parkway, and we can't help but daydream about what it would be like to take that glorious day trip on a bike! Sacha has always wanted a motorcycle. They sort of scare me, but even I would love to take a trip through the mountains on one! One thing that upsets us, though, is seeing folks riding their bikes, wearing ridiculous clothing- in no way protecting themselves!

If we were to have a motorcycle, you'd better believe we'd have proper gear to go along with it! We found some really great his and hers motorcycle gear at Motorcycle Hut!

Picture of Richa Spirit Motorcycle Textile Jackets in White 
I'd choose this awesome Richa Spirit Motorcycle Jacket!

Picture of Spada Leather Jackets Predator Black/Gun 
Sach is into this super hot Spada Leather Jacket!

I know we'd need other protective gear, too- like helmets, boots, and gloves, and even proper riding pants! The air would be crisp, so we'd need to be protected against chilly temperatures, and wind. We have to take the interstate to get to the mountains, from where we live, so we'd definitely want to make sure we were wearing the proper gear to be protected out in a lot of traffic. And our feet? Sandals are a huge no-no... can't stand seeing people riding their bikes in flip flops, instead of proper boots! Why wouldn't you want to wear awesome motorcycle boots from brands like Sidi, Spada, Oxford, and others?

Picture of Spada Olivia WP Ladies Boots Black 
I love these classic looking Olivia Boots by Spada!

Picture of Spada Slipstream Boots Blue 
Sacha would choose these Spada Slipstream Boots to go with the leather jacket!

 I can't wait to get suited up, and go for an amazing bike ride with my hubby someday. To us, there's nothing more beautiful than getting out into nature, and exploring the awesome wonders of the world- a little closer to home.

Have you ever ridden a motorcycle? 
What are your motorcycle gear must-haves?

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  1. If you like the Blue Ridge Mountains then you will like the Skyline Drive. It starts in Front Royal, VA and goes on to meet up with the Blue Ridge Parkway. While on the drive take a break on the Luray, VA exit on 211 West, about 4 miles west you find Outlanders, stop in and get a bite to eat or a cool drink at their deli. They have motorcycle gear from helmets to leather chaps. For more information visit their website at http://www.Outlanders.ws.

  2. Right! If you want to learn how to ride or if you are planning to go through a long motorcycle road trip, then you must have the right and complete motorcycle safety gears.


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