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Bambino Balls- Sports Clothing for Kids Review

We're not really a family that's huge on sports. My parents aren't really into sports, so I didn't even take an interest in sports until junior high, when I learned that I was related to the great Leo Durocher, AKA- Leo the Lip, who played for a number of baseball teams, including the Yankees, Reds, Dodgers, and went on to manage the Cubs, Astros, Giants and Dodgers, later in his career. When I took an interest in baseball, it was only natural- baseball, after all, is in my blood.

I'm a Yankees fan- can't help it. I'm from New Jersey, and I enjoy baseball, quite a bit. My husband isn't into sports at all, though he does enjoy soccer, will occasionally watch a football game, and is happy to cheer on any team who's goal is to crush the Yankees. We're not planning on pushing B into sports. He's just a little dude, and if he takes an interest on his own, we'll happily support that. For now, it looks like he may be into soccer- just like his daddy was, when he was little!

 bambino balls logo

No matter how big or little you are into sports, almost everyone I know has a team that they root for. When we do watch games, I like to put my Yankees gear on (still have to get B a hat!). It's only appropriate that we include the kiddos in all the fun, right?

I recently came across Bambino Balls, while browsing children's clothing, and I knew that I had to share about them, for all of you sports fans! Bambino Balls was founded by sports fanatic, and father- Clint Greenleaf. He was holding his baby in the 'football position,' when the idea for baby and toddler sports themed clothing came to him. Bambino Balls offers truly adorable sports themed onesies and tees, which are sport specific, not team specific.

Clint and I connected, and he offered to send me a couple of onesies for Balian to try out. I chose the baseball onesie (obviously!), and the football onesie. I really wanted the soccer onesie (it looks so cool), but it was unavailable in his size, at the time.

Yay! B's new Bambino Balls onesies are here!

Bambino Balls Sports Clothing for Kids, comes in a variety of sizes, and sports themes. Choose from Baseball, Basketball, Billiards, Football, Golf, Hockey, Soccer, Softball, Tennis, Volleyball, Water Polo and Cricket. There are separate styles of Football and Baseball for girls. Onesies are available for ages newborn to 24 months, and snap t-shirts are available from sizes 6 months to 7T.

I couldn't wait to see Balian in his new Bambino Balls onesies. I couldn't decide which one to try first, but went with the baseball onesie, because we were gearing up for the All Star Game, later that day. The onesie fit really nicely, and was 100% cotton, so I knew that B would be comfy in it all day long- inside or outside. I thought he looked completely adorable in it. You tell me...

Adorable Baseball onesie in a 24 mo size...

 Watching the All Star Game with mommy- go Jeter & Cano!

 The game is getting intense- B needs a closer look!

Balian really enjoyed wearing his baseball onesie, and loved cheering the Yankees on with mommy, in the All Star Game, too!

The next day, I wanted to stick with the sports theme, and I put him in the football onesie. The actual onesie was a different brand from the baseball onesie, so it fit a little differently. It's just a little larger than the baseball onesie, which is actually sort of perfect. Once we get into football season this fall, it'll fit a little bit better. I can't wait to send B to Papa Willi's house this fall, wearing the football onesie, with his Chicago Bears hoodie in hand, so they can watch a few games together!

My little running back enjoyed being a rough and tumble boy in his football onesie all day!

Playing in his new football onesie...


Looking for some cute styles for your little sports fan?
How about one of these...

Baseball Outfit (White w/ Pink Laces)
Love that the girls baseball onesie features pink!

Soccer onesie (my hubby loves this one!)...

Basketball onesie...

If you're a sports fan, or you know someone who is, and has young children, be sure to check out Bambino Balls! These adorable onesies, and t-shirts would be a great gift for expecting parents, a child who has just taken an interest in sports, etc. Since these are not team specific, they're perfect for babies or younger siblings to wear to big brother's basketball game, big sister's softball game, daddy's tennis match, or mom's volleyball game!


Want It? Buy It!

You can purchase some cute onesies or t-shirts to suit your favorite sport, by visiting the Bambino Balls website. Bambino Balls is on Facebook, too! Be sure to swing by their page and give them a like to stay up to date on great deals, and the latest styles!

Which Bambino Balls style do you like best?

Special thanks to Clint at Bambino Balls for allowing us to share our team spirit, and love of the game through Bambino Balls Sports Themed Clothing for Kids!

Disclosure: Other than the above mentioned products, which I received directly from this sponsor, free of charge, for review purposes, I was not compensated for facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are my own. Your experience may differ.

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