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Back to School Made Cool, with Protege Sneakers!

MBP Goes Back to School

It's Back to School time again, and it's time to get the kiddos into their new kicks! Shopping for footwear can be daunting, and downright depressing after seeing, and checking out a bunch of expensive price tags, but Kmart is back with a brand new lineup from their oh, so affordable sneaker brand- Protege.

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To kick off this back-to-school season, Kmart has launched a really cool new Facebook app, accompanied by a truly inspirational video. This video features the relentless sacrifices of a four-year-old boy, as he strives to become a basketball superstar! This boy's hard work and determination, depicted so clearly in the video, strike a bell within even adults, who can empathize with this bright young boy as he shoots for the stars, going after his dream.

The Protege sneaker plays an integral role in this young boy's quest for greatness, as it provides him with the quality and durability of a well-made performance shoe, needed for his cultivation. The flair and the cool, custom design of the Protege sneaker, along with its reasonable price tag, makes it a must-have for the kids as they head back to school this year!

Check out these great new styles for men, and boys!

I can't wait to head to our local Kmart store, or shop online for these! Balian would love some big boy shoes from Protege! At these prices, we can afford these for father and son!

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Shop the newest styles from Protege here!
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