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I wish I had a dollar for every time I've needed a little baggie to put Balian's snacks or leftovers in, and have been left out of luck! I'd be a wealthy momma, that's for sure. We try not to buy things like plastic baggies, paper towels, etc, so I rarely have those things on hand when I need them. Not having baggies can make toting snacks around difficult. It's no fun trying to squeeze boxy plastic containers into our diaper bag, or my purse for snacks on the go. While plastic containers may be a little more eco-friendly, because they get reused, using them for packing snacks creates a lot of extra dish washing for me.

Wrap-N-Mat is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to be able to pack snacks, sandwiches, etc, and go! Wrap-N-Mat was created by mom, Bonnie Stromme. Her family of six often spent time picnicking and hiking in Colorado, and we always on the go. One day, while packing lunches, Bonnie ran out of plastic baggies, so she improvised, using a paper towel and piece of masking tape to wrap a sandwich. It worked well enough to hold the sandwich, but the bread quickly dried out. Bonnie's wheels began spinning and she quickly began working on prototypes. She found that using a food-safe plastic, against fabric worked well. She cut the fabric and plastic lining into an octagon shape, put them together, and folded them up, creating easy to pack snack and sandwich pouches. The rest was history! What began as a dream in 1997, is now a popular business, offering a fantastic line of products!

 Check out these adorable, practical pouches from Wrap-N-Mat! 
I love the fabric choices!

Our family was sent a trio of Wrap-N-Mat products to try out. We received two snack pouches, and an original wrap. I was so excited to try the Wrap-N-Mat pouches! I first tried the one of the snack pouches (the mini one). We were heading off for a little day trip, and I needed something to hold Balian's cheese crackers. So, I simply removed the Velcro, lifted up the flap, and filled the roomy pocket with his cheese cracker snack. There was plenty of room for his snack, and I actually tossed the mini pouch into my purse, which it fit into quite nicely! The mini pouch was easy to open and close, and it kept the cheese crackers nice and fresh all day long!

 Here's the cute mini snack pouch filled with cheese crackers...

 I placed the pouch in the diaper bag first, before realizing it would be easier just to tuck it into my purse for the car trip.

On that same day, I had a feeling that we'd probably be grabbing a bite to eat out at a restaurant. I hate bringing home tiny little bites of leftovers in huge Styrofoam containers. I don't like to waste food, though, so I usually give in, and use the clunky container- knowing full well that it's an irresponsible thing of me to do, because it just isn't good for the environment. So, I packed one of the snack pouches (the larger one) from Wrap-N-Mat in the diaper bag, just in case I needed it. Sure enough, Balian had some left over chicken and fries from his lunch. Instead of taking them home in a boxy piece of junk, I tucked the bites inside the large pouch, and slipped it into our thermal bag. The large pouch is the perfect size for me to put larger snacks, or leftover bites in, and place in the thermal bag. We keep an ice pack or two in there, and things that need to be kept cool, stay cool.

 In go the fries! 
This larger snack pouch held Balian's leftovers perfectly!

Look at how nicely this tucks inside of our thermal bag!

On another day trip we were recently on, we had lunch at a Mexican restaurant. Balian is such a picky eater, but he's usually a fan of rice, and likes quesadillas. So, that's what I ordered for him, and he got so filled up on rice that the quesadilla only had a few bites taken out of it. I definitely didn't want to throw it away, but again, hated to have to take home a clunky box for a flat little quesadilla. I remembered that I had brought the Original Wrap from Wrap-N-Mat with me, and pulled it out at the table. My dad and my grandmother were really interested in the original wrap, how it worked, etc. I unfolded the whole thing, so they could see it laid out on the table as a place mat, then placed the quesadilla on the mat, folded it up, closed it, and into the thermal pouch it went. We had a full day of shopping left to do, but thanks to the Wrap-N-Mat Original Wrap, I was able to keep it cool, instead of letting it sit in the sweltering heat of the closed up car.

 Quesadilla ready to be wrapped in the Original Wrap from Wrap-N-Mat, right at the table!
I love that I was sent a patriotic themed Wrap, just in time for the 4th of July!

We've used all of our Wrap-N-Mat products tons of times, already! I make sure to remember to take them with me when we're heading to a restaurant- both to use as a portable place mat (no one wants to put their toddler's food on a restaurant table without a plate or place mat- yuck!), and to wrap up our leftovers. They're perfect for packing snacks, and sandwiches for picnics in the back yard, the park, a day at the pool, etc! I love how simple they are to clean, too! I can quickly empty out any crumbs, unfold the pouch or mat, give it a wipe with a soapy cloth, let it dry, and then it's ready to be used again! We even use the Wrap-N-Mats at home. Balian likes to have his snacks in the family room, and with the Wrap-N-Mat spread out on the coffee table, I'll allow him to snack in there. It's great for catching crumbs, and keeping the mess on the table and off of the couch or floor. Balian is happy to sit at the table, using a Wrap-N-Mat, because he loves the fun colors and designs! Our Wrap-N-Mat products have fun prints like animals, swirls and moons, and of course, patriotic stars!

Check out how easy these are to use...

 Wrap-N-Mat Pouches all folded up and ready to go...

 Unfolded all the way (the mini snack pouch). 
Use as a place mat on the go, or at home!

Fold, fill the pouch, and GO!

I can only imagine the many ways I'll be using these Wrap-N-Mat products in the future: play dates, day trips, field trips, packed lunches, etc. If I ever go back to work in an office, I'd definitely want to pack my sandwich in a Wrap-N-Mat Original Wrap! These eco-friendly alternatives to plastic baggies are wonderful to have on hand to use, or to give as gifts! With so many great styles, sizes and designs to choose from, these are right for every age!

Want It? Buy It!

You can further explore Wrap-N-Mat's awesome products by visiting the Wrap-N-Mat website! You can purchase individual pouches and wraps, or buy them as sets! You can continue the 4th of July celebration with Wrap-N-Mat by using the code gimme10off when you place your order through their website! To keep up with Wrap-N-Mat, become a fan of their Wrap-N-Mat Facebook page! You can also join the conversation by following Wrap-N-Mat on Twitter!

Special thanks to Wrap-N-Mat for sending us these awesome snack pouches and wraps! I won't need to buy plastic bags anymore, and feel environmentally responsible when using this wonderful alternative!

Thanks a bunch!

Disclosure: Other than the above mentioned products, which I received directly from the sponsor, free of charge, for review purposes, I was not compensated  for facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are my own. Your experience may differ.

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