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Western Chief Kids Raincoat (Review)

I wouldn't say that we get a ton of rain here in North Carolina on a regular basis, but when we do get rain, it's usually of the soaking kind. If you think that dealing with the rain without an entourage is a pain, try dealing with it while toting your child along. I have yet to find an easy way to juggle getting in and out of the car with Balian, without the both of us ending up soaking wet when it's raining. I've tried umbrellas, and I'm just so darn clumsy that I end up dropping it, or getting it caught in the door, or something like that.

My husband bought me a really nice coat/jacket for Christmas, and it's the perfect rain jacket... but I kind of felt like we were leaving Balian out when it came to being protected against the rain, and let's face it- he's the one that needs protecting, the most. So, when I stumbled across Western Chief Kids, I knew that I'd found a winning place to purchase children's rain gear from!

Western Chief

I was given the opportunity to review a child's raincoat of choice from Western Chief, and my, oh, my... I had a hard time choosing one for Balian. All of the rain coats available from Western Chief Kids are too adorable for words, and I knew that Balian would love his new coat, no matter which one I chose. I poured over the cute collection, and finally decided on the Thomas the Tank Engine raincoat. It was a close call, as my husband really loved the dinosaur jacket (the hood is awesome!).

 652000 - Thomas the Tank Engine © Raincoat

The raincoat arrived from Western Chief Kids, and I was over the moon about how cute it looked in person. I chose the 2T size for Balian, thinking of the fall season. He's wearing a lot of 24 month sized pieces already, so I figured 2T wouldn't be too far off. Lindsay, whom I worked with for this review, told me that Balian would probably have to grow into the 2T size, as it would be a little bit big on him right now. It did look a little big, but Balian was excited to try his new raincoat on, all the same. He was so excited to see his favorite train character, Thomas, right on the coat.

Oops- Balian found the tag!

 I love the Thomas the Tank Engine image on the back of the raincoat!

We've had very little rain lately, so we had to try it on indoors, and once I got Balian into the Thomas the Tank Engine raincoat, it was hard to get him to hold still. I did roll the cuffs of the coat sleeves over a couple of times, and that seemed to work just fine- they stayed in place while Balian played in his raincoat.I love the vibrant colors- blue, yellow and black. The soft lining of the coat is yellow, and Balian loved the way it felt. As soon as he put the raincoat on, Balian walked around saying, 'soft, soft, soft!' Balian wore the Thomas the Tank Engine raincoat for the better part of an hour, before he was ready to have a snack, and ask one of his pals to try the coat on...

 Balian felt very strongly about Clifford trying the raincoat on, too!

Snuggle time with Clifford and the new raincoat!

Features of the Thomas the Tank Engine Raincoat from Western Chief Kids:

•waterproof polyurethane
•moisture-absorbent lining
•PVC free
Available in sizes 2T-6/6X

Western Chief Kids has tons of wonderful raincoat characters and designs to choose from, like:
FDUSA, Frog, Ladybug, Monster, Butterfly, Homeroom, Carousel,  Snowboard Camo, Stanford, Pink Kitty, Kid at Work, Frenchy French, Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty Scenic, Hello Kitty Froggy, Batman and Superman!

I love all of the raincoat designs! My favorites are the Stanford and Monster coats!

After having the Thomas the Tank Engine Raincoat for a couple of weeks, we finally got a pretty hefty storm, with a lot of rain. I had to take a trip to the grocery store in that rain, and suited Balian up in his raincoat from Western Chief Kids. The raincoat kept Balian nice and dry, and I knew that with that nice coat lining, I didn't have to worry about him getting a little chill from the cold rain. Balian loves his coat so much, that he didn't want to take it off after we got home. I don't blame him- it's a great raincoat!

 Western Chief Kids

Along with adorable raincoats, Western Chief Kids offers other must-have rain gear products!

501N - Butterfly Boot
Butterfly Rain Boot...

497N - Monster
Monster Rain Boot...

43561 - Pink Kitty Umbrella - Pink
Pink Kitty Umbrella...

 44095 - Dino Umbrella
Dino Umbrella...

I love that I can shop Western Chief Kids for an entire rain gear set for Balian! I imagine that we'll eventually wind up adding the Thomas the Tank Engine rain boots and umbrella to our collection of rain gear from Western Chief Kids. Western Chief Kids has a style to suit every young kiddo! If you're looking to create a special gift set for a birthday, Christmas, or any other special occasion, don't forget about Western Chief Kids! Gearing up for the cool fall weather? Gearing up for heading back to school? Your sweet little ones will be nice and dry and toasty in a raincoat from Western Chief Kids! Don't forget the rain boots!

Want It? Buy It!

You can purchase any of the above featured styles and many more at Western Chief Kids! Be sure to connect with Western Chief Kids on Facebook, and follow Western Chief Kids on Twitter, too!

Special thanks to Western Chief Kids for sending us this great raincoat to review and share about with our readers!

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Disclosure: Other than the above featured item, which I received directly from the sponsor, free of charge, for review purposes, I was not compensated for facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are my own. Your experience may differ.

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  1. Every character and animal imaginable may appear on kids' rain boots. Hello Kitty, pink and purple flowers and adorable frogs splash in puddles with little girls. For boys, super heroes, dinosaurs, trains, and trucks are there to soar through the mud.


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