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Pure Romance Body Dew (Review & Giveaway)

MBP's Summer Splash

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When I think about must-have summer items, I have to admit, I'm not really thinking about anything that has to do with romance. I do want the romance that blooms between me and my husband, however, to be sizzling in the summer time (only seems appropriate, considering the heat wave we've been having), and all year long. I almost hate to admit it, but the romance seems a little bit warmer when I actually take a few extra steps in caring for my body. Since becoming a mommy, there are a lot of things that I just let go, because I don't have time to spend primping and prepping every morning. My husband is in no way a shallow man, and loves just the same when I look like a hot mess, but every now and then, sparks fly (in a good way) when I make a little extra effort to take care of my skin (the way I ought to be, anyway!), etc.

 Presented by Karen Marder, Independent Consultant

Karen Marder, an Independent Consultant with Pure Romance, wanted to hook me (and my skin) up this summer. So, she kindly sent me a bottle of Pure Romance's Body Dew, which is an after-bath oil body mist. I was unsure of how I would feel, using an oil mist. I am used to lotions and body butters, but not oils. Even in the summer time, my shower water is so scorching hot (it's the way I like it), I know it's doing some damage to my skin. I often catch a glimpse of my bare legs and can see how dry my skin is, and quite frankly, at twenty-nine, seeing my legs looking like that makes me feel more like a much older woman. I decided that I definitely needed to give the Body Dew After-Bath Body Oil Mist from Pure Romance a try!

Body Dew (Original) by Pure Romance

I put the Body Dew After-Bath Body Oil Mist in a place that I would see it. If it's not visible these days, it's quickly forgotten! I placed the bottle on my night stand, and as soon as I was fresh out of the shower, I removed the cap and gave a few spritzes over my driest areas- i.e. my legs and arms. 

Not sure if you can really tell a difference from this photo, but I sprayed the Body Dew onto my left leg, and not my right. You can see them side by side, and the left leg looks smoother, shinier, and healthier!

The body dew sprayed evenly, and I just sort of ran my hands over the oiled ares to smooth it out. That was it! I waited for it to dry, which happened within just a few seconds, really, and then sat back and admired my shiny skin! My skin felt like silk! My legs were nice and smooth, and not at all greasy or slick! I was so impressed by the long-lasting smoothness from the body mist. My legs felt just as soft and smooth at bedtime, as they did right after I applied the mist to my legs. Products that exceed my expectations get two thumbs up from this momma!

Info and features of the Pure Romance Body Dew...

Wonderful, light, and refreshing scents. 
Aids in the reduction of peeling from excessive exposure to the sun. 
Contains carnation oil, which can replenish moisture to your skin.

I took this product with me on vacation for two weeks at the beach, and loved giving my skin a little spritz just out of the shower. It made me feel sleek, sexy, and helped to keep the sand from sticking to me (it was all over the house!). It gave me that summertime glow that I love! Plus, I love the way this smells! It's nice and sweet, but not too strong or overpowering. This is the perfect thing to use to help keep your legs feeling smooth a day in between shaving, too! You can even pour a little bit of this directly into your bath water, for a silky soak in the tub!

Along with the Body Dew by Pure Romance, there are lots of other wonderful products that Karen is just waiting to introduce to you! Take a look at some of the products on my personal Pure Romance Wish List:

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Pure Romance is your one stop shop for bath and beauty products, products for a spicy night of romance, and more! Whether you're looking to shop for yourself, plan a fun girls night in, find a bachelorette party gift, etc, Karen is the lady to contact! She'll hook you up with everything you need! Remember- you can earn FREE Pure Romance merchandise by hosting a party with Karen! Looking for a fun way to earn some extra income, or to start your own business? Contact Karen to chat with her about joining her Pure Romance team!

Want It? Buy It!

If you'd like to try the wonderful Body Dew by Pure Romance, or any of the other products you have seen featured in this post, head to Karen's Pure Romance website (must be 18 or older to enter!). Take a look around and explore all of the fun ways to keep the romance alive with your significant other. Oh, and if you're a fan of Fifty Shades of Grey, check out the The Grey Revolution Collection by Pure Romance! Don't forget to swing by Karen's Pure Romance page on Facebook and give it a like! Karen shares lots of great deals on her page, so visit often!

Want It? Win It!

One lucky reader will win a bottle of Pure Romance Body Dew from Karen! Just use the Rafflecopter entry form below to enter for your chance to win! Remember- if the entry field appears in bold, it's mandatory!

Special thanks to Karen Mader for sending me my new favorite moisturizer by Pure Romance, and for offering this sparkling giveaway for our readers!

Good luck, and thanks!

Disclosure: Other than the above featured product, which I received directly from this sponsor, free of charge, for review purposes, I was not compensated for facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are my own. Your experience may differ. MBP is not responsible for prize fulfillment or shipment.


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