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Pourty 'The Potty that Pours' (Review & Giveaway)

For some reason, I thought that potty training would sort of be a nightmare. My mom has put a bug in my ear more than once about how it's harder and takes longer to potty train boys than girls. I'm totally new to it all, so I expected the worst. Balian is twenty-one months, and began showing an interest in using the potty a few months ago. I was thrilled that he wanted to use the potty, but knew that I needed to encourage him to use his own potty, before working up to a big potty. However, I didn't have a little person potty yet, and though I'd looked at several, I had no idea which one to choose for him. So many of them offered bells and whistles with lights and sounds, and I really just wanted a plain and simple potty. One of the other things I wondered and worried about was- how the heck to get the pee pee and other yucky stuff out of the potty without it splashing and spilling, and without it being poured back over the areas of the potty that are sat upon.

When I came across Pourty, the Potty that Pours, I knew I had found something special. We were sent a Pourty potty in blue, for Balian to try out. He was very excited to have his own special potty, and was interested in using it right away!

What makes Pourty different?

The great thing about Pourty, is that it has a built-in duct, which allows you to pour pee pee and poo out the back of the potty. I can easily lift it up and hold it by the opening/handle in the front, and then pour the yucky material right out the back. It's a safe, easy and clean way to dump that stuff into the big potty. This means that Pourty is incredibly hygenic, and has no nooks and crannies for germs to sneak into and fester.

Our Pourty has arrived! Can't wait to test it out!

Pourty is made from a heavy-gauge plastic, which give little ones confidence as they sit on the potty, and that also means that the actual potty is less likely to stick to their bums! I can only imagine the yucky mess I would be faced with cleaning up if Balian's potty stuck to his rump. Gross!

Pourty sits up higher than a lot of other potties and offers a wider place for the kiddos to sit, while doing their business. I love that Pourty has a high splash guard, so when my little boy sits down to pee, the pee pee stays in the potty, and doesn't wind up all over the floor!

Sorry for the blurry image, but you get the idea- I asked Balian to sit on his clean Pourty while still in his jammies. Then, we proceeded to actually use the Pourty, sans the camera.

Balian has been loving his Pourty, and we've been loving it, too! We keep it in our main bathroom, and it sits next to the big potty. Sometime Balian and his daddy do their morning business side by side, and I think it makes Balian feel like a super big boy! Balian heads right for his Pourty potty first thing every morning, and gets excited about using it! He does what he needs to do, and then comes and tells a grown up that he's all through.

Pleased little man: Balian is so pleased with himself after going potty like a big boy, using his Pourty!

One of Balian's favorite steps of using the Poutry, is emptying it out. He loves to watch us dump the pee pee and/or poo into the big potty, from the Pourty, and then flush the potty and yell, 'Bye pee-pee!' It's too cute! Next, we have to clean up. It's no big deal- I simply run clean water over the Pourty, dump that out, and then disinfect the little potty (just because I'm extra cautious), and then place the Pourty back down by the big potty, and it's ready to be used again. We wash our hands with soap, and then do a little cheer, because Balian did such a great job!

I have been so super pleased with the Pourty! I love how easy it is to use, and I love how easy it is for my toddler to use! It's lightweight, and portable, so I can easily send it to one of our parent's houses, if Balian is doing an overnight stay away from home, or we can take it with us on vacation. It takes up very little room!

Pourty's Awards...

Of course, I have been encouraging my 21-month-old son to use the potty, and we've been learning potty time songs, signs, and dances, to help make learning to use the potty fun for Balian. Having a fantastic, award-winning potty for Balian to use, though, is really what's helping our potty training efforts to be successful! I don't think there's anything wrong with introducing your child to the potty when they show an interest in it. Actually, we introduced Balian to the potty the first time he realized what pee pee and poo were! With Pourty, I simply ask Balian if he needs to go use the potty, and he gleefully runs to his Pourty, pulls his own drawers down, and we get down to business. Because the Pourty is so comfortable, he sits on it, until he's finished using the potty, and we have no dribbles or messes.

 Reward Chart
Downloadable and printable potty training chart and diploma available on the Pourty website!

If you're about to embark on the wonderful world of potty training, I would absolutely recommend the Pourty! It'll be a great thing for you, as well as your children!I would suggest visiting the Pourty website's Potty Training section, because they offer fantastic tips and lots of helpful advice, as to when you might want to think about starting potty training, reward charts, etc!

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Want It? Buy It!

Pourty is available is four colors: blue, pink, purple and white. You should head on over to the Pourty website for a full list of retail stores that carry Pourty. You can easily purchase them from your favorites places like Amazon.com! If you're ready to begin Potty Training, think about starting with Pourty! Pourty would make a great gift, too! You'll definitely want to be sure that you visit Pourty on Facebook, and give their page a like, so that you can get the potty training tip of the week! You can also follow Pourty on Twitter, so you never miss a tip, trick or special deal!

Want It? Win It!

One lucky reader will win a Pourty of their very own, in their choice of color: blue, pink, purple or white! Just use the Rafflecopter entry form below to enter for your chance to win. Please note that liking the Pourty FB page, and following Pourty on Twitter are mandatory entries for this giveaway, and it is open to US residents, only!

Special thanks to Lucy over at Pourty for sending us this amazing potty! I'll never think about using anything else for potty training! Thanks, also, for offering this great giveaway for our readers!

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  1. Be persistant and those little potty watches sure helps out alot. Set it for how long before next time they need to go.

  2. be very very patient!
    ykatrina at hotmail dot com

  3. Haven't had to potty train yet, so biggest fear would be: being positive that they're ready to start without rushing them!

  4. wait til they're ready, dont rush it be patient. tam.c

  5. Oh we are just starting, so I am going to watch for everyones advice! I have heard to wait until they are really ready...however, hard to tell! But...we are ready to start to try and just get him to sit on the potty for little bits just so we can get him used to it.
    Hopefully it will go smoothe!
    landfjacobson @ charter.net


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