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New Wave Enviro Review and Giveaway

Indiana has seen one of hottest, driest summers on record this year. While we have been staying cool inside when temps have soared above 100, we have also been drinking our fair share of water when we are outside getting cool. We have a well at our house and please trust me when I say, the water is gross. I am not a fan of drinking it or letting the kids drink it. We usually buy large jugs of water at the store and refill them when we need. We fill up small water bottles for our personal use, and I can't say enough about our reusable water bottles that we have been carrying with us.

One of our reusable water bottles not only is BPA free (a must for us), but is also stainless steel. Our water bottle is from a great company called New Wave Enviro-specializing in ECO-nomical living with reusable and recyclable water bottles, water filters, and more!
New Wave Enviro is a family owned company, created in 1993, to provide pure, fresh, on-demand water options while focusing on promoting health and supporting a "greener" environment. They were being eco-friendly a long time before current consumer and media trends were. Click here to read more about New Wave Enviro and why they strive to save our Earth and our health.

I found these facts (both eye-opening and scary) on the New Wave Enviro site. They also included what they are doing as a company to protect Earth and us.
  • Problem: According to the Environmental Working Group there are 315 contaminants in the U.S. public water supply, half of which are not regulated.
  • New Wave Solutions: New Wave Enviro offers a way to protect you and your family from harmful contaminants with water filters for drinking, showering, and bathing.
  • Problem: An average U.S. household uses around 42 pounds of PET plastic bottles a year, contributing to the 31 million tons of plastic waste generated in 2010.
  • New Wave Solutions: A complete line of BPA Free reusable Enviro Bottles ranging from 8 ounce personal bottles to 5 gallon bulk bottles and our Eco-chic Seriously Safe Stainless Steel personal bottles featuring a revolutionary high flow Flip n' Sip Cap (patent pending).
  • Problem: An average child bringing their lunch to school creates 67 lbs of waste a year, adding to the 3.5 billion lbs of lunch box garbage generated in the U.S. every year.
  • New Wave Solutions: The Litter Free Lunch line consisting of our all in one Litter Free Lunch Kit, Stainless Steel Food Containers, and Rayon Bag made from Bamboo. All are forever reusable replacing wrappers and plastic bags allowing for a more sustainable tomorrow.
I worked with Chris, who is the Marketing Coordinator with New Wave Enviro. He was excited to partner with us at MBP and share how New Wave Enviro is doing their part. He was super helpful and provided everything I would need to share all of New Wave Enviro's information with our readers. Chris seems to be a great asset for New Wave Enviro's products-thanks Chris!

Chris sent us a great package from New Wave Enviro
One of the newer water bottle options and a flier to explain the meaning behind it.

One of the greatest bits about this water bottle, because there are a few, is what the bottle is helping do. New Wave Enviro is donating a percentage of it's Nature Bottle proceeds to Pandas International. Pandas International is a non profit organization that is ensuring the preservation and propagation of the endangered Giant Panda by providing public awareness and education, research funding, habitat preservation and enhancement, and assistance to the China Conservation & Research Centers for the Giant Panda. The Giant Panda has been on the Endangered Species list since 1984 and there are only 1,600 Pandas currently worldwide.

Our Water Bottle
Flip N'Sip Lid
  • #304 Food Grade Stainless Steel
  • BPA free all around, no hidden liners or epoxy resin
  • High Flow Flip N’ Sip Cap
  • Wide Mouth
  • Rounded Corners for Easy Cleaning

I was pleased at how easy to fill the Water Bottle was. Sometimes bottles have a small mouth and filling results in spills, not with this one, the wide mouth makes it very quick and spill free. The Flip N' Sip cap is super quick to open and drink. My 3 and 5 year old can both do it without any help, always a plus. The water tastes clean and fresh and stays fairly cold in the warm weather. The container is very sturdy and leak proof. I also love the Panda Bear design, as does S, and of course it is going to a good cause. 

 -Two other great New Wave Enviro products I would love to try-
Eliminate school lunch litter with a reusable container.
Top and bottom made of Food Grade Stainless Steel and available in 3 colors.

Perfect for little kids!
Made of Food Grade Stainless Steel containing no Lead or Phthalates, cap is BPA free
Want It? Buy It!
New Wave Enviro does not sell directly to consumers, so please head over here, to visit online retailers of New Wave Enviro. You can also find New Wave Enviro in a retailer near you, click here. I found 8 retailers within a 15 mile radius from our house, wow! Visit New Wave Enviro on Facebook to find information and photos. You can follow updates from New Wave Enviro on Twitter. New Wave Enviro also has a very informative blog, check it out, it really is eye-opening. Contact New Wave Enviro here.

Want It? Win It!
Enter to win your own 600ml Nature Flip N' Sip Stainless Steel Water Bottle to keep you hydrated and healthy. Just use the Rafflecopter entry form below to enter to win. Remember- if the entry field appears in BOLD, it's mandatory.

Thank you to Chris from New Wave Enviro. The 600ml Nature Flip N' Sip Stainless Steel Water Bottle has gotten tons of use during this hot, dry summer we have been having. I know we appreciate it and our lucky reader will too!

Thanks and Good Luck!

Disclosure: Other than the above mentioned products, which I received directly from this sponsor for review purposes, I was not compensated for facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are my own. Your experience may differ. Mommy's Block Party and its team members are not responsible for prize fulfillment or shipment- this is the understood responsibility of the giveaway sponsor.

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  1. I definitely love the Premium 10 Stage Water Filter

  2. love the floral flip n sip stainless steel water bottle.

  3. The stainless steel flip water bottle, but the steel divided lunch containers are really cool too!

  4. The stainless steel flip water bottle, but the steel divided lunch containers are really cool too!


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