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Kids Funwares by Urban Trend (Review & Giveaway)

My son has been a picky, finicky eater from the very start. I had trouble breastfeeding him, but stuck with it for 10 months, until he gave it up on his own. When we started solids, he was extremely picky, and now, at 21 months, it continues. He's been a little better about eating, lately, though, and I have a pretty strong feeling that it's all thanks to Kids Funwares, by Urban Trend.


Funwares offers creative serving pieces and utensils for children, and I was eager to give some of their products a try. Their cool pieces really do serve a retail void, and address concerns that all parents have over keeping their children at the table, longer. You can read more about Funwares by Urban Trend here.

 I was sent the Chew Chew Train (blue), the Me Time: Fire Engine and Me Time: Police Car. Our new serving-ware for Balian arrived shortly after we returned from our vacation, and I could not wait to make a home cooked meal, and serve Balian his dinner in one of these new sets.

Of course, I opened all of them at once, so I could inspect them, before letting Balian eat off of them. As I started opening the packages, I kid you not, he was freaking out with excitement over these new products. I handed him the police car plate, and then the fire engine, fully aware that they are not intended to be toys, at all- but it sure filled his cute little blue eyes with wonderment while I checked out the Chew Chew Train!

The Chew-Chew Train by Funwares- Urban Trend

Okay, so- the Chew-Chew Train is totally terrific! This awesome serving set is intended for ages 18+ months, and is FDA Approved, and BPA Free! When the set is all put together, it makes a train. The set features a fork, spoon, cup with handle, bowl with lid, small plate, and large plate. Balian has enjoyed several meals from his Chew-Chew Train! He's not quite up to using the cup just yet, but we do practice with it. I can't trust him to not dump the contents of the cup all over the floor yet. He'll get there! 

Being bad with mommy and daddy and watching a movie while eating dinner...

Balian loves the large plate. I usually use the large plate from the Chew-Chew Train to serve his meat (chicken) or a piece of pizza, etc. I put his veggies (he's particularly fond of broccoli) in the small bowl, and cover it with the lid to keep it warm, until he's ready to dig in! He still uses his fingers a lot , to pick up his food, put the fork and spoon of the Chew-Chew Train set are easy to grasp, and I don't have to worry about him jabbing himself with metal. The small plate is perfect for serving snacks, and so is the bowl with the lid! 


Features of the Chew-Chew Train

  • Train-shaped place setting measures approximately 8-2/3 by 19 by 8-2/3 inches
  • Durable construction; rectangular plate with spill-resistant side rims
  • Shallow tray and lidded compartment for side dishes and desserts
  • Pieces clean easily; assembles back into train for compact storage

Balian also loves his Me Time: Police Car and Fire Engine plates and utensils...

I probably use these two plates a little bit more often than the Chew-Chew Train, simply because this is one piece. I love the divided tray of each of these plates. There's lots of room for an entree, veggies, rice or noodles, etc. I like using the fire truck for breakfast, because the top section is the perfect place to squeeze a little maple syrup onto, for dipping french toast sticks or waffle strips. Same goes for anything that requires ranch dressing! Like the Chew-Chew Train, these are also FDA Approved, BPA Free, and intended for ages 18+ months. Each set comes with a fork and spoon, which feature a police car or fire truck! Balian loves eating with these utensils, and requests them at meal times, which I love! He is being encouraged to eat with the utensils, instead of with his fingers. Thank you, Funwares!

B- enjoying a yummy dinner of chicken nuggets, apple slices and carrots. 
He's trying so hard to master that fork, and refuses to let go of the spoon!

Time for breakfast! Waffle strips and syrup! Mmm!

Features of the Me Time Meal Sets:
  • BPA Free
  • 100% melamine plates
  • Set includes a matching fork and spoon
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe 
Since switching to the use of our new serving sets from Funwares by Urban Trend, Balian has been sitting in his high chair, or at the table in his booster seat for much longer than usual. He's entertained by the pieces, colors, and overall fun nature of these serving pieces, and seems much more interested in eating! This is like a dream come true for me, because I was seriously starting to worry about whether or not he was getting enough to eat. We have had fewer melt-downs, the throwing of food happens much less often, and Balian rarely screams at the table anymore. 

If you're looking for a neat gift to give to a special little one in your life, or if you're looking for a creative way to spark interest in your little one's eating, give Funwares by Urban Trend a try! They have so many neat products to choose from! Check out some of these other cool designs!

Princess Platter 
Princess Platter...

Drinking Glasses 
Drinking Glasses (How fun do these look!?)...


Want It? Buy It!

You can get your hands on these cool serving sets for kids by visiting a few of your favorite online retailers, like Amazon, Stokes and HearthSong! You can connect with Funwares by Urban Trend on Facebook to stay up to date on the latest product news, and for promotions! Looking for neat products for your home? Check out Urban Trend!

 Chew Chew Train

Want It? Win It!

I have one Chew-Chew Train in pink/purple that I am offering up as a giveaway. This giveaway is open to US residents, only. Please use the rafflecopter entry form below to enter for your chance to win!

Special thanks to Funwares by Urban Trend for allowing us to experience pleasant meal times, once more and for offering a fun product for a giveaway, as well!

My MBP Signature 

Disclosure: Other than the above featured products, which I received directly from this company, free of charge, for review purposes, I was not compensated for facilitating this review. All opinions are 100% mine. Your experience with these products may differ from my own. MBP is responsible for the shipment of this giveaway prize.


  1. Them being picky or throwing/dropping food on the floor!

  2. My grandson is fussy and says he doesn't like something without even trying it.

  3. they are picky eaters
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    djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

  4. my son if picky but also refuses just to eat sometimes. tam.c

  5. honestly, my niece's current issue is that she wants to eat everyone ELSE'S food and not her own.

  6. Carter just does not want to sit still long enough, he just wants to play. I think these would be GREAT to keep his attention to eating! landfjacobson @ charter.net

  7. they never want to try anything.. reject it before even having a clue as to what it is

  8. My little one has been GREAT about trying new foods...up until now, at about 16 months. He's getting super picky!

  9. My 3 year old is picky, picky, picky!


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