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Julabug: Sorting Bus by Plan Toys (Review)

My son is growing faster than the zucchini in my veggie garden. Seriously- every day, he's saying or doing something 100% new. One thing I love about him is that he loves educational and learning toys. This child has lots of toys, but he's definitely interested in the ones that move, or require him to take an active role in play time.

Like a lot of parents, I expect good behavior from my child, but I do like to reward him here and there when he's just good beyond measure, or does something spectacular- like using the potty! I was looking for some new and different places to find educational toys not too long ago, and stumbled upon Julabug. Julabug offers organic toys and modern designs for children. I was drawn in by their website right off the bat- it's cute as a button!  I was looking around for play tents, and found some really cute designs. I reached out to Julabug, and was introduced to their collection of Early Development Toys. Julabug has a lot of wonderful toys for children of all ages.

 Sorting Bus, by Plan Toys

Balian was sent the Sorting Bus by Plan Toys, one of the many fantastic brands carried by Julabug.This adorable little learning toy is recommended for ages 19 months and up, so it was a perfect choice for Balian. The sorting bus is a wooden yellow toy on wheels, and has a pull string. It also comes with a little bus driver, and four colorful wooden shapes for sorting.

Sorting out the shapes...

 Balian loves his sorting bus! He's taking a break from pulling it around the house.
 Thanks, Julabug!

Balian has really been enjoying the sorting bus, and so have I. He does have a round shape sorter, but my poor child just ends up getting frustrated with it, and patience just isn't his thing at this age. With the sorting bus, we are able to sit together and play with it, along with his other trucks and cars. He loves to be 'chased' by the bus (which means mommy pulls it alongside Balian and we run around in circles!), too. When it's time to get down to business, we sit together and count the shapes, talk about which shapes they are, name their colors, and push them through their corresponding openings. Because there are only four shape blocks with this toy, instead of ten, with his other sorter, he is much more patient, and doesn't end play time with a temper tantrum. He is learning the names of the shapes, and recognizing how to twist and turn them to make them fit into the right spaces.

Features of the Sorting Bus:

  • Recommended For Toddlers 19 Months And Older
  • Awarded the U.S. Child's Best Toy Awards, Parents' Choice Approved, and a Bronze in the UK Practical Pre-School 2006 Awards
  • Measures 5.0 x 8.7 x 5.3 Inches
  • Made of clean, natural, chemical-free, kiln-dried rubberwood accented with non-toxic water-based dyes
  • Designed In Thailand By The Wonderful Folks At Plan Toys
  • Made in Thailand

It's nice to know that I have found a wonderful place to shop for developmental and learning toys for my son. The toys carried by Julabug aren't your run-of-the-mill, everyday toys that you would find on a local store shelf. These toys are different, and unique. Why purchase your special little one something that every other kid on the block has? At Julabug, you'll find fantastic toys at wonderful prices. These are toys that you can feel good about giving to your children, and will help to further their development as they play.

The Julabug website is a lot of fun to explore, too! You can certainly shop as a guest, but you can also register and log in while you shop, and once you do that, you can do things like create a registry, create a wishlist, etc! I am already thinking about creating a wishlist for Balian. Hate to say that Christmas will be here again before we know it, but it's the truth... and little man's second birthday is just about three months away!

Here are a few things on my Wishlist for Balian...

Click-Clack Ball Track

Castle Blocks

Pushing Car Wagon

Julabug carries toys for every age, and they are easily found by category on the Julabug website. Shop for toys and games, clothing, dress up items, decor and gear... and don't forget to take a look at what's on sale!

Want It? Buy It!

You can purchase the above featured toys on the Julabug website, anytime! For updates, deals and more, connect with Julabug on Facebook!

Special thanks to our friends over at Julabug for allowing us to try out this wonderful learning toy, and for introducing us to a world of fun, imaginative, developmental play!

Which toys would you love to buy for your special little someone from Julabug?

Thanks a bunch!

Disclosure: Other than the above featured product, which I received free of charge from this company, for review purposes, I was not compensated for facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are my own. Your experience may differ.

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