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Get The Write Stuff Before Heading Back to School! (Review & Giveaway)

I know, I know... it's smack in the middle of summer vacation, and no one wants to think about stepping foot back into a classroom anytime soon. I'm not yet a mom of a school aged child, but you'd better believe that if I were, I'd already be in back to school organizing mode. Depending on where you live, school may be back in session in the next 4-6 weeks, and with back to school preparation come the dreaded back to school shopping!

I remember back to school shopping pretty well. My parents hated it! Now that I'm an adult, and a mom, at that, I can definitely see why most parents just don't want to mess with back to school shopping. The rest of us? We avoid retail stores selling school supplies at all cost around back to school time (or at least, I do!). Why? It's madness! Everyone is trying to get the supplies they need (last minute), and no one can find what they're looking for. The classroom supply lists end up all jumbled, kids are throwing fits over not getting their favorite color folder or binder, and moms are parked on the store floor, with their heads between their knees, just trying to hold onto a moment of sanity! Been there? Afraid you're headed into a similar situation this year? I've got a little secret for you... back to school shopping does not have to look like this for you!

The Write Stuff

The Write Stuff, an online back to school one stop shop, has everything you need to get the kids set for heading back to the classroom this year. The Write Stuff was founded in 1989, as a PTA group tried to help parents and students obtain the right school supplies that they needed. The idea was to put together a 'kit' of school supplies for each grade level, working from specified needs of the classroom. The Write stuff works with schools, organizations and individuals in providing brand named school supplies, and packaging them in kits, and sending them directly to the consumer. These awesome kits can be shipped to school, home, or the office, for busy parents.

No one wants to spend the last few days of summer vacation trekking to countless stores, trying to hunt down the correct supplies indicated on the classroom supply list! The Write Stuff makes back to school shopping a breeze, because it allows parents to log on, select the products their kids need, and then they're combined into a kit- made complete by being packaged in a Memory Box!

 Here's the Memory Box- ready to be filled in by parent and child!

 Inside of the box, were all of these goodies!

Here's a better photo of everything included in my kit:
Folders, notebook paper, box of tissues, spiral notebooks, pencil box, dry erase marker, pencils, pens, highlighter, eraser, glue stick, washable markers, crayons, scissors, and a ruler!

I received my own back to school sample kit from The Write Stuff, so I could see an example of the types of products that the kits include. I loved the kit packaging. The box which contained my kit, was the memory box. It had a plastic handle for carrying on the top, and on the front of the box, lots of room to jot down special information. This makes heading back to school special and fun for the kids. There's a place for you to paste their photo on the box, and then there are lines for you to fill in information like: name, grade, teacher, favorite subject, friends, favorite activities, school awards, etc. How neat is that!?

Now, because I don't have a child old enough to go to school, I am giving my kit to Balian's cousins- Lucie, Brenna and Connor. They can share the kit, or one can take it all. I'm sure that Connor,  the youngest of the three, will have a lot of fun with the memory box, though.

The Write Stuff wants to make sure that all parents have what they need when the kids head back to school this year. Their site is easy to navigate, and you can literally pick and choose the items your children need for their classroom from the comfort of your own home, and you can have it all shipped right to your door, in plenty of time for back to school organization time!

Want It? Buy It!

Head to The Write Stuff website to explore the personalized school supply kits you can create for your children this year! While on TWS's website, be sure to check out the TWS Blog- it has lots of helpful tips and ideas for parents. And of course, you can connect with TWS on Facebook, and follow The Write Stuff on Twitter to stay up to date on news and special deals!

Want It? Win It!

Use the rafflecopter entry form below to enter to win a back to school kit, just like the one I received from The Write Stuff!

Special thanks to The Write Stuff for introducing me to this wonderful way to prepare for heading back to school, and for offering this great giveaway for our readers!

Good luck, and thanks!

Disclosure: Other than the above mentioned kit, which I received free of charge from the sponsor, for review purposes, I was not compensated for facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are my own. Your experience may differ. This post was made possible through my affiliation with Go Girl Communications. MBP is not responsible for prize fulfillment or shipment.


  1. make sure they bring plenty of pencils and erasers,.

  2. let them choose their own debbie jackson,
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  3. Make sure you have the school supply list from the school to ensure you get everything needed.

    Wanda McHenry

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    Wanda McHenry

  5. watch for sales and get supplies while you can. I use coupons for lots of things to help cut cost for my grandchildren.

  6. Stock up on supplies so you don't have to pay full price in the middle of the school year!

  7. Start early and look for deals! There are plenty to be found!


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