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Yum Yum Dishes (Review & Giveaway)

I don't know a single person, personally, who has never struggled with portion control. My husband and I would both be thinner, and healthier if we paid attention to how much we were eating. When I was breastfeeding my son, the baby weight was just dripping right off, and I felt that I could just eat whatever I wanted to. While that was true, I knew that one day, Balian would give that up, and I would be back to maintaining my weight by myself. It's taken a while to adjust back, and I definitely see things sticking to my ribs much more easily than they ever did before. Cutting out, or cutting down on snacking seems to help, but it's hard, because like many of the folks in my family, I'm a grazer... grazing into the kitchen off and on throughout the day, grabbing a handful of this or that, here or there.

Mom, Tracy Adler, had a problem similar to mine. After her second child was born, she was snacking a lot. She admits to just heading to the couch with a bag of chips, and before she knew it, half the bag would be gone. She wanted a way to snack sensibly, so she could enjoy a snack, but without overeating. So, she began snacking from a small dish, knowing that as long as she didn't refill it, she wasn't overeating anymore. Little by little, she returned to her normal weight, just by managing her portions. From this, Yum Yum Dishes was born.

Check out Tracy's story...

Yum Yum Dishes are very cool, creative dishes that help with portion control. Will, over at Yum Yum Dishes sent me one of the 9-inch plates, and a Yum Yum snack bowl, so I could get the full Yum Yum Dishes experience. I received the yellow Yum Yum plate, and a red Yum Yum snack bowl, with snap on plastic lid.

Yum Yum 9-inch Plates...

These ceramic plates are very nice, and sturdy. I loved the bright sunshine yellow color of my plate, and couldn't wait to give it a try. What's unique about the Yum Yum plate, is that it is nine inches, which is smaller than most plates used in our homes, or that you might receive your food on in a restaurant. Most plates we eat off of are anywhere from eleven to thirteen inches! Even recently, I was having dinner out at a restaurant with my family, and thought the size of the plate I received my meal on was obnoxiously large. The food on the plate made three meals for me, instead of one. 

What the Yum Yum plate really does, is to help with portion control. The plate is divided in half, by a little dotted line, leaving a larger area for your food portion on top. The lower half is divided into two triangles. The larger portion area, is your designated space for your serving of veggies. It makes sense that most of your meal should be fruit or vegetable based. It's clearly and cutely labeled, right on the plate, so that you know where to put your veggies. On the lower half of the plate, you have equal sections for protein and carbs- your meat and potatoes, if you will.

Here's my meal portion, dished out, accordingly,
 with help from my Yum Yum 9-inch Plate...

I put the Yum Yum 9-inch plate to the test one night, when we happened to be having pizza for dinner. Now, we're one of those families who always serves a salad when we have pizza. I need to have some green on my plate, to keep my diet balanced. It's hard to eat only just a little pizza, but I followed the Yum Yum plate, accordingly, and loaded the top half of my plate with my salad, which left room for one slice of pizza across the bottom, counting for both my protein and carb servings. I slowly worked my way through my salad portion, and then ate my slice of pizza. After my plate was clean, I felt satisfied. Could I have gone for another slice of hot, delicious pizza pie? Sure- but I didn't need another slice. I wasn't really hungry anymore, and I knew that if I felt hungry again in a couple of hours, I could grab my Yum Yum snack bowl, and have a little something before bed.

 My snack bowl is telling me that Yum Yum Time is Over...

The Yum Yum snack bowl is wonderful to have, too. Like Tracy, creator of Yum Yum Dishes, I like to snack, and have often gone to the couch with a bag of chips and have eaten half of it before I even realized what was happening! I love, love, love chips- which is why we try not to buy them! The 4 oz Yum Yum snack bowl is the perfect size, and it's simple to use. Just fill it with your favorite snack, and enjoy! I like to snack on cereal, and this is a really wonderful size for a filling portion of granola, with a little splash of milk. The Yum Yum snack bowl comes with a snap on plastic lid, which makes it easy to take snacks with you on the go. As your snack disappears from the bowl, the words, 'Yum Yum Time is Over' appear! How cute is that? It's a friendly reminded that you've had your snack, and you can stick to your weight loss or portion control efforts by not going back for more. Don't need to use the dish for portion control? Well, they're adorable for everyday use, too. Use them for sauces, or for serving snacks at a party or get together!

Yum Yum Snack Bowls...

If you're looking for snack ideas, Yum Yum Dishes has a great section on their website, where you can find snack ideas and helpful tips! One Yum Yum fan says that she takes her Yum Yum snack dish with her to the ice cream shop, so that she gets her treat, without eating more than she needs! What a great idea!

Yum Yum Dishes- plates and snack bowls are perfect for everyone- kids, teens, adults, and make a great gift for anyone who is looking for help with their portion control. We've been enjoying this dishes, and have had no problems with them- they microwave and come clean in the dishwasher, like a dream.

Want It? Buy It!

Yum Yum Dishes are available in sets of four plates, one of each color- red, yellow, green and blue. Also available is a set of four snack bowl, one of each color- red, yellow, green and blue. You can purchase both sets of the Yum Yum Dishes online, anytime! Don't forget to connect with Yum Yum Dishes on Facebook, and follow Yum Yum Dishes on Twitter. Sign up for the Yum Yum Tip of the Week, to get special tips, promos and to submit questions to the Yum Yum spokespersons. And, for all you wild pinning machines, Yum Yum Dishes is on Pinterest, too!

Want It? Win It!

One lucky reader will win a set of the Yum Yum 9-inch Plates and a set of the Yum Yum Snack Dishes. Just use the rafflecopter entry form below to enter to win, and be sure to complete all mandatory entry fields.

Special thanks to Yum Yum Dishes for introducing me to a new way to tackle and overcome portion control issues, and for offering this fabulous giveaway to our readers!

Good luck, and thanks!

Disclosure: Other than the above mentioned products, which I was sent free of charge, directly from the sponsor, for review purposes, I was not compensated for facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are my own. Your experience may differ. MBP is not responsible for prize fulfillment or shipment.


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