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Baby Shower Tips by Jennifer Link

How To Plan The Perfect Baby Shower 
– Courtesy of Jennifer Link and

Jennifer Link is the founder of Sweet Pea Baby Planners New York. Jennifer’s experience and
passion for supporting parents, came to fruition after years of dedicating herself to working in
marketing and business development within major media and music companies. She started working
as a baby planner when she realized that she could share her knowledge and experience as an
expecting mom and also as a parent with others - and help her clients enjoy the process while she
made sure they were prepared.

A baby shower is a great time for a family to celebrate the impending arrival of a little one! There are
so many options out there of what can make a great shower - but here are a few tips to get off to a
good start:

Know the mom well. Have a party that is just her speed. Whether it is classic with flowers and
centerpieces or a simple gathering with snacks like Eleni’s New York cookies and fresh fruit,
make sure the party is for that mom (or the couple).

Planning a shower with a theme can be fun, but having just the right theme might be hard
to pick. So go for colors. Pick two or three colors and let that carry throughout the entire
shower.  From invitations to decor and sweets, to thank yous and birth announcements. Tiny
Prints has a great selection of adorable stationery to choose from.

Having a shower for the couple (or a co-ed shower) has grown in popularity.  And it lets both of
the expecting parents enjoy the merriment, just be clear in the invitation whether this is “Girls
Only, No Boys Allowed” or not.

Plan for the shower to happen between 30 and 34 weeks of the pregnancy. That way if
something needs to be returned/exchanged or additional items need to be acquired there is
still some time to do that. It’s always best to be as completely prepared as possible by week
36 in case someone decides to make an early entrance. Plus who really wants to spend the
last 3 or 4 weeks of pregnancy running around. It’s the time to soak in life and do those things
that you might not want to do for the first few months of life with a little one

For adoptive couples having a shower after the baby is home is also growing in popularity
sometimes also called a “Meet the Baby Party.” It’s such a great way for all parents to have
their special moment. Treat this just like a delayed shower and just make a few adjustments. 

A great gift for mom is to put together a post-delivery or post-arrival package for her. Include
some great lotion or some other favorite personal care item that she might enjoy. Mustela 9
Months Nursing Comfort Balm and Post Partum Body Restructuring Gel are a great start to
building a must-have bundle.

Don't forget something that she can take home the day of the shower and use immediately.
Mustela Stretch Marks Double Action to the rescue! Using it to prevent stretch marks from
the beginning of pregnancy is ideal, but it’s also important to continue to use it post birth to
support “bouncing back.”

Mustela makes a great gift for the new baby, which is also the perfect shower gift - the
essential Newborn Set has everything one needs for those early weeks. Even if someone

hasn't registered for it, go ahead and get it for them - they'll be grateful.

When registering, you should also select items that are appropriate for ages up to 18 months.
Everyone thinks about items for newborns, but this can be greatly helpful to be prepared with
items for your baby as he or she grows. A BABYBJĂ–RN baby carrier for 3+ months is a great
gift that can be used for months!

When registering, it’s important to remember the gift givers and baby shower guest
list. Getting to mom’s local store might be a challenge so registering with an online retailer like
Diapers.com makes it easy for everyone. They’re a great resource for mom, and gifts will shop
directly to her.

Lastly, if the family is not planning a shower for logistical, religious or other reasons always ask
if they have registered so that a gift that they might really need can be purchased.


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