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Ah Goo Baby Plush Pad (Review & Giveaway)

When my husband and I were registering for baby gifts, we thought we needed to have every single one of the recommended items on our registry check list on our registry. Well, I should say that I thought we needed all of those things... he thought there was no reason to go crazy, and that we didn't need big ticket items that we'd probably never use. I hate to admit it, but he was right.

One of the items I thought that we'd surely need was a changing pad, that fit atop a changing table. We had an old dresser (short one) that my hubby had planned to turn into a changing table, but life got busy and the project never even got started. We did receive a nice, contoured changing pad- but never even used it once after Balian was born. We ended up buying a cheap, portable changing pad (from Ikea) and that thing has been with us through just about every diaper change that has happened at home. Let's face it, as parents, we're kidding ourselves if we seriously believe that we will change every dirty diaper on a soft, cushy, contoured changing pad- in the baby's own room. Diaper changes happen all over the house- sometimes they're emergency diaper changes, and there just isn't time to get the baby to their bedroom! Some babies don't even have their own bedrooms- so why bother with the changing table at all?

Our friends at Ah Goo Baby have come up with another fabulously designed, smart, must-have product that will ease the pain of diaper changes for parents and their little ones. I was invited to choose two Ah Goo Baby products to review- one of them was the Grab and Go Bag, and you can read my review of that fabulous product here. The second product I chose to review from Ah Goo Baby, was the Plush Pad, a go-anywhere changing pad that will change the way you and your baby feel about diaper changes!

 Plush Pad from Ah Goo Baby

 Can't wait to take it out and start using it!

We received the Plush Pad in Poppy, and have been loving it! Though the fabric choice may be better suited for a girl, Balian has enjoyed it, all the same! I love all of the thirteen styles of fabric to choose from- and think that the Poppy design is adorable!

What makes it different?

The Plush Pad can be used as a portable changing station, or a permanent changing stations, depending on your personal needs. This is a mom-invented product, and was well thought through and designed! The Plush Pad from Ah Goo Baby features a 1/2 inch thick memory foam pad, which hugs and contours every curve in baby's body, keeping them comfortable during diaper changes. Even though he's a toddler now, I still want to keep Balian comfortable while changing his diaper. When he was a newborn, I did everything possible to make sure he had a little bit of cushion and support, but that took a lot of extra time. With the Plush Pad, all I have to do is roll it out, unfold the flaps and we're ready to go!

 Our new Plush Pad- all rolled out and ready to tackle a diaper change!

 Ready to roll- time to roll it back up...

 Voila- rolled up and ready to go anywhere with us!

How it works...

When rolled our for use, the Plush Pad is approximately a 2 ft. square. To pack it up to take it with you when you're on the go, you simply fold the sides toward the middle, and then roll it up. There are two elastic holders (one on each end of the Plush Pad) that slide right over the ends, to keep them rolled tightly in place.

I love the Plush Pad because it's portable. It easily rolls up and fits into my Grab and Go Bag, also from Ah Goo Baby, or any other diaper bag I am using. It also fits right into a stroller bag. It's a no-brainer changing pad that I can send to grandma's house for an overnight stay, too! The Plush Pad is covered with a water-resistant fabric, which protects it from accidents (gotta watch out for those- especially with the little boys!).

How else can you use it?

There are a ton of great ways to use the Plush Pad from Ah Goo Baby:

For daily outings as a staple in a diaper bag or back of a stroller;
  • In the home 24/7 as a second station (or perhaps as the only changing surface for those looking to conserve space in smaller living environments);
  • Taken on trips as a cherished changing surface in hotel rooms, stays with the grandparents, and any other long term travel;
  • During tummy time; and
  • Infant/parent classes when the baby begins to practice lifting their weight up with their arms or just needs a soft spot to exercise or relax.

I wish that I'd had the Plush Pad from Ah Goo Baby on hand when Balian was smaller, but he really enjoys lying on it, even as a toddler, and that makes me a happy momma. I'll be saving the Plush Pad so I can use it whenever we decide it's time to add baby #2 to the Witt family.
If you're presently expecting, are looking for a great baby shower gift, or just want a great product to help make diaper changes comfy for your sweet little babe, get your hands on a Plush Pad! They're available in 13 styles, which you can see here.

Want It? Buy It!

You can grab a Plush Pad by Ah Goo Baby to have for your very own, or to give as a special gift by heading to the Ah Goo Baby website to make your purchase. Don't forget- you can save 10% when you sign up with your e-mail on the Ah Goo Baby website! You can also connect with Ah Goo Baby on Facebook, and follow Ah Goo Baby on Twitter!

Want It? Win It!

One lucky reader will win their very own Plush Pad from Ah Goo Baby! Just use our Rafflecopter entry form below to enter for your chance to win this fantastic product!

Special thanks to Ah Goo Baby for changing the way this mommy feels about diaper changes, and for offering this fabulous giveaway for our readers!

Good luck, and thanks!

Disclosure: Other than the above featured item, which I received free of charge, directly from the sponsor, for review purposes, I have not been compensated for facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are my own. Your experience may differ. MBP and its team members are not responsible for prize fulfillment or shipment.


  1. It's been awhile for me so hard to remember back then. I know things have gotten much easier and so many better things from when I had my kids. I know with my grandchildren, it seems there is never enough room for everything you have there to prepare a change.

  2. Oh, my biggest diaper changing struggle is keeping the baby still enough to change her. She is such a wiggle worm!


  3. Can you provide a new link for the facebook page for ah goo baby? I clicked that I liked the page because I attempted to like it (and will go back and like it once there is a new link provided). Thanks so much!!!

  4. It's no fun when the portable changing pad slips and slides everywhere. Especially when you have a wiggly little one :)

  5. I'm a first time mom.. I don't know what to expect, but I think a comfy pad for baby very may make it a lot less of a headache!

  6. I always just kept changing pads in every room of the house, i was never mush for a permanent station


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