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UM! Brands (Review & Giveaway)

Do you long for products that help keep your life a little bit more organized? I do! When I shop, I spend more time shopping for organizational items than anything else. With three of us living in a cute two bedroom craftsman style cottage, with very little closet space, or extra storage space, we feel pretty cramped most of the time, and anything that will help me save space, is right up my alley!

When I came across UM! Brands a few weeks ago, while searching for space savers, I was instantly attracted to their unique products. I knew I had to get in touch with them about trying some of their products out, because they just looked too cool not to! UM! Brands strives to create simple, yet ingenious solutions for all of your 'um' moments. They offer unique peel and stick reusable household items. There's no glue, no tape, and there are no nails involved. UM! Brands' products use a revolutionary material called 'everSTIK' TM, which uses nano-suction technology. This means that the products from UM! Brands will stick to any non-porous surface, and can be peeled off to be removed, without ever leaving a mark. And the best thing about these products, is that they can be cleaned and used over and over again!

 My samples from UM! Brands

Connie, from UM! Brands offered to send me a selection of products. I was excited that I was able to choose the products I wanted to try. After browsing the UM! Brands website, I decided that I wanted to try- everything! They offer Stick UM!, Hook UM!, and Note UM!, and I had a need for each one! Connie graciously sent me a sample of each of these products.

Medium Blue Curacao Note UM! 

 Note UM! on my refrigerator...

After my package of samples arrived, I went for the Note UM! first. I desperately needed a better way to leave little notes on the refrigerator. I have been a lover of little memo pads for the fridge for a long time, but they just sort of seem to get lost on my refrigerator with all of the stuff that gets stuck on there. With Note UM!, I am able to have a dry erase note pad, right on my refrigerator! I loved how easy it was to place my Note UM! where I wanted it. I just removed the backing, stuck it where I wanted it, pressed firmly, and then it was all set and ready to be used! Each Note UM! comes with a dry erase marker, with a little eraser on the end of the cap. There is also a holder for the marker, right on the bottom of the Note UM! This makes it super easy to use! I've been making little notes for myself, leaving notes for my hubby, and even writing our meal plans on the Note UM! It hasn't moved from the spot I first placed it! It's been a huge help to me, having it on the refrigerator. I can quickly make a note of something we're out of- when I notice it!

Flint Grey Rocket Hook UM!

Next, I wanted to try the Hook UM! I received the Flint Grey Rocket Hook UM! Now, the Hook UM! sticks to a surface, the same way the Note UM! does, but this has a hook on it! I love hooks! I need all of the extra hooks I can get in my house! I wanted to try it on the back of my bedroom door, because I needed a place to hang my robe or a hoodie jacket. I like to grab something to throw over my arms as soon as I get up in the morning, due to our house always being so cold. The Hook UM! can hold up to 10 pounds! I removed the backing from my Hook UM!, pressed it firmly against the surface of my door, and waited an hour before I tried to hang anything on it. Unfortunately, the second I placed a light sweater on the hook, the whole thing fell right off. So, I decided to try again. I washed the Hook UM! as directed and let it dry. Once it was dry, I stuck the Hook UM! back on my door, and waited another hour. When I went in to check on my Hook UM!, and try it out a second time, I noticed that it had fallen off all on its own. My husband said that it was probably because of the paint on the door. I was sort of bummed, but wasn't about to give up on the Hook UM! I cleaned it again, let it dry, and then stuck it to the wall in my kitchen, above the stove, because I needed another hook to hold an oven mitt. I waited the proper amount of time, and then hung the oven mitt on the hook... and- success! I have since used the Hook UM! on my back porch, on my cabinet door to hold dish towels, and I plan to try it lots of other places, too!

Black Dot Stick UM! 

Here's the Stick UM! in my kitchen- holding a Scentsy Bar package, and then holding a recipe card and a pan scraper while I was cooking! SO COOL!

Lastly, I was ready to try out the Stick UM!  I received the Black Dot Stick UM!, and was really intrigued by it. It works just like the Note UM!, and Hook UM!, but it is designed to hold up to a 1 pound flat object. So- you can pretty much throw anything that's flat and lightweight up on it, and it sticks! I have almost zero counter space in my kitchen, which makes cooking and baking pretty difficult. I love to cook, though- and sometimes, I need to follow a recipe. I am constantly getting recipes from the web on my smartphone, and thought it would be pretty cool if I could have my phone stuck to the wall at eye level, showing my recipe while I'm cooking. So, I peeled off the backing, and stuck it to the wall over a tiny little block of kitchen counter. I pressed firmly, and then removed the protective film from the front of the Stick UM! I waited an hour before trying anything. Once time was up, I removed my phone from its protective case, and stuck my phone to the Stick UM!, just to see if it would work... and it did! My phone didn't budge from the Stick UM! until I removed it, myself. It's also been great for holding actual recipe cards, and paring knives! I can't wait to see what else it'll hold for me as time goes on! My husband was impressed by all of the products we received from UM! Brands, but he loved Stick UM! the best!

I love all of the products I have had the pleasure of trying from UM! Brands! These products are available in many different styles and colors, too! These products are affordable, and well worth the money!

I think that the products available from UM! Brands are great for everyday, household use. Any of these would make super cool gifts for dad this Father's Day, gifts for grads heading off to college this fall, gifts for teachers, or gifts for just about everyone! 

Want It? Buy It!

If you're dying to try these amazing products from UM! Brands, head to their website to take a closer look and purchase the perfect UM! product for your needs! You can stay up to date on the latest news from UM! Brands by liking them on Facebook, following them on Twitter, and/or following them on Pinterest! They have some really neat pin boards, so check those out, if you're a Pinterest junkie!

Want It? Win It!

One lucky reader will win their very own T-Shirt, a Medium sized Note UM!, 2 colors from the Stick UM! line, and one of each hook style (rocket, space shuttle, and clown nose). The colors can be decided by the winner. Just use the Rafflecopter entry form below to enter to win! Remember- if the entry field appears in BOLD, it's mandatory!

Special thanks to Connie of UM! Brands for allowing me to try this amazing new technology, and experience UM! Brands for myself! We also thank UM! Brands for sponsoring this wonderful giveaway for our readers!

Good luck to those who enter to win, and hey- thanks for stopping in today!

Disclosure: Other than the above mentioned products, which I received directly from this sponsor for review purposes, I was not compensated for facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are my own. Your experience may differ. Mommy's Block Party and its team members are not responsible for prize fulfillment or shipment- this is the understood responsibility of the giveaway sponsor.


  1. Um-when I was asked by my hubby to marry him I said "really" instead of yes!

  2. Fearing I left my keys in the car I ran around the other side to see if they were in the ignition....then I saw the reflection of them in the window hanging from my mouth!

  3. I usually can't find my eyeglasses... and most of the time, they are on top of my head!

  4. In the middle of the night I changed my baby. When I went to throw out the old diaper I couldn't find it. I rediapered him with the used diaper! Um....whoops! Fixed that mistake fast!

  5. looking everywhere for my daughters hair bow and it was already in her hair

  6. um did I leave my keys in the store? no, in my pocket

  7. Panicking when I don't have my cell phone on me only to realize I've just plugged it in to charge.

  8. When my daughter is asleep I sometimes have a mini heart attack wondering where she is!


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