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SweetGeeseTreats Review

Household decorations are so much fun, I just love them. When we moved into our house a few years ago, we let the kids decide what theme their Jack and Jill bathroom would have. S was still a baby at the time, so she really didn't get a say, but B knew he had to pick something that she would love too. We couldn't have been happier when he decided Pirates & Mermaids and have had fun decorating and adding to our theme when we find something neat.
I was so excited when MBP was recently contacted by a mom named Katherine, who owned an Etsy shop, and wanted to share her products with us. Katherine's shop is called SweetGeeseTreats.

 SweetGeeseTreats has been an Etsy shop since mid-2010 and has sold over 50 different handmade products. The feedback from her buyers is 100% positive with comments such as "very professional", "quick shipping", "high quality", "well constructed", "exceeded expectations", "excellent customer service", and more. Katherine seems to have not only impressed me, but everyone she has created something for, not many Etsy shops could say that!

All of the banners and decorations from SweetGeeseTreats are handmade by Katherine, original, and sturdy. They are made for both children and adults to use, with seasonal, celebrations, and everyday use in mind. Katherine also takes requests for custom orders.

Katherine sent us one of her favorite banners, both her own personal and from her Etsy store. After browsing online, I knew I was in for a beautiful creation to use in our home.

Our SweetGeeseTreats package has arrived
Clearly labeled to "Please Open Carefully", nice added reminder to be extra gentle with such a fragile, handmade item

A really fun, colorfully wrapped creation, created with love by Katherine, with a business card with all the shop information.

We hung up our Nautical Banner in B's Pirate bathroom
Up close look at the SweetGeeseTreats banner in B's bathroom
Individual card from our Nautical Banner
Our Nautical Banner consists of 6 very sturdy panels (6" x 5"), each panel consists of 3 layers of quality cardstock. The smallest layer of cardstock is machine stitched around all four sides. Each panel has a unique boat, each varies a bit, but are all of similar colors and style. The boats were all hand drawn and hand cut, then machine stitched. Each boat has bead and star embellishments for a final touch. All 6 panels are strung together with a thick, blue satin ribbon. There are also 2 matching clothespins to hang our banner with, this is such a nice extra touch to make sure everything goes together.

Our SweetGeeseTreats banner is wonderful. You can tell how much time and love has gone in to creating this banner. While the design may be similar to others, each banner will be unique because of it being hand designed by Katherine. This banner is perfect for B's bathroom, but would also be perfect for a birthday party, baby shower, or bedroom decoration. We are also excited to share our SweetGeeseTreats Nautical Banner with my sister-in-law, who will be using it for our nephew's 1st birthday party--with a Nautical theme!

--Other fantastic banners from SweetGeeseTreats--

Want It? Buy It!
Looking for unique and fun decorations? Visit SweetGeeseTreats on Etsy and see what Katherine has available. Click here to read the shop policies, you can find all your important ordering and shipping information here. Whether you are looking for baby showers, birthday parties, or just an everyday decoration, you can find an assortment of paper art at SweetGeeseTreats!

Thanks to Katherine for sending us such a lovingly handmade nautical banner. We appreciate all your hard work that went in to creating something special for us!
Disclosure: Other than the banner that I was sent to review directly from this representative, I was not compensated for facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are my own. Your experience may differ.

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