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Pleasant Valley Homespun Primitives Review & Giveaway

-Part of our Mother's Day Gift Guide-

I don't know about any of you, but I have kept pretty much every piece of artwork my kids have ever done. I hate throwing anything they have created out, and they do not like to see anything they have made in the trash. Luckily for me, I recently got to preserve a piece of Beckett's artwork that will forever be a part of our lives, and I could not be happier to own it.
I was lucky enough to get to work with Kelli Donahue, who owns Pleasant Valley Homespun Primitives, for the third time. See below to check out my other reviews of her creations. Kelli created Pleasant Valley Homespun Primitives as a way to share her crafts and creations with others. Click here to read more about Kelli and her company.

Kelli was hoping to show off one of her newest creations, just in time for Mother's Day, a special keepsake made from your child's artwork. I was so excited to work with Kelli again, and especially on this to see what she would be creating, just for us.

To create this keepsake, Kelli first asks for an email containing a jpeg format of your child's artwork. I sent her this...
 Beckett had drawn our family on regular piece of paper, which I then scanned and emailed to Kelli.

Kelli then took our picture and copied it onto fabric using an embroidery software. I did not even know something like this existed, this is why I have to rely on others to make cool things. She does not change the artwork in any way, it remains exactly as it was sent. Once it was ready, she sent me a proof to sign off on, before she created the finished product.
Our Proof...
Exactly the same as I had sent her.

After Kelli had gotten my okay, she started to work on our keepsake, made from Beckett's artwork. Kelli also wanted to know how much tea stain I would like for the background, which I said I liked the look, so to do whatever she felt was the best choice. I appreciate working with people who make sure that you will be 100% satisfied with the final product. I was so excited to see it in person, especially after seeing her examples on Pleasant Valley Homespun Primitives website and Etsy store.

Last weekend, we were working outside when the mail lady pulled up and handed me a pretty large package. My husband quickly asked what was inside, I was surprised at how big the box was, even though I knew what size Kelli had written. The box and package were very secure and packed safely so no damage could occur. I had to immediately take a break from working outside to see what had come from Pleasant Valley Homespun Primitives.

Inside the box we found this...
 My husband and I were both blown away by this wonderful keepsake. It was identical to what Beckett had drawn, just with Kelli's special touches added in. It truly was stunning to see my little guy's art become a piece of art for our house.

We knew that we would have to find somewhere special to display it for all to see and enjoy.
We chose this spot in our living room for right now, but may move it to a wall with more family photos later. We haven't had it very long, but everyone that has seen it, has complemented on what a special, special piece this is. I couldn't agree more!

Kelli really creates some one of a kind, primitive pieces of art for the home. She has impressed me each and every time I have gotten to work with her, and she keeps surprising me by her wonderful work. She takes pride in the things she has created and enjoys using her talents for others to enjoy, and for that we thank you again and again Kelli!

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Want It? Buy It!
 Get shopping and find something amazing from Pleasant Valley Homespun Primitives, Kelli has a huge assortment of crafty creations and you will not be disappointed. Kelli even offers gift certificates, when you can't decide what you want to get. Check out the ordering information here. You can find and like Pleasant Valley Homespun Primitives on Facebook. You can find special announcements, general company information, product photos, and even sometimes coupon codes. Check out the Etsy store too!

Want It? Win It!
Pleasant Valley Homespun Primitives was part of our Mother's Day Extravaganza giveaway, giving away a Child's artwork keepsake to one lucky winner. We will be announcing all of our MBP winners soon, so stay tuned! Thank you to all who entered!
Special thanks to Kelli from Pleasant Valley Homespun Primitives for once again providing us with an amazing creation for our house. I am truly, truly loving it and can't wait for one of our lucky readers to have one too!
Disclosure: Other than the artwork that I was sent to review directly from this representative, I was not compensated for facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are my own. Your experience may differ.

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