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Pink Butterfly Aprons (Review & Giveaway)

Part of Our Mother's Day Gift Guide

Are you the hostess with the mostess? I always strive to be the perfect hostess- and I have a picture in my mind of a woman, with a perfectly clean home, kids looking neat and tidy, the woman is always looking her best, and always has something to offer her guests- like, a seat on the porch. Then, like any proper hostess would do, excuses herself for a moment, ties on her apron and returns to her guests with a tray, bearing coffee, tea or a cool beverage like lemonade and a plate of freshly baked cookies or a quick bread loaf.

Let's get real, though- in this day and age, this woman is hard to find, and though I long to be this woman, I'm not her- I'm me. My house isn't always clean, I'm lucky if I can keep it to one outfit per day, as far as my child is concerned. I do try to always have something on hand to offer my guests (learned this from my grandmother), though! I don't think I've owned an apron since I was a little girl, and still made cookies with my mom and sister... until the other day, that is. I was sent a gorgeous hostess apron from Barbara, owner of Pink Butterfly Aprons. Pink Butterfly Aprons offers aprons of all styles, for women, men and children! Barbara asked me to choose an apron from her website, and boy, was that ever a tough decision!

Pink Butterfly Aprons has so many different styles of aprons available on their website, that I must have spent an hour looking through all of them, and trying to narrow it down to my top five favorite styles! There were modern aprons, cooks aprons, and more! I thought back to that image in my head of the perfect hostess, and that helped me to make my decision. I needed an apron- one that would protect my clothing when baking, and cooking. I also wanted an apron that reflected a feminine, more old fashioned style, with a modern flair.

 The Laura Apron from Pink Butterfly Aprons

I selected the Laura design from Pink Butterfly Aprons, and Barbara had it sent right out to me. I loved the way the design looked on the Pink Butterfly website, and I couldn't wait to see what it looked like up close.

 Body of the Laura apron from Pink Butterfly Aprons

The Laura Apron didn't take long at all to arrive, and I was stoked to see it! I immediately removed it from the packaging to take a look. The fabric of the apron (100% cotton), is nice and thick, but not too stiff, which for functionality, is what I want in a good kitchen apron. I tend to make a lot of things that sizzle and splatter, and hate having to change my clothes before cooking or baking. Since my mother-in-law gave me an old, trusted pastry cook book, I make my own pie crusts, and use it for a lot of different things- but flour is super messy... especially when mommy's little helper is around! The Laura Apron from Pink Butterfly Aprons is the perfect length- at 28" long!

Enjoying my new Laura apron first thing in the morning w/a hot cup of coffee. 
Excuse the scary face w/no make up!

 Here we go- less scary! 
I decided to wear my apron while straightening up the house and it kept my clothes dust-free.

The main body of the Laura Apron features a blue and yellow, with green, paisley design- against a super soft yellow background. The neck strap is adjustable, and features the same pattern as the flirty skirted bottom border, and pocket flaps- a complimentary check on blue. The ties on this apron are extra long, which I love, because this means that it can be tied in the front or in the back. I've gotten pretty good at tying behind my back, but sometimes, you just need someone else around to help you out with that. Being able to tie it in the front will save me some time in the kitchen!

 Sorry for the blurriness- making some pancakes for Balian's breakfast... gotta have a great apron to wear when working with oil that can pop or splash you at the stove.


The Laura Apron is a lot of fun to wear. I still feel cute and flirty when I'm in the kitchen, and serving my family. I work in direct sales, also- and often host cooking classes in my home for one of the products my company sells. The Laura Apron from Pink Butterfly Designs is absolutely going to be a part of each and every cooking class I offer from now on! I can't wait to serve my guests, while wearing this apron! It'll also do a great job of protecting my nicer clothing while preparing a dump cake, right before my guests at the table- lots of chocolate, cherry, battery splash-backs possibilities with doing that!

I love all of the aprons available from Pink Butterfly Aprons! The Children's Aprons category has aprons for little girls, and little boys! There's an adorable boy's apron with dinosaurs all over it, which I know Balian would love when he gets to be a little older. He already loves to help me in the kitchen. The little girl's aprons are beautiful! Some of them are simple, and some of the other ones are frilly and gorgeous! There are BBQ Aprons for the guys, holiday and romance aprons, along with everyday wear aprons for the ladies, and an adorable selection of Mommy and Me Aprons, too!

Check out some of my favorites from Pink Butterfly Aprons...

Men's Rockport Apron

 Women's Candace Apron

Mommy and Me Apron Set

Children's Apron: Boy

Want It? Buy It!

Every mommy deserves a beautiful apron to call her own, and an apron from Pink Butterfly Aprons would make such a special gift this Mother's Day! These aprons would also make great gifts for college grads, new homeowners, birthdays, celebrations, etc! Check out the entire collection of aprons from Pink Butterfly Aprons on their website.

Mothers Day Special now through May 14! Use the following coupon code(s) when you check out to save big on that special gift for Mom! 

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Orders placed by 3 pm PDT Wednesday normally arrive on Friday and those that are placed by 10 am PDT this Thursday May
10th - normally will arrive with their regular mail on Saturday the 12th.

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Want It? Win It!

One lucky winner will receive one adult apron and one child's apron from Pink Butterfly Aprons! Just use the easy Rafflecopter entry form below to enter to win- and be sure to follow all of the rules! If the text on the form appears BOLD, it's a mandatory entry!

Special thanks to Barbara and Amy over at Pink Butterfly Aprons for allowing me to review the beautiful Laura design apron, and for offering this wonderful giveaway for our readers!

Lot's of luck to those who enter! Thanks for reading!

Disclosure: Other than the above featured apron, which I received directly from the sponsor for review purposes, I was not compensated for facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are my own. Your experience may differ.


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