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Perfectly Posh Rubby Scrubby (Review & Giveaway)

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Presented by Bonnie Dodge

One of the greatest things about summertime for me, is getting back into my sandals. I love shoes, but I hate for my feet to be confined- they'd rather be free than be shoed, period! Before becoming a mom, I used to spend a lot of time pampering my tootsies, and making my toes look beautimous, but now, my poor body gets seriously neglected. I have a nineteen month old boy, who demands a lot of time and attention, and I'd much rather give him attention than stop for twenty minutes to have a little spa time for myself.

Bonnie Dodge

My friend, and friend to MBP, Bonnie Dodge, is an Independent Consultant with Perfectly Posh, a super cool direct sales company, offering yummy pampering treats, all moms are worth of! Bonnie is a mom, too, so she knows how important it can be for moms to have 'secret weapons' in their beauty bags, especially this time of year! Bonnie wanted to help me get my feet back to beautiful. I'm heading on a two week beach vacation less than two weeks, and I am not quite where I need to be in order to feel good about slipping away for a few days.

 I ordered the Perfectly Posh Soothing Stick a few weeks ago, because I knew my feet needed some help. I don't have time to use pumice stones, and hardly have extra bucks for monthly pedicures- so I knew the Soothing Stick would at least get me on the right track to pretty summertime feet. Bonnie decided to send me the Perfectly Posh Rubby Scrubby, which is a great combo, when used with the Soothing Stick!

When my package from Bonnie arrived, I immediately opened it right up, and went for the Rubby Scrubby. It was packed safely inside its box, surrounded by packing peanuts. Bonnie informed me that the packing peanuts used by Perfectly Posh are made with cornstarch, and that I could just toss them into the sink, turn the water on, and watch them disappear! I thought that was way cool, and Balian had a lot of fun helping me melt those peanuts away! I love that Perfectly Posh cares about the environment enough to package their products this way!

Rubby Scrubby by Perfectly Posh

The Rubby Scrubby is a hand-held exfoliator, which you can take into the bath or shower. It's in a nice, thick stick, which just rolls right out of its black and pink tube. This sparkling pink peppermint exfoliator is in a mild shea butter soap base. So- it cleans your totsies, while gently rubbing away at dead skin, and enveloping them in a creamy layer of shea butter!

I love the way the Rubby Scrubby smells! I have been using it every few days while in the shower, and love it! It's so easy to use, and it makes my achy feet come to life again. All of the rough spots are buffed, and cracked skin and heels are whole again! It's not too slippery to use in the shower, either!

Rubby Scrubby Features

Exfoliation designed to work with PP's Fizzied Feet
Gently cleansing with invigorating peppermint and thyme fragrance
Paraben and paraffin free
Phthalate-free fragrance

2.5 oz- $16.00

Soothing Stick by Perfectly Posh

And of course, the Soothing Stick is the perfect follow-up to the Rubby Scrubby by Perfectly Posh. I had already been enjoying using this without the Rubby Scrubby, but using them together makes a big difference in the appearance of my skin! The Soothing Stick is similar in look and scent, to the Rubby Scrubby. This peppermint lusciousness is made from silky cornstarch and beeswax- which gives your feet a yummy layer of soothing protection. This formula is perfect to use any time of year- but the thing I love most about it, is that it's a non-slippery formula. I can use the Soothing Stick anytime I want to, and I don't have to be afraid of slipping and sliding on my hardwood floors at home, or slipping out of my sandals! Yay! I don't have to wait until bedtime to give my feet some special attention, anymore!

Soothing Stick Features

Soothes, moisturizes and protects with beeswax, shea butter and sunflower oil
Preserved with Vitamin E
Non-greasy formula, made with cornstarch

Paraben and paraffin free
Phthalate-free fragrance

2.5 oz- $16.00

My feet look so much prettier after using this wonderful product combo from Perfectly Posh! I've never been embarrassed by my feet or anything, but now, I can put my feet in my husband's lap without having to hear, 'Got some rough spots, there, hon!' Thanks, Bonnie, and Perfectly Posh! Now, I can't wait for vacation, so I can show these feet off!

 Fabulous Foot Fizzies by Perfectly Posh

Another great product to use with the Rubby Scrubby and the Soothing Stick is Perfectly Posh's Fabulous Foot Fizzies! The Foot Fizzies offer a blast of pampering peppermint and thyme to your feet, and are perfect to use when you want to soak, scrub or just tell you tootsies that you're sorry for all that you put them through! I think I'm going to have to try these, too- so I can get the full footsie experience from Perfectly Posh!

Great news! Until May 31st, you can purchase all three of the above featured products by Perfectly Posh for just $39.00! Think about how much you spend on pedicures, and how much you could save just by having these products at your disposal at home! Perfectly Posh has lots of other great products, too- I'm partial to the Cajole Soap Massagers- for him, and her! Father's Day is coming up, and Bonnie's got you covered when it comes to pampering- so let her help you out, by suggesting her best Dad's Day gift picks! Perfectly Posh has a great deal going on now- where if you purchase five products, the sixth one is free! Ask Bonnie for complete offer details!

Want It? Buy It!
Head to Bonnie's Perfectly Posh website to check out all of the great products that can help you get poshed! You'll definitely want to like Posh by Bonnie on Facebook, and follow Bonnie on Twitter to stay up to date on the latest specials, contests and deals from Perfectly Posh! It's also a great way to learn about the Perfectly Posh business opportunity (you can join for just $99.00!) or the great hostess rewards you can earn when you host a Perfectly Posh party with Bonnie! Sound good to you? Contact Bonnie today!

Want It? Win It! 

One lucky reader will win their very own Rubby Scrubby (the must-have summer buddy!) from Bonnie! Just be sure to follow the mandatory entry requirements on the Rafflecopter entry form below, and then proceed to check out all of the additional entries you can earn!

Special thanks to Bonnie Dodge for continuing to allow MBP to feature awesome Perfectly Posh products each month, for allowing me to absolutely treat my feet, and for offering this great giveaway for our readers!

Good luck to those who enter to win, and thanks for checking out Perfectly Posh today!

Disclosure: Other than the above featured product, which I received free of charge, directly from this representative, for review purposes, I was not compensated for facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are my own. Your experience may differ.

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  1. i like to paint my toenails bright colors.

  2. With a beginning of summer pedi and some bright red toenail polish!

  3. I like a super bright nail polish and a new pair of flip flops or sandals!

  4. I always give myself a foot bath and scrub and then burgundy polish..

  5. i take burts bees coconut foot cream and before i go to bed i rub it on my feet and put a pair of fluffy socks on and i do that for 2 days in a row then i take a foot rock thing that scrubs off the dead skin and after 2 days of that my feet are all nice a smooth

  6. I like to get them nice and soft and paint them =}

  7. I paint them.

  8. I get a pedicure or paint my toenails


  9. Pedicure! I usually go have one done at the salon (need to do it soon).. I don't have the patience to do it myself!

  10. with a proper pedicure and jamberry cupcake shields!

  11. what does paper moon smell like? :)

    1. Paper Moon has a wonderful Kiwi scent...very light and fresh scent:)

  12. I like to go get my toes done professionaly

  13. Right now I'm using the Perfectly Posh products and I love them! Couldn't be easier!


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