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Mary Kay with Maria

-Part of our April Spotlight Sponsor-
Just a wee bit late but still just as spectacular!

Disclaimer from Steph:
We had a little delay in getting the Spotlight Sponsor done in April, due to hectic schedules and vacations, so we send a huge apology to all of our loyal readers who follow and support all of our Spotlight Sponsors.

Most of you have probably heard of Mary Kay, been to a Mary Kay party, ordered and used Mary Kay, or know someone who sells it. Mary Kay has been around since the 60's and has continued to provide skin and body products all over the world through their direct sales.

One of MBP's Spotlight Sponsors is Maria L., who is an Independent Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay. When we first started working together, Maria wanted to first find out a bit about me, my Mary Kay experiences, my favorite products, my makeup/skin care preferences, etc. She was very thorough and easy to contact, always getting quickly back to me. Every month Maria has offered all of us at MBP great products and wonderful customer service! You can find out a bit more about her or contact her here.

I couldn't wait to see what Maria had decided to feature this month and what I would get to try out. I love, love working with such helpful, kind, and knowledgeable Spotlight Sponsors.

My package is here!
The Mary Kay shipping box is fancy. The regular brown box is covered in pink swirls both inside and out. The package was kept safe inside with packing peanuts. Mary Kay is also doing their part in keeping "green" by using both a box made with at least 30% recycled content, and biodegradable packing bio-peanuts. Inside my May Kay box I found a shipping order, complete with everything that should be in the box, including my sample cards. It also had Maria's contact information and the Mary Kay Satisfaction Guarantee.
Inside my Mary Kay box I found 4 great products to try out, hooray!

The first product I opened up was the Limited Edition Mary Kay Base Coat/Top Coat Nail Lacquer
I love the bottle/lid combo on the nail lacquers, so bright and cheery. The base coat/top coat is in a .25 Fl Oz bottle. This nail lacquer goes on very smoothly and cleanly. I had an easy time applying it, although it did take a bit of time to dry completely. It adds a nice shine and hopefully will help my color stay on longer. I am very happy with my results using the Limited Edition Mary Kay Base Coat/Top Coat Nail Lacquer.

The next product to try was the Limited Edition Mary Kay Nail Lacquer in Lava
 The color looked a little dark for my usual summer tastes, but I was all for trying out something new and different. The nail lacquer comes in a .25 Fl Oz bottle and is available in two colors, crushed pearl and lava. I applied the first coat and was pleasantly surprised to see it was more of an orangey-pink with a shimmer to it, it was lighter then what the bottle was leading me to believe. I applied two coats of Lava to get the right coverage. I am very pleased with the color and will be perfect for summer toes.

 Very simple and clean packaging in a light mint color provides a great start to the Mint Bliss. The lotion comes in a 3 Fl Oz. container. Just opening the lid, I could smell the mint. It was not overpowering at all, and as I put some lotion into my hand, all I could think about was mint chocolate chip ice cream. I followed the simple directions, massage lotion onto bare legs and feet, and was pleased with how soft and smooth they felt and how great they smelled. The Mint Bliss Energizing Lotion for Feet & Legs is created with a cool mint formula to help tired feet and legs feel revived, while offering a cooling sensation. I have to say my feet felt great.

The final result, using all three of my Mary Kay products from Maria

Maria also included some Satin Hands Hand Cream, which I am a huge fan of, so thanks for the little extra fun! Fragrance free and makes your hands feel super soft when you apply the cream, so nice.

My feet are feeling ready for summer and beach vacations, yours can too! Just check out Maria's Mary Kay page and see what products are best for you.
Want It? Buy It!
Interested in your own Mary Kay supplies? Maria would love to help you add some new products to your daily routine. Visit her here to see what she and Mary Kay can do for you! You can also find Maria on Facebook, she has tons of Mary Kay info available here.
--Maria is offering all MBP readers a special--
Buy 1 Get 1 half off all foot care products, free shipping and gift with purchase of $40.00 or more
All Limited Edition Foot Care, while supplies last
Mary Kay Nail Lacquers - Lava, Crushed Pearl, Base/Top Coat  $9/each

Mint Bliss Energizing Lotion for Feet and Legs  $10

Thanks a bunch to Maria for my much needed foot refresher products from Mary Kay! I love the color of my toes and can't wait to show them off.

Disclosure: Other than the above mentioned products, which I received directly from this sponsor for review purposes, I was not compensated for facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are my own. Your experience may differ. Mommy's Block Party and its team members are not responsible for prize fulfillment or shipment- this is the understood responsibility of the giveaway sponsor.

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