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Go Free Pants (Review & Coupon Code)

I have a love-hate relationship with my dress pants. I love to wear them, but I hate panty lines... and I'll wear a thong if I have to, but I am not one of those gals who thinks they're ultra-comfy and will even wear one to bed (gross!). If I have to wear a thong with dress pants or a skirt to church, or when I used to wear them to work, I would immediately change my clothes as soon as I got home. Why isn't there an easier way to look nice, without having to be uncomfortable?

There is! Welcome to the world of Go Free Pants. Go Free Pants were designed with women just like me in mind. Designer and Inventor of Go Free Pants, Tina Ketchie, wanted to find a comfortable way for women to dress they way they want to, and still be stylish and on trend with the latest fashions. It all started when Tina saw a segment on the Today Show, which featured a doctor discussing women's health issues. The topic turned toward UTI's and yeast infections, and the doctor said that the less women wear 'down there,' the better. Tina had been hearing the same thing from her own mother, for years! Later, at a girl's night out event, Tina shared with her friends about what she'd heard on television, and many of her friends admitted that they often go commando! Tina tried to get used to wearing a thong, but it was definitely uncomfortable for her (just like it is for me!), and going commando made her feel sexy and free, but the cross seams in her pants were- uncomfortable! So, Tina set out to create a pant just for women- a pant that would get rid of the panty lines and the uncomfortable cross seams!

When I stumbled across the Go Free website, I had to reach out to Tina and ask about featuring Go Free Pants on MBP, because after reading about them and hearing Tina speak about them in the video on her website, I definitely wanted to try them for myself and share about them with all of you!
Tina graciously agreed to send me a pair of Go Free Pants of my choice, so I headed to the Go Free website to browse the available styles. I had a really hard time reaching a decision on which style of Go Free Pants I wanted to try. There are so many great styles for everyday wear, but I ended up choosing what I thought would be practical to wear through the summer and fall, here in sunny North Carolina.

 Melanie Tropical Blend Capri in Black (also available in Tan and Grey)

I received the Melanie Tropical Blend Capri in Black, size 4. I chose these because they looked light and comfortable, causal enough for everyday, yet able to be easily dressed up and worn to church, dinner, etc. North Carolina summers are HOT, so the capri style would be perfect! As soon as my package from Tina arrived, I immediately tried them on. Within just a few seconds of having them on, I was in love. I put them away for Sunday, and planned to wear them to church with a new sleeveless top I had just purchased earlier that week.

Melanie Tropical Blend Capri Features:

 Classic Fit Narrow Legs With Two Fake Front Pockets.
Tropical Fabric 63% Polyester 33% Rayon 4% Spandex
Machine Wash/Tumble Dry Low
Crop 23" inseam
Crop 20" inseam petite

When Sunday morning rolled around, I slipped into the Go Free Pants right after my shower- no underwear! The Go Free Pants were so comfortable, I wanted to stay in them all day- they felt like second skin, and were super soft! I loved being in them at church. I lead worship on Sunday mornings, and I do a lot of standing, and moving around while singing- so it was wonderful not to have to worry about anyone being able to see panty lines, or anything riding up! I felt like I had my own little secret I was keeping from everyone, and it was awesome!

Loving my Go Free Pants! Thanks, Tina!

What about protection? Well, the standard cross seam found in pants has been replaced by a smooth cotton panel. Nothing cuts into anything! I hate to say this in such a crude way, but I have some pants that I love, but hate to wear because they're too tight in the crotch, because of those stupid cross seams! With Go Free Pants, there is no cross seam- just the comfy cotton panel, giving you the protection you need, and the comfort you deserve! No one can see the panel, and you're the only one who will know the difference, but believe me, the difference is incredible! I was left feeling- 'where have these pants been all my life!?'  Worried about multiple-wear? Don't worry, Go Free's got you covered! You can purchase a set of Go Free Again liners to line your pants so you can wear them multiple times before laundry day. Of course, you can absolutely wear panties with your Go Free Pants, if you want to! Go Free Pants can be machine washed and tumble dried on low- right at home! I love that these don't have to go to the dry-cleaner!

I told my mom and my mother-in-law about these wonderful pants, and encouraged them to check out the Go Free website. There are so many great styles of pants, capri's, jeans and cords to choose from- something for everyone!

Check out some of these other great styles from Go Free:

Kathryn 5 Pocket Jean

Tina Business Casual

 Go Free Again- Liners

Go Free Pants are loved by gals like you and me, and by celebrities, too!
Check out some of these celebrity fans of Go Free!

If you're tired of all of the annoyances that come with wearing pants, or trying to wear a thong for an extended period of time (or just a few minutes), it's time to try Go Free Pants! You'll wonder why women's pants weren't made this way from the very start!

Want It? Buy It!

Wanna get your hands on your own pair of Go Free Pants? Head on over to the Go Free Pants website! Be sure to stay on the homepage long enough to see Tina's video, and then take a look around at all of the great styles of Go Free Pants! A portion of the proceeds from Go Free Pants goes to support wonderful causes like Hospice care and breast cancer research.

60% Off All Styles Plus FREE Shipping In Honor of Memorial Day - NOW through May!
Coupon code:  WELCOMEHOME

 Stay up to date with Go Free Pants on their Facebook page and on Twitter, too!

Special thanks to Tina of Go Free Pants for allowing me to experience these revolutionary pants- I don't think I want to go back to wearing my old dress pants! 


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  1. I closed my eyes after reading this blog. What amazing feeling. I wish to experience even 1 time. Thanks for your sharing. style


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