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Eight O'Clock Coffee (Review & Giveaway)

Part of our Mother's Day Gift Guide

Don't talk to me before I have my first sip of coffee in the morning. Seriously- don't look at me, don't tell me about your schedule for the day, and don't bother asking how I slept the night before. I am absolutely one of those people who needs that morning cup of coffee before I can fully function... and then after that first sip, I am perfectly lovely and ready to face whatever the day brings.

My day sort of looks like this:

-Wake up, fix cup of coffee.
-Sit down and enjoy hot coffee while checking e-mail and blogging.
-Get showered, dressed and ready for the day.
-Get the boys up... hubby ready for work, Balian changed and dressed for the day.
-Cup of coffee while having breakfast with B.
-Morning chores and playtime and/or running errands with B- while drinking more coffee.
-LUNCH... usually means eating while standing and doing other things.
-After lunch time, play- usually outside.
-Get B settled for a nap.
-Time for mommy to work & have more coffee.
-B up from his nap, playtime with mommy- mommy might be drinking more coffee.
-Daddy comes home, boys get cleaned up while mommy makes dinner.
-Dinner as a family.
-Family walk after supper, play a little, read books.
-Get B ready for bed, settle in w/milk and favorite book while we snuggle.
-Daddy puts B to bed.
-Mommy works until she's too tired to keep her eyes open (may be drinking more coffee!) and daddy practices his trombone music and/or plays the X-Box.
-Mommy and daddy to bed.

Your day may look similar- and this is actually just an example of a day where we all sort of happen to be home in the evening, which is pretty rare. I hate to admit it, but I run on coffee all day long, and if you're as busy or even busier than we are, you may rely on it as much or more than I do! The hardest adjustment for me while pregnant was cutting the caffeine! And because I'm a serious coffee drinker, I won't drink just any coffee. No, they don't all taste the same, and if it isn't fresh, you might as well pour hot water into a dirt-filled mug!

I just had my very first encounter with Eight O'Clock Coffee. Eight O'Clock Coffee became the trademark coffee for the Great American and Pacific Tea Company in 1919. The name 'Eight O'Clock Coffee' was chosen after polling consumers, asking the times of day that they drank their coffee. 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM were the most popular times of day for coffee consumption. In 2010, Eight O'Clock Coffee was noted the fourth largest volume national coffee! Pretty serious! I felt pretty honored to be sent a bag of their Classic Roast Coffee, made from 100% Arabica Beans.

I decided to try something a little bit different when first trying the Eight O'Clock Coffee Original Roast. It was mid-afternoon, and I needed a pick-me-up, so I decided to brew some fresh coffee, but pour it over a glass filled with ice, and my favorite creamer, making a delicious iced coffee treat! As soon as I opened the bag of coffee, I was hit with the scent of coffee so fresh, it smelled like it had just been ground a few minutes earlier! The bag was tightly sealed for freshness, and it definitely did the job!

Delicious Iced Coffee made with the Eight O'Clock Coffee Original Roast!

After reading so much about this coffee and its rich history, I had pretty high expectations. I took one sip of my coffee treat, and was so pleased! My fresh, home brewed and iced coffee creation tasted so amazing- and so much better than anything I could want at my favorite coffee shop! If I'd had some whipped cream on hand, I might have put a little of that atop my drink- but just tasting the coffee, without extra goodness in it, was incredible! Each cool sip was refreshing, and delicious! Next time, I may pour the coffee and some ice into my blender and make my own frozen coffee drink to enjoy while sitting out on my front porch!

I was so impressed by the Original Roast from Eight O'Clock Coffee, that I had to check out their website and Facebook page. I'm sure glad I liked Eight O'Clock Coffee on Facebook, because I found out that they will be offering their coffee in K-Cups this coming fall! Yay! This makes me one very happy Keurig owner! I can't wait to experience Eight O'Clock Coffee from a K-Cup!

Eight O'Clock Coffee- Original Roast

If you're looking for a unique gift to give this Mother's Day, why not grab a few bags of Eight O'Clock Coffee and make a nice little gift basket for the coffee-lovin' momma in your life? As a mom who has a lot of jewelry, handbags, home decor, photo albums, and the like, a coffee gift basket would be unexpected, and totally welcomed! There are a lot of different roasts to choose from with Eight O'Clock Coffee, too! Just to name a few of these delicious roasts: Decaf, 50% Decaf, Hazelnut, Mocha, French Roast (the list goes on!). I would love to try the Mocha, and would love to have the Decaf on hand for visitors who prefer not to have the caffeine. I'm sure any visitor would love to have a cup of freshly brewed Eight O'Clock Coffee when coming to visit The Witts.

Want It? Buy It!

Eight O'Clock Coffee is available at most retailers. You can check to see where Eight O'Clock Coffee is sold nearest to you by visiting their website. Be sure to like Eight O'Clock Coffee on Facebook and follow them on Twitter to stay up to date on the latest coffee buzz! Want a coupon? Head to the Eight O'Clock Coffee website to sign up for a coupon good for $2.00 off of any two bags of Eight O'Clock Coffee.

Want It? Win It!

One lucky reader will win an Eight O'Clock Coffee prize pack, including one bag of Eight O'Clock Coffee and a travel mug, too! Just use our super easy Rafflecopter entry form below to enter to win!

Special thanks to Jillian, representing Eight O'Clock Coffee for giving me the chance to try Eight O'Clock Coffee and for offering this terrific giveaway for our wonderful readers!

Good luck, everyone!

Disclosure: Other than the coffee, which I received directly from the sponsor for review purposes, I was not compensated for facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are my own. Your experience may differ.

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