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Cookie Lee with Stacia (Review & Giveaway)

May Spotlight Sponsor
Presented by Stacia Smilek

 I have the distinct honor of welcoming a newcomer to our wonderful group of MBP Spotlight Sponsors this month! Welcome to Stacia Smilek, an Independent Consultant with Cookie Lee Jewelry. Stacia is a wife and mom, and business woman, connecting women with wonderful opportunities, and with beautiful jewelry! Stacia and I are working together for the first time this month, and she offered to send me a little goodie bag of jewelry from Cookie Lee.

Stacia Smilek

I love jewelry. I find that I can express myself through the items I choose to wear, and jewelry plays into that as well. Cookie Lee has a lot of jewelry and accessories, appealing to every taste, to offer their hostesses and customers, so I knew I wouldn't be disappointed with whatever Stacia chose to send to me.

 Look at what I received from Stacia!

I loved how Stacia with Cookie Lee packaged my jewelry. Everything was tucked inside on a pink organza drawstring bag, with a handwritten note from Stacia. When consultants and business owners take the extra step to include a note like this, it really lets customers know just how much the consultant or owner cares about their business, and their customer relationships, too!

 Heart Pendant Necklace and Hoop Post Earrings by Cookie Lee

Okay, onto the jewelry... Stacia sent me a beautiful Heart Pendant Necklace, and a set of double hoop post earrings, too! Though I could definitely wear these pieces together, I chose to wear them separately- for now.

 Cute, elegant, versatile- what more could you ask for?

 What a wonderful addition to my ensemble!

The silver heart pendant is on a leather necklace cord, creating a beautiful combination. The necklace cord is black leather, and it's nice and thin. Instead of a clasp, the leather cord is held together by a tight silver bead, which you simply slide to lengthen or shorten the necklace. I am in love with this! I can wear this with any kind of neckline, because I can make the cord as long or as short as I want! Great idea, Cookie Lee designers! I also love that the silver heart pendant has lots of little hearts within the big heart. I first wore the necklace from Stacia with one of my favorite summer tops while out for a morning of shopping with Balian. I received a ton of compliments on it, with many people noting the unique combination of the leather cord and silver pendant.

 Close up of these funky hoop earrings from Cookie Lee...

 I like them, I love them, I want some more of them!

Next, I had to try the earrings from Stacia. I am not generally a wearer of large hoop earrings. I love the way they look, but I often feel that the shape of my face is just all wrong to wear these types of earrings. I knew that I had to give these a try, though. The design of the earrings alone, had me wanting to wear them. They are a unique twisted design of matte metal- a style and color that will go with virtually anything! I tried them on, and the first thing I noticed was how lightweight they are. Most large earrings pull my ear lobes in an uncomfortable, but I barely felt them while wearing them. The next surprise, was how great they looked! I mean, I knew the earrings would look great- but I didn't expect for them to look great on me! I was thrilled that I could pull off wearing them! When I e-mailed Stacia to tell her how much I was enjoying the jewelry she sent to me, she responded, with this, regarding the earrings, 'Yay...so glad you are embracing them! They can be intimidating to some people, but I LOVE them!' I love them, too, Stacia! And yes- I was definitely intimidated by them at first, but I am so glad that I went for it and decided to give them a try! I can't wait to add these to some of my favorite summer outfits!

Both of these gorgeous pieces of jewelry are from the Cookie Lee Special Edition Collection, and they are available for purchase, but you must contact Stacia directly, if you'd like to order them.

Check out some of my other favorite pieces from Cookie Lee...

Caviar Bow Necklace

 Looking Glass Earrings

Urban Glam Bracelet

Cookie Lee is celebrating 20 years of helping women- how amazing is that? Stacia is part of a wonderful company. If you've not yet had the opportunity to read the Cookie Lee story, I would encourage you to do so by visiting Stacia's Cookie Lee website.

I could spend hours pouring over all of the different jewelry options Cookie Lee offers. Whatever your taste in jewelry may be, Cookie Lee definitely has something for you! I am drawn to all of the different bow necklaces I've seen on Stacia's Cookie Lee website, not to mention the earrings, and other accessories, as well! I could get into a lot of trouble buying up all of these pretty pieces- good thing I'll  always have the option of hosting my very own Cookie Lee show with Stacia, which would help me earn free jewelry!

Cookie Lee Jewelry would make a beautiful gift for the grad in your life, birthday girls, or just because! No one needs a special occasion to give someone they care about a piece of Cookie Lee Jewelry!

Want It? Buy It!

Remember- to purchase the two pieces of jewelry featured this month, contact Stacia! To purchase other gorgeous Cookie Lee Jewelry, you can shop through Stacia's Cookie Lee Jewelry website. If you have any questions about the Cookie Lee opportunity, would like more information on becoming a Cookie Lee Hostess, or you'd like some assistance with a purchase, leave a comment on this post, or contact Stacia directly. You can also connect with Stacia on Facebook, through her page, Cookie Lee Jewelry-Stacia Smilek.

Want It? Win It!

One lucky reader will win both of the featured items for May- the double hoop post earrings and the heart pendant necklace, from Stacia! You'll definitely been stylin' this summer with these pieces in your jewelry box!

Special thanks to Stacia for sharing these Special Edition pieces of Cookie Lee Jewelry with me this month, and for giving our readers the chance to win their own set!

Good luck & thanks for reading!

Disclosure: Other than the above featured products, which I received free of charge, directly from this representative for review purposes, I was not monetarily compensated for facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are my own. Your experience may differ.


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