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Bright Starts™ Click & Giggle Remote™ (Review)

Ah, the remote control. There's something so magical about it! Whether it's your husband, your kids, teens, or even your baby, everyone seems to want to get their hands on the remote! Balian discovered the remote control very early on... and became attached to it! He's a clever little dude, and he knew how to point the remote at the television before he could walk or talk. Now that he's a walking, talking, dancing little toddler, he still loves the remote! He has managed to break two of our good remotes, which his daddy wasn't too pleased about, so when I heard word from a representative for Bright StartsTM, giving us the opportunity to review one of their new toys, which just happened to be a remote control, I was pretty excited!

Balian is such a lucky little boy! He was sent the new Bright Starts™ Click & Giggle Remote™, which is intended for ages 3 mo+. Since Balian is such a big fan of the remote, I knew he would love this toy. The Bright Starts™ Click & Giggle Remote™ is a colorful plastic toy, which has push buttons, lights, sounds and more! It's the perfect toys for infants, as they begin to explore the world around them. It's a great toy for older babies, and even toddlers, too.

 Bright Starts™ Click & Giggle Remote™

Balian couldn't wait to get his hands on his new 'mote', and start having some fun with it. The Bright Starts™ Click & Giggle Remote™, features 25 popular nursery rhyme tunes, which play when different buttons are pressed. We've enjoyed singing along to songs like, 'Home on the Range' and other fun songs, too! The Bright Starts™ Click & Giggle Remote™ is also a great help to me in teaching Balian his numbers. We can press each number as we count, in order and wait to see what sounds the remote will make. The Bright Starts™ Click & Giggle Remote™ lights up on top when the buttons are pressed, which adds a lot of fun to Balian's pretend play. It's sort of fun for him to point the 'mote' toward the television, press the buttons and 'change the channel' all by himself (while mommy quietly changes the channels with the big remote). For added fun, there's a clear, spinning ball in the remote, which features three cute Bright Starts™ characters... some of Balian's favorite animals!

Balian's been having lots of fun with the  Bright Starts™ Click & Giggle Remote™!

We've been hitting the road with the Bright Starts™ Click & Giggle Remote™, too! The toy features a television-shaped clip, which easily attaches to the car seat, stroller, etc! I love this about the toy, because it keeps Balian entertained in the car, or while we're shopping. It has also made several trips to grandma's house, and accompanies us on our neighborhood walks from time to time, as well!

Features of the Bright Starts™ Click & Giggle Remote™:
  • Press the buttons to hear over 25 fun melodies, numbers, and television sounds
  • Remote lights up as each song is played
  • Spinning roller ball with 3 cute character images
  • Introduces baby to numbers
  • Television shaped link attaches to carriers, strollers, and more for on-the-go fun 

The Bright Starts™ Click & Giggle Remote™ has provided several hours of continuous fun and play! We love counting and singing along to the fun songs, making the remote 'click' and change channels, spinning the ball and watching all of the cute friends circle 'round, and taking it out with us on our adventures!
 Along with this wonderful learning toy, Bright Starts™ offers many more amazing toys for infants, and toddlers, as well as must-have entertainers and gear!
 Bright Starts™ Bounce Bounce Baby™
Bright Starts™ Bounce Bounce Baby™ has been a favorite in our house! Balian loved this (still does!), but has definitely outgrown it! It was a huge help to me to have this at home, and we took this everywhere!
(Bright Starts did not ask me to comment on this product- I just wanted to share that we truly enjoyed it and would definitely recommend this to parents.)

Whether you're looking for gear like high chairs, play yards, play mats and entertainers, or infant and toddler toys, Bright Starts is with parents and children from the very beginning, offering a truly Bright Start to their lives. I would definitely recommend the Bright Starts™ Click & Giggle Remote™ to parents for their little ones! Heading to a baby shower this summer? Make this fun learning toy part of your gift! 

Want It? Buy It!

The Bright Starts™ Click & Giggle Remote™ is available at WalMart and Target. You can also visit the Bright Starts™ website, like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter to stay up to date on the latest from Bright Starts™. 

Special thanks to Audrey, representing Bright Starts, for sending us this wonderful learning toy for review and allowing us to share our experience with our readers!


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