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Origami Owl (Review & Giveaway)

Part of Our Mother's Day Gift Guide

Can a piece of jewelry tell a story? I love stories of people who have jewelry that was passed onto them from a family member, or they somehow acquired a piece of jewelry with an amazing back story. Sadly, I own no such jewelry. I have a beautiful onyx ring, which my grandmother gave to me, many years ago, and I never even asked if it had a story behind it. I'm going to ask her about it the next time I call her! I think it would be really cool to possess a piece of jewelry like that- but what about owning a unique piece of jewelry that tells your story?

 Presented by Maureen Frear

Maureen Frear, an Independent Designer with a fairly new company in social sales, Origami Owl, offered me the chance to experience a brand new way to express my individuality, my loves and my life- all through a beautiful piece of jewelry. Now, I had seen a few posts here and there around Facebook about Origami Owl, but had never had the opportunity to really look into it to see what it was all about.

Get ready to be blown away by an amazing story- Origami Owl was started by 14-year-old Isabella, in the fall of 2010. She was trying to figure out a way to make enough money to buy her first car by the time she turned sixteen. So, with $350 worth of babysitting bucks, she began to make and sell her original jewelry at home parties, gatherings and events, and before she knew it- Origami Owl took off like a runaway train! Now, Origami Owl's beautiful jewelry is available online and through home parties, which are lead by trained Independent Designers- like Maureen! The phrase 'If you can dream it, you can do it,' is absolutely true! What an inspiration Isabella is- an excellent role model for young women, and seasoned women, alike!

I was thrilled when Maureen offered to create a Living Locket for me, and to send it to me to review. Knowing so little about Origami Owl at the get-go, I was absolutely intrigued by the process. Maureen asked me to tell her a little about myself- i.e., my interests, my family, hobbies, etc. I probably gave her way too much information, but I remember telling her that I'm a wife and mom, a Christian, a writer, a gardener, and a worship leader. She sweetly informed me that she had all she needed from me to create my special Living Locket, and she went right to work on it. Within just a couple of days, I had a very special delivery- straight from Maureen!

Check out all of my sweet little goodies from Maureen!

As I opened my package, I truly couldn't wait to see the Living Locket that had been lovingly created for me. When I opened the box from Maureen, I was greeted by an absolutely unique, and adorable display! The main package contained a handwritten card from Maureen, a take-out box, an Origami Owl 'take out menu', and a fortune cookie! The note from Maureen was very sweet, and I was just blown away by the clever presentation set before me! What a wonderful way to make an excellent first impression on a customer or potential hostess!

 Take out box- filled with treasures for me. Let's see what's in it!

 Fortune cookie pocket, business card, and an Origami Owl charm...

I carefully opened up the cute little take out box, and inside, I found my Living Locket, which was carefully placed inside a cute little blue, silky fabric-covered fortune cookie pocket, along with an additional charm. All of this, along with a couple of business cards were tucked gently into the take out box, with protective blue paper shreds, acting as a nice little pillow, and topper. My Living Locket, created by Maureen, was tucked inside the little blue fortune cookie pocket. I opened it up, and found an absolutely beautiful necklace, which I couldn't wait to examine.

Full view of my new Living Locket from Origami Owl, and Maureen...

I first noticed the chain of the necklace. It's a lightweight, silver ball station chain, embellished with tiny little silver ball beads, throughout. I love that the simple addition of the tiny beads sort of converts the chain from standard to delicate and elegant. The length is also wonderful- it's an 18" chain. Next, I noticed the actual locket. Maureen chose a medium silver-plated, rimmed locket for me. This locket is stainless steel, which is really wonderful, because it's hypo-allergenic, and it won't rust or tarnish! So, anyone who has issues with they types of jewelry they wear, will love Origami Owl for this! The face of the the locket is clear, so you can show off your charms!

Here are the charms Maureen selected for me, inside of my Living Locket...

What truly makes a Living Locket from Origami Owl unique to the person wearing it, is that it tells their story through the charms that they select and place inside of the locket. Maureen chose a sweet flower, a cross, a 'family' heart, music notes and a jeweled heart to place inside of my Living Locket. She also included an extra charm- a little typewriter, so I can change out my charms, if and when I feel like it! If someone who didn't know me very well met me, and looked at the charms through my Living Locket, they would be able to figure out a few of my loves and interests, right off the bat.

So- how do you build a Living Locket from Origami Owl?

#1 Call Maureen or go to her website to get started!
#2- Select your Living Locket (there are silver and gold options- with or without crystal embellishments)
#3- Select your Origami Owl Charms (15 categories of charms to choose from)
#4- Add some optional dangles to embellish the necklace
#5- Place your order

Want one for FREE? Ask Maureen about Hosting an Origami Owl Party!

 I love this beautiful necklace and have been wearing it- a lot!

 My Living Locket goes with everything!

I have been wearing my Living Locket from Origami Owl almost every day, since I got it. I felt incredibly special wearing this Living Locket on Easter Sunday, because the charms inside the locket absolutely represented resurrection themes- faith, love, new life, etc. I was even on television the next morning, because our Easter service was filmed by a local news station- so the locket got to be on TV, too!  I've been telling everyone about my Living Locket, also, because it's such a unique piece of jewelry, and it's absolutely unique. I don't own a charm bracelet, and now, I sort of don't need one. I can purchase additional charms for my Living Locket (at an absolutely fantastic price per charm), and change them out, according to what's happening in my life. There are so many charms to choose from, too! I think I'd love to add a birthstone charm for my son, and have that to wear for Mother's Day, or for his birthday. There are initials charms, celebration charms, sorority charms, hobbies charms, and many more! I'd love to expand my collection of charms to express all of the wonderful things we experience throughout our family life.

 Medium Living Locket- $20.00

The Perfect Gift

I am convinced that a Living Locket from Origami Owl would be the ultimate gift for a number of occasions. Mother's Day is just around the corner, and it's not too late to create a beautiful Living Locket for your mom, grandmother, wife, sister, etc. The birthstone charms, initials charms, etc, would be perfect to place inside for Mother's Day. Expecting or new mom in your life? There are adorable little baby carriages and baby feet charms in the Celebrations category of charms! I'm thinking this would be a really special graduation gift, as well! We were invited to a friend's graduation from college, and I am definitely thinking about building her a Living Locket.

October Birthstone Charm- $4.50

Want It? Buy It!

I just know that once you see the gorgeous Living Lockets from Origami Owl, you'll fall in love with them, as I have with mine! It's so wonderfully special to me! You can create your own Living Locket online, buy visiting Maureen's Origami Owl website. Make sure you really take a look at all of the beautiful charms- you might have to make a list of your favorites and then narrow it down! Maureen is such a sweet person, and a beautiful designer, when it comes to Origami Owl, and she is standing by to help you by answering your questions, offering you guidance and support, and sharing the Origami Owl story. Ready to create the ultimate gift that tells a very special story? Build your Living Locket today!

Be sure to like Maureen's Origami Owl Facebook Page to stay up to date on the latest and greatest from Origami Owl! Questions or comments? Don't hesitate to contact Maureen! She can't wait to hear from you!

Want It? Win It!

Maureen is graciously offering you a chance to win a $25.00 Gift Certificate to Origami Owl! This giveaway is part of our Mother's Day Giveaway Extravaganza, so click here to go to the entry form. Want a few extra chances to win? Here's how! You'll earn 10 extra entries for leaving a comment on this post containing a question about the Origami Owl opportunity, 10 extra entries for booking a party with Maureen, and 25 extra entries for making an Origami Owl purchase with Maureen. You MUST leave a comment on this post with your e-mail address, telling us which of these tasks you have done. These will be verified by Maureen, and we will then add your extra entries to the Rafflecopter for the giveaway.

Special thanks to Maureen Frear of Origami Owl for allowing me to experience my very own, gorgeous Living Locket, and for offering this amazing giveaway for our readers!

Good luck to those who enter to win!



  1. Do you know Christian Weem's history? I'd find a more family-friendly business.

  2. I researched... what is wrong with her history?

  3. These are great! My friend turned me on to it!!

  4. These are great! My friend turned me on to it!!

  5. Im interested

  6. Replies
    1. Hi Tina.... if you're interested in purchasing a Living Locket of your own, please feel free to visit my website at www.maureen.origamiowl.com You can also send me an email directly from my site if you have any questions or concerns. I'd be happy to help! Thank you for your interest. Kindest regards, Maureen


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