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Mary Kay Review and Giveaway with Maria Limperos

I can still remember being a little girl and looking at my mom putting her makeup on in the bathroom, and thinking I couldn't wait to be grown up and wear make up like my mom. My mother sold Mary Kay when I was younger and I can still picture those pink cases she had full of products, and going to parties where she would make women look beautiful! Mary Kay products are near and dear to my heart and now after taking a break from using Mary Kay, (only because I sell Avon, and felt like a trader!) I am now starting to wear Mary Kay again, and I feel beautiful, just like my Mom.

Compact Mini

Maria Limperos had asked me what type of Mary Kay products I liked, and used on a daily basis, and since I hadn't used Mary Kay in a while and they have so many great options for me, I had a hard time telling her what I liked. I really love playing around with makeup and mixing different complimentary and contrasting colors for eyes and face. My sister used to always say to me, "I could never pull that look off" but I am a bold person and love to try all different looks. Sometimes I can pull them off, but other times I can't! Yes, I know, it's hard to believe there is something that I can't pull off! Just kidding!!!

Moonstone, Silver Satin, Sweet Plum, Strawberry Cream

Now, Maria is so great at what she does. I gave her a few ideas of what colors I like to wear on a daily basis. She said she looked at some of my photos online and decided what worked best for me, and let me just say she is spot on! Maria sent me 3 different eye colors and a blush to put into Mary Kay's mini compact. The colors Maria sent me are Moonstone, which is more of a neutral color, Sweet Plum, which leans on the mauve side, and Silver Satin, and we all know what silver looks like! The blush is a gorgeous shade of pink called Strawberry Cream.

All Of My Mary Kay Goodies!

Now the cool thing about the Mini Compact is that it is magnetic, so all the eyeshadow colors and the blush fit in one area all together. Open the compact and you will find a spacious compartment underneath the top compartment that will house all of your makeup tools. Brushes and applicators fit nicely in this area, close the bottom compartment and there is a mirror inside the lid for easy application. Everything you need to give you a great look all in one place.

Mary Kay Compact filled with the Colors

The different eyeshadow colors that Maria sent me work so well with my skin tone and eye color, I'm just amazed how much they bring out my eyes! I have Hazel eyes, so mauve and neutral tones really work in my favor. I layered the colors to create a shimmery, smokey eye. I started with Moonstone as my base and then added Sweet Plum into the outer corners of my eyes. I loved this color combination, but they also look good on their own! These are definitely my day look colors. Something I know will always look stunning.Now for an evening look I decided to take the Silver Satin by itself and put it on lightly on the bottom of the lid and as I got closer to the top of the lid I to make the color darker. One color done two ways! I then used the sample of black eyeliner that Maria sent me as a little surprise, and it made the look! I added a touch of the Silver Satin underneath my bottom lid to give the eye a little depth and sexiness!

Left eye has Silver Satin on the bottom and Moonstone up to my brow bone.
Right eye has Moonstone on the bottom of the lid and Sweet Plum over top to give it a smokey look.

Mary Kay Mineral Eye Shadow, Blush, Liner, Compact and Tools are really, really cool! I loved the colors, how well they stayed on my eyes and didn't crease after an hour! The quality of the shadow is superior and it has now become my favorite makeup. I take it to work with me everyday, throw it in my make up bag and run. It is so easy to take along with you since everything fits snugly into one simple compact. Like I said before, Maria is amazing, knowing what colors would fit my face without knowing me is so awesome. She will give you star quality treatment no matter if you are face to face, on the phone, or ordering online. Maria and Mary Kay know what they're doing, with so many different products, colors and styles of makeup, Maria can help you find what you are looking for.

Compact Mini

Ok, get ready for the exciting part, one lucky reader will win their choice of eyeshadow. You will get to choose from Sweet Plum, Silver Satin and Moonstone. Thanks Maria for Sponsoring this great giveaway!


Discloser: I was sent the above reviewd items direct from the sponsor, I was not monetarily compensated for my review. The opinions in this review are my own, your opinion and experiences may differ. Mommy's Block party is not responbisble for any differing opinion or experience.

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  1. Thanks for the giveaway. I love MK Eye shadow!

  2. I've never tried Mary Kay eye shadow, but I love their concealer!

    1. Loren,
      You are missing out! The colors are fabulous! All mineral based and long-lasting. You should definitely try them.

  3. I have always loved Mary Kay, they're wonderful products =)

  4. Britt- those colors look so good on you! Love them! I love that Maria personally selected these based on your skin tone, etc! ~Ondria

  5. thanks for the great giveaway

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  6. Thank you for the giveaway...

  7. Thanks for the giveaway!
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  8. I looooooooooooove Mary Kay products!!!



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