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Lia Sophia with Cheryl Baltzer (Review & Giveaway)

There aren't many days that go by without me taking a little trip to my jewelry chest.I used to love to accessorize, but after the birth of my son, I found myself not having time to coordinate jewelry with my simple outfits, and then not being to even bother wearing most jewelry, because babies love shiny things, and love to pull at jewelry. Now that my son is a toddler, I am starting to feel comfortable wearing jewelry pieces such as necklaces and bracelets again, without too much fear of the pieces being pulled on. So, when Cheryl Baltzer, an Independent Consultant with a wonderful jewelry company, Lia Sophia, contacted me about featuring some pieces on MBP, I jumped at the chance to work with her.

Presented by Cheryl Baltzer

 Lia Sophia has been owned and operated by the Kiam family since 1986. Lia and Sophia are the two daughters of Tory and Elena Kiam, owners of the company, and they also have a son, Alexander. Lia Sophia provides customers with beautiful jewelry, and provides women (and even men) with an awesome business opportunity, which Cheryl has experienced firsthand.

Cheryl offered me a few options as far as which pieces she would send me to review. She mentioned Lia Sophia's Dress for Success Program partnership, which gifts women who have found jobs through Dress for Success with Lia Sophia jewelry after their first year on the job, serving as a badge of honor in their lives. Dress for Success is a global, non-profit partner of Lia Sophia, which gives professional attire and support to disadvantaged women, rejoining the workforce. Lia Sophia proudly gives more than $3 million in jewelry to this program each year! Tory Kiam, President of Lia Sophia serves on their Board of Directors and says that 'women helping women is one of the most inspiring aspects of the Lia Sophia story. By working together to level the playing field, Dress for Success created a sisterhood of women dedicated to each other's achievements, and that's very close to my heart.'

I very openly told Cheryl that choosing to review the pieces featured in the Dress for Success program seemed like the right thing to do, especially since a portion of the proceeds from the sale of those pieces go directly to Dress for Success. Cheryl completely agreed with my choice, and got a nice little package together for me. When my Lia Sophia items arrived, I could hardly wait to see them. Cheryl kindly included some information on the Dress for Success program and partnership, along with two pieces of jewelry. I received the beautiful Swish necklace and the gorgeous Ambition Stretch bracelet from Lia Sophia.

 My new jewelry pieces by Lia Sophia, from Cheryl have arrived!

 Sorry it's so hard to see these against my table... 
Swish Necklace and Ambition Stretch Bracelet

I noticed the packaging right off the bat. I love the sophisticated boxes the jewelry pieces came in... the Lia Sophia logo is clearly printed on the top of each box, and also stamped around the purple edges of the jewelry boxes.Each box was in a protective sleeve, so I simply slid the boxes out from their sleeves, opened the tops, and found that the jewelry pieces were neatly sandwiched in between protective foam pieces. I really appreciated the fact that Lia Sophia sort of goes the extra mile to ensure that each piece of jewelry remains protected while resting, or while in transit.

 Lia Sophia Swish Necklace...

The Swish Necklace is this season's Dress for Success featured style. It's a beautiful, ultra-feminine matte gold tassel necklace, and it's adjustable- 27-30". I have little to no gold pieces of jewelry. I'm not a big fan of gold, but I love this stunning necklace. Since this piece is a matte gold, it's not 'shiny,' which is what makes me want to wear it! As soon as I took it out of its box, I noticed the intricate details of the design.The different chains are interwoven with one anther, and connected to beautifully designed metal pendants and beads. There is a sixteen strand tassel, which gracefully hangs from the lovely circle pendant, creating a nice Y-Shape. Each matte gold metal piece or pendant, features a delicate scrolled branch design, which is absolutely eye-catching. As soon as I held the necklace in my hand, I noticed the weight- heavy enough, but not too heavy to wear comfortably all day long.

 Ambition Stretch Bracelet

Next, I examined the beautiful Ambition Stretch Bracelet, which is a suggested item to compliment the Swish Necklace. This bracelet is also weighted, but light- it almost barely feels like I'm wearing anything on my wrist! It's a gorgeous pairing of cut crystals and delicate faceting. It's also featured in a matte gold, which makes it go perfectly with the Swish Necklace. I have really gotten into collecting more bracelets lately, because I have a wireless, handheld microphone in my hand, and in front of my face each Sunday, and I like to have something on my wrist- since it's being seen!

 Lia Sophia makes dressing up a casual pair of jeans easy!

I could pair these beautiful jewelry pieces with just about anything and I would look and feel like a million bucks. I'm a work at home mommy, so I am a slave to my laptop, and at home most days of the week, with my toddler. I don't get lazy with the way I dress just because I stay at home- I believe that getting up and getting dressed, just like I did when I worked in an office, fixing my hair and putting on my makeup and jewelry motivates me. When I look and feel my best, I am ready to go after any and everything! There's no stopping this momma! I don't get super dressed up, and I save my dress clothes for Sundays, but even jeans can be dressed up with the right accessories. I decided to go with a nice turtleneck, sleeveless shell, which hasn't seen the light of day since before I became pregnant with Balian. It's a beautiful green color, which I felt would really serve as a beautiful backdrop for the Swish Necklace. Boy, was I right! I love the way the Swish Necklace from Lia Sophia looks against this top! And of course, because they go so well together, I placed the Ambition Stretch Bracelet on my wrist, and tell you what, I am just blown away by how good it looks!

Swish Necklace and Ambition Bracelet Pairing

I asked my husband (who is not a lover of gold jewelry at all) how he liked the pairing. He said he thought it looked beautiful against the green, though he'd have to get used to it, because it's very unlike me to wear anything gold. I also have some articles of clothing that just beg for gold jewelry to be worn with them. I know that silver can go with anything, but there are instances where I almost wish I did like to wear gold! Well, I now have two beautiful matte gold pieces in my collection, and am beyond thrilled by that! Cheryl has converted me- turning me into a matte gold lover! I think I might have to invest in the Ambition Earrings to go with this set!

If you have never experienced any of the beautiful jewelry from Lia Sophia, I would encourage you to browse Cheryl's website. I can't share the photos of my top picks with you, because they are protected on the LS website, but all of the jewelry is completely gorgeous... and I'm not just saying that. My job is to share my honest opinion of these pieces, and that's what I'm doing. The jewelry is well-priced, and from what I have experienced these past couple of weeks, it is of excellent quality.  If you're like me, and you're mainly a silver-lover, you can shop just the silver pieces on Cheryl's website, and the same thing goes for you gold-lovin' gals. You can browse mixed metals, earrings, necklaces, rings pins and charms, bracelets, and basics. Lia Sophia also has a Red Carpet Collection, which is a must see! It's easy to see that Lia Sophia stands by the statement made on their website, which tells customers that they are committed to designing unique pieces that will last a lifetime. Each piece of LS jewelry is backed by a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee, plus- LS really does bring hostesses and customers looks and styles designed to make them feel their very best... which is exactly how I feel when I am wearing my new Lia Sophia pieces!

If you love jewelry, or want to re-ignite your love of jewelry, you'll definitely want to look into Lia Sophia! They offer lovely, affordable pieces of jewelry, appropriate for all adult ages and stages! This same Swish Necklace that I have fallen in love with would look great on my sister, my mom, and my grandmother! We each have our own unique styles, and this necklace would beautifully enhance each one! If you're looking for a great gift for Mother's Day- just go ahead and take a look at Cheryl's website or ask her to send you a catalog! If you're making your gift list, make sure Lia Sophia is at the very top!

Want It? Buy It!

You can purchase all of the above featured Lia Sophia jewelry pieces, and many more, by visiting Cheryl's Lia Sophia website. While browsing Cheryl's website, be sure to take a closer look at both the business opportunity and hostess opportunity offered by Lia Sophia. If you have any questions or would like more information, just leave Cheryl a comment on this post or feel free to contact her directly.

Want It? Win It!

One lucky reader will win this beautiful Lia Sophia bracelet, a catalog and a $10.00 Gift Certificate from Cheryl! Just use our easy Rafflecopter entry form below to enter for your chance to win!

Special thanks to Cheryl Baltzer for allowing me to experience these beautiful pieces from Lia Sophia, spreading the word about Lia Sophia's partnership with Dress for Success and for offering this wonderful giveaway for our readers!

Good luck to all who enter to win!

Disclosure: Other than the featured jewelry pieces, which I received free of charge from Cheryl, for review purposes, I was not compensated for facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are my own. Your experience may differ.

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  1. I like white gold or silver.


  2. I like either and buy alot for my daughter who wears both

  3. I prefer silver

  4. I like them both and wear them both. I particularly like Lia Sophia's earrings.

  5. Love Lia Sophia! Great products;)

  6. Love silver, but I'm starting to get into antique-y golds too. mary at maryhorowitz dot com.

  7. I have always loved silver, but lately I'm beginning to like gold more and more (especially when it comes to delicate jewelry pieces).

    I love the "For You, by Debbie" bracelets!


    1. Would love to work with you to "earn" some lia sophia jewelry.

  8. I wear both gold & silver. I really like the Ambition Stretch Bracelet.
    thanks for the giveaway

    1. I would love to work with you to put together a party :)

  9. silver is my favorite :) but I do wear gold as well!

  10. Are the bracelets adjustable (can you remove a link) if you have small wrists?

    1. We do have some bracelets that come in small and medium sizes. I have smaller wrists and have not had problems with the bracelets.

  11. I am definitely a Silver (or white gold ;) gal... I see a lot of pieces in gold that I think are pretty, but it looks horrible on me. I think the only piece of gold (besides white gold) is my grandmother's high school ring!
    This would be so great to win. Thanks for the chance!


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