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Jamberry Nails with Amy Tropkoff (Review & Giveaway)

Extreme nails seem to be all the rage. Every time I see my husband's young cousins, they have every fingernail painted a different color. When I turn to my favorite Christian radio station, even the radio personalities are talking about extreme nails- the wild, vivid colors and designs. I just don't think of myself as a wild child, even when it comes to my nails. I sort of like to play it safe, but now that summer is coming up, I am definitely ready to start adding some bold colors to my toesies! 

 Presented by Amy Tropkoff

I have a fun, new way to play with color this summer, thanks to Independent Jamberry Nails Consultant Amy Tropkoff. Amy wanted to help me get my feet in shape for spring and summer, and offered to send me a sheet of Jamberry Nail Shields to try out. Jamberry Nails is a fairly new direct sales company, which started with three sisters putting their heads together. Their goal was to provide women with an easy way to brighten their day, and an affordable way to achieve high-end salon looks from the convenience of their own home. There are so many Jamberry Nail Shield designs available, that there's no way I could have just chosen one... so Amy decided to 'surprise me' with sending me one of her favorites!

 Mulberry Flower on White Jamberry Nail Shields

I received a full sheet of the Mulberry Flower on White Nail Shields, which is part of the Flower Power collection by Jamberry. I was excited about the color of the flowers on the nail shield. The pink or mulberry color matched one of my favorite nail polish colors for summertime. Amy also send me a couple of sample sheets, and I am going to share those with my mom, and hopefully spark her interest in Jamberry! I know I'll have a lot of fun looking through the Jamberry catalog with my mom, too. I hope we can pick out some fun designs for the beach! Instead of applying the nail shields to all of my toenails, I wanted to experiment with just applying the shields to my big toes, and then painting all of my other toenails in the coordinating nail polish.

Ready to Jam with my Jamberry Nail Shields! 

 Check out this official 'HOW TO' video from Jamberry Nails

When I was ready to try out my nail shields, I got out all of the items I would need for the process. I made sure I had my sheet of Jamberry Nail Shields, along with the handy instruction sheet, which comes with each set of nail shields. I got out my toenail clippers, nail polish remover, cuticle pusher, nail buffer, nail file, my hairdryer, and of course, the color I wanted to paint my other toenails with. I cleaned and trimmed all of my nails, and then buffed the big toenails. I pushed back and trimmed my cuticles, and then painted all of my toenails, except for the big ones.

When I was ready to apply my nail shields, I chose the shield that best fit the shape and size of my big toenail, which happened to be the largest of the nail shields on my sheet. I peeled the nail shield from the sheet, and held it underneath my running hairdryer for about ten seconds, until the shield was flexible. I then gently matched the nail shield up with my toenail, and pressed it down, smoothing it as I pressed. One the nail shield was in place to my satisfaction, I applied heat from my hairdryer once more, for about ten seconds, while applying pressure, and again smoothing out any little bubbles. While the shield was still flexible, I filed off the remainder of the nail shield, using a firm, downward motion. The excess just filed right off, without any problems. I smoothed over the edges, and then I applied a coat of clear polish over the nail shield, just because I wanted to- and I felt that it would help the edges adhere to the nail, and keep the shield in place. The how to video from Jamberry is really, very helpful. I would recommend watching it before attempting your first Jamberry application. There are also lots of videos by consultants, who share secret tips for application, and making your nail shields last after they're applied.

 My Nail Shields are nearby, waiting for their turn! Love this big sheet of shields. 
One sheet is enough for 2-3 applications!

 Painted my toenails pink, except for the big ones.

 Applied the nail shields, filed off the excess...

 The finished product- I feel like I spent an hour at the nail salon!

I actually used the same shield to do both of my big toes. I didn't have to do any trimming, either. The nail shield fit my toenails perfectly, which was pretty awesome! I don't know why, but the first time I ever used Jamberry Nail Shields, I had the worst time trying to get them to do what I wanted them to do! I was home alone, and I probably spent two hours trying to get through one application. This was definitely not the case this go-round. One of my friends commented that it gets easier and easier with every application, and she was right! I managed to do this in less than ten minutes, in the middle of the day, with my 18 month old running crazy around the house, and the application was a complete success! I love the way my toenails turned out, and I have Amy to thank! I received many, many compliments on my toenails, and one girl commented that it looked like I had them professionally done at a nail salon. I let her in on my Jamberry secret, and gave her Amy's business card!

Jamberry Nail Shields are so much fun, and I can see how they could easily become addictive! There are nail shields available to match everyone's style! I have so many favorites picked out that I'd spend a long time prepping a list of all of them to share with you. Since I sort of have to narrow it down to just a few, here are my top picks, in no particular order...

 Red and White Polka- I want these for the 4th of July!

 Turtles- My son would love these!

 Sheet Music- My hubby thinks these are pretty sweet!

Damask Yellow Sunflower- I wouldn't normally pick these for myself, but I have a summer skirt these would look great with!

Jamberry Nails are great for everyone! They're perfect for little girls who want to play dress up. If you have a little girl, a Jamberry Slumber Party with her friends would be lots of fun! With Mother's Day just around the corner, a little spa gift basket with a few Jamberry Nail Shields inside, would make a fun and unique gift! I would love to spend an afternoon, picking out any applying Nail Shields from Jamberry with my mom, sister and grandmother... I think they'd all enjoy these designs! All in all, my impression of Jamberry Nails is that it's pretty cool. I love the variety of the designs, and the fun categories like: School Spirit, Black and White, You Asked for It, Sophisticated, etc. It's a great way to change up your nails, without spending a ton of money on professional nail painting. You can apply the nail shields in the comfort of your own home, and change them up as often as you like! Mix and match with a few different coordinating shield designs and nail polishes! The possibilities for unique nails are endless with Jamberry!

Throwing this one out there for any Pink Zebra 
reps who happen to see this!

Want It? Buy It!

If you're looking for a fun, easy and affordable way to change up your nail routine this spring, head on over to Amy's Jamberry Nails website. Be prepared to take a few minutes to browse all of the cool categories and designs of the nail shields- there are quite a few of them! Jamberry has a great special going on right now- buy 3, get one free! If you have any questions about the application process, the product, how to jump on the Jamberry bandwagon and join Amy's team, want info on hosting your own Jamberry Party, or need help placing an order, just leave a comment on this post, or contact Amy. She is super nice and extremely helpful... and she really loves her business. Amy also has a great Facebook page for her Jamberry business, so be sure to become a fan and stay up to date on the latest styles, trends and special deals from Jamberry!

Want It? Win It!

One lucky reader will win a sheet of Jamberry Nail Shields from Amy! This is a great opportunity to try the nail shields, if you've been curious about them! Just use our super easy entry form below this post to enter for your chance to win!

Special thanks to Amy Tropkoff for allowing me to experience Jamberry Nail Shields, and for offering this great giveaway for our readers!

Good luck to all who enter to win!


Disclosure: Other than the sheet of Jamberry Nail Shields, which I received free of charge from Amy, for review purposes, I was not compensated for facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are my own. Your experience may differ.

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  1. The zebra pattern is cute....and would look great on our fingers when we head to Animal Kingdom this fall.

  2. Are there plans to ever have any character designs? I've seen nail decals before that are different character faces, that would be neat (although I realize it requires different copyright laws...etc).

  3. I'd love to win the Flipflop pattern! Soo cute! Are Jamberry nails made out of normal nailpolish like the Sally H nail effects? If not, how do you get them off?

  4. I love the victorian lace pattern!

  5. solid aqua green

  6. The flipflop pattern would be adorable.
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    gina.m.maddox (at) gmail (dot) com

  7. black and magneta lace

  8. Lavender Sparkle

  9. Love this! Want to do my nails!
    Tracy Jobosn

  10. I personally love the Sheet Music, I am learning to play guitar right now and these are right up my alley.
    Rebecca Parsons

  11. I love the way these look, but they DON'T stay on my fingers very well. I did my nails yesterday and by bedtime, I had only 3 of the 10 left. When I woke up, I had just 2 left. Now, I did my big toes 4 weeks ago and I had no problems at all. The big toes have stayed on very well. My smaller toes only lasted a few hours. So out of all 20 apps, I had 4 successful ones.


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