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Hero Huggers Review & Giveaway

Kids come in all shapes and sizes, I happened to be blessed with two kids who like to "bend the rules" when it comes to growth charts. Beckett was in the very bottom percentages in both height and weight his first year, not on the charts at all his second and third year, got back into the bottom of the charts his fourth year, and now suddenly in his fifth year, has actually made it into the 25th percentiles. While he has always been a healthy kiddo, his growing seems to be all on its own schedule.

This craziness has made for a fun clothing adventure for us, let me tell you. I couldn't have been happier to discover adjustable waist pants, because he was both short and skinny. Now at 5 he has had a major growth spurt in his height but still super skinny and while 5T or regular size 4s/5s fit him, the adjustable waist pants can look really bunched up for as tight as I need them. This is where a great belt can work miracles! I was so happy to come across a neat company, so please read on...

What is better than one cool company? How about two cool companies?!?!

That is exactly what I got when I worked with Superfly Kids, a parent company that includes both Power Capes (my earlier review) and Hero Huggers (this review). To learn a little more about Hero Huggers and the other sister companies of Superfly Stores, click here. Made in the USA, by moms and dads and all kinds of creative helpers, Hero Huggers has been making some pretty neat belts for both boys and girls since 2011.

Again I worked with Kelly and was provided with great communication and enthusiasm. Kelly let me know that they had never done a "double" product review and giveaway before and was excited to give it a go. I was given a code to purchase my Hero Hugger and set off to visit the website and see what we could find. I knew Beckett was a great choice for a belt because we have been struggling with bunchy waistlines for awhile now.

Beckett and I first visited the Hero Huggers product page, to see what all our options would include. We obviously chose boy belts, but there were also a large assortment of girls belts too. My favorite girl belt is the Saavy Safari.
Beckett had about 30 different colors and designs to pick from. He was immediately drawn to a handful of the boys belts, including the
and his final choice...

Each of the Hero Huggers belts are made with a high quality webbing and colorful ribbon. They are fun and stylish and my "trendy" kiddo knew he would stand out with this belt. After we picked our belt design, we also had to decide on a size and closure style.

--Size Options--
Small: 18-22" Up to a Size 3T
Medium: 22-25" Up to a Size 6
Large: 25-28" Up to a Size 9/10
Our Choice-Medium

--Closure Style--
Velcro: Easy On/Off, Perfect for Potty Training
D Ring: Better for bigger kids to get on/off
Our Choice-Velcro

Our belt arrived in a cute little plastic package that was clearly marked and used bright, bold colors

Beckett was a huge fan of his new belt from Hero Huggers. I like the way it sits on his waist, his jeans don't have to be all bunched up, and he still looks cool. The colors really stand out and look stylish. The Velcro was a good choice for him as he has never worn belts before and the Velcro is very easy for him to do/undo all by himself. The belt is 1" wide, perfect for his jean loopholes.
His cool dude look 

Hero Huggers is a great new little company within the company.  I can only imagine they will have great success with their fun, stylish belt options. We thank them for working with us and wish them good luck for many years to come!

Want It? Buy It!
Add a little style to your little ones pants with some Hero Huggers. Boys and girls belts of all designs and styles, plus free shipping on all Hero Huggers orders too! Hero Huggers is offering a special promo code for all of our readers, please enter SHOPAHOLIC10 during checkout and you will have an additional 10% off - EVEN ON SALE PRICES!!  Sign up for the Hero Huggers newsletter to hear all their news first. Follow Hero Huggers on Facebook for all kinds of extra fun. 

Want It? Win It!
One lucky MBP follower will win a Hero Hugger of their own. Just use the Rafflecopter entry form below to enter to win- and be sure to complete all mandatory entry fields. Hero Huggers would like you like them on Facebook and sign up for their E-Newsletter as well. Please reference that you were sent by MBP on Facebook so they know where their new fans are coming from. Don't forget to check out all of the extra ways to earn entry points for this giveaway.

Thanks so much to Kelly for sending us our Hero Huggers Belt for Beckett and for offering one to one of our lucky readers. We appreciate the great companies we work with!

Thanks and Good Luck!

Disclosure: Other than the Hero Hugger that I was sent to review directly from this representative, I was not compensated for facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are my own. Your experience may differ.

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  1. skeletonz I'd choose, my grandson would like this one
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  2. heres the one i like http://www.herohuggers.com/skull-tattoo-belt-for-boys.


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