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Hello Baby Review

After browsing online one day for child centered products, I came across a website dedicated to selling an amazing amount of different brands of baby and child items. This website is actually an online baby and nursery shop, and when I say it has tons of items, I mean tons.

Hello Baby is based out of St. Albans, UK and created in 2007, by a man named Trevor, who had a vision for selling quality, fun, and practical baby and nursery products all over the world (with some size/ shipping requirements). After contacting customer service, I was delighted to hear directly from Trevor. How often do you hear straight from the creator of a company--I appreciated this fact very much. After we corresponded many times throughout the past few months, I agreed to review one of Hello Baby's products for Mommy's Block Party. Trevor was great to work with and Hello Baby seems to on a great track for continued success.

Trevor was kind enough to see what ages of kiddos I had, to best pick a review item for our family. He suggested a product he felt would be perfect for a 2 year old, so Scarlett would be the lucky winner of this package upon arrival. We could not wait to meet our newest addition.

Scarlett was a happy camper when her package arrived.
Inside our Hello Baby package was this cute little friend.

The JellyCat Bashful Bunny
This new friend, named the usual "Joe", was hugged and squeezed with immediate love. He is super soft, has long bunny ears, and adorably cute. Trevor sent us the Medium Size Bashful Bunny, which is about 11" head to toe, with ears that are 7". Our Bashful Bunny is has tan colored fur, 2 black eyes, a triangle shaped nose, and a fluffy white tail, the perfect bunny.

You can find the JellyCat Bashful Bunny from the Hello Baby online nursery shop.

Check out their nursery furniture
I LOVE this set...

Look at all the fun baby toys they have available
If I ever have another baby, Sophie the Giraffe is a must have...

All of this stuff would make travel easier
Perfect for hotel rooms or a stay at someone else's home, a portable baby gate

Safety is always a huge priority for parents
Monitors have come such a long way in just the few short years I have used them, so neat

What are you waiting for? Head over to Hello Baby and start shopping!

Want It? Buy It!
Hello Baby has tons to offer you, from pregnancy/maternity products to bath time, you can find anything and everything you need. Here are some payment and shipping tips. Head over to the blog for tons of baby/parent resources. Click here for advice and beyond for all things baby. Like Hello Baby on Facebook for links to reviews, product and fan photos, and special announcements. Follow Hello Baby on Twitter to get gift ideas, sale information, and product reviews.

Thanks to Trevor from Hello Baby, we love our Jelly Kitten Bashful Bunny, he is such a huge hit.


Disclosure: Other than the Bashful Bunny that I was sent to review directly from this representative, I was not compensated for facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are my own. Your experience may differ.

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