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Earth Day 2012 Ideas & Freebies

Will you and your family be celebrating Earth Day this weekend? 
There are lots of great ways to get the family involved in celebrating and doing their part to help care for and preserve our beautiful Earth!

A few ideas to get your creative Earth Day juices flowing...

Make a craft: Make a bird feeder or rain catcher from used, clean milk jugs or soda bottles.

Collect Flowers: Save glass jars and use them as flower vases. Let the kids collect flowers from your yard to fill the vases. Keep them in your own house, or give them out as gifts!

Create a Recycling Station: If you don't already have a dedicated bin or area to store and separate your recyclable items, make one! Make sure all bins are clearly labeled- this will encourage the kids to recycle!

Rally the Neighbors: Organize a neighborhood clean-up event. It's not too late!

Start a Garden: Choose a spot in your yard to grow your favorite fruits and veggies. Fresh from the garden fruits and veggies are oh, so good... and good for you!

Not a Gardener? Take a Class: Look for a free local class to learn about organic gardening!

Get Outside: Go to the park for a picnic & play or go for a walk!

Check your local newspaper for local events!

Also, be sure to check out this list of must-see Earth Day Freebies that our friends over at Mommy & Baby Review & Giveaways put together. No one wants to miss out on deals like free Starbucks Coffee or Tea when you bring your own cup, get a free tree at Lowes, a free burrito at Chipotle, and more!

How will you be celebrating Earth Day this year? 


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