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ChicoBag review and giveaway

W/ Sierra Norton
Earth Month Special

I’ve written quite a few blogs now about lightening my carbon footprint. But I keep finding great ways to give back to this great planet! That being the case let me introduce you to ChicoBag. Super cool reusable eco friendly bags.

After visiting a landfill and seeing a disgusting amount of plastic bags, founder Andy Keller decided to make a difference. He created ChicoBag , an eco friendly company that designs and makes reusable bags for all occasions. Andy got his start selling his bags at his local farmers market and now runs a company that is an industry leader in the compact reusable bag movement.
I just had to share this picture from the ChicoBag website because while it is silly it made me realize how many plastic bags we throw away on a regular basis. 
Sierra Norton of ChicoBag was awesome enough to send me my own reusable shoulder bag. At first I was really confused because all I got in the mail was a little package that had a tiny pouch in it. Well, to my surprise that little pouch turned into a super cute, and good sized, reusable grocery bag! It fits twice as much as a regular plastic grocery bag, and I know it won’t rip when I put boxes or heavy items in it! I am forever forgetting to bring my reusable grocery bags so the best part about my ChicoBag is the carabiner clip! When I'm done using my ChicoBag , I can fold it back into it’s connected pouch and clip it right inside my purse!
My camera doesn't seem to be working so I used the websites pictures. 

*Side note, when your ChicoBag is stuffed into its pouch it makes a VERY tempting kitten toy. I’ve found ours in Forrest’s “layer” quite a few times.
This is my favorite shoulder bag available. I love it!

ChicoBag doesn’t just make shoulder bags though. Check out some of these other cool ChicoBag products!
Isn't this print pretty?
Go from little... 
to big in no time!

Who ever though your could put a backpack in a pouch!

This would be great for hiking or biking! 

I think one of the coolest products from ChicoBag is the Produce Stand Complete Starter Kit. The Produce Stand Complete Starter Kit consists of three different reusable produce bags, each made of a different fabric: rePETe, rePETe Mesh, and a 70% Hemp - 30% Cotton blend. All three bags are machine washable and stuff into an the cutest apple pouch. It even comes with an attached carabiner, to make it easy to carry when not in use. The Produce Stand Complete Starter Kit is designed to completely eliminate the use of plastic bags at the store.
I love this pouch, and not just because it's an apple and Im a teacher! 

ChicoBag can even make customized bags. Check out this one from a yummy brewing company, Sierra Nevada.

Want it? Buy it!
ChicoBag has something for everyone and every budget! Give their website a browse and do your part to save out planet!
ChicoBag has even offered a 25% off online coupon code for Mommy's Block Party readers!

Coupon Code: cbbmbp25
Valid for 25% off at www.chicobag.com 
Excludes Accessories, Sale Items and Swag 
Expires: 5/11/12 


Special thanks to Sierra Norton and ChicoBag for offering this awesome coupon!

Happy Earth Day!!

Disclosure: Other than the bag that I was sent to review directly from this representative, I was not compensated for facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are my own. Your experience may differ.

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