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Celebrating Home Fragrance Warmer with Denise Black

Sometimes my house just stinks. I mean really stinks! Cory and I work so much that sometimes the house becomes neglected. The dishes pile up, the carpets and floors go unvacuumed and swept, the laundry stays in the hamper and I literally have to make myself stop, look around and force my self to take a break and clean up the house. After the house is clean there can still be lingering odors. It's gross and I was looking for different products to freshen up my house, I was becoming the queen of Febreeze. I was going over board with the sprays and linen refreshers and nothing truly seemed to cut the stink and freshen my house. That is, until I found the Celebrating Home Fragrance Warmer.

Denise Black, Independent Designer with Celebrating Home offered me the chance to review her fragrance warmer and two of Celebrating Home's Fragrance Gels. I was so excited to try it, I have other warmers from different companies, but wanted to try celebrating homes' since I had heard such great things about their warmers and wanted to see the differences that their warmers had to offer. When the warmer arrived I could not wait to open it up and get going. I had actually just finished doing dishes and the aroma of dish detergent lingered in the air. The noxious smell of bleach and fake lemon had to go. I grabbed my camera and quickly took pictures of the products so I could use the warmer sooner than later!

Somerset Fragrance Warmer and Gels
Denise had asked me before she sent me the warmer and scent gels, what fragrances I had wanted to try. I was really excited to try some new scents, I gave her a few ideas, and she sent me what she thought I might like. Well, she was right! Denise sent me Kiwi Papaya, which has such a wonderful juicy, tropical scent, I was in love, and then there was also Orange Vanilla!! Wow, it's like the ice cream truck delivered a thousand creamcicles to my house. YUM! The warmer that Denise sent me is such a wonderful accent in my house. We have a country cabin vibe in our house, neutrals colors with pops of reds and the warmer, called Somerset, is a nice creamy, muted yellow. It works so well in my dining room area!

Kiwi Papaya and Orange Vanilla Gels
Now, I'm sure you are wondering what the difference is between Celebrating Homes' Warmers compared to other warmers on the market. Well, the difference is Celebrating Home's warmers use gel fragrances, where as other warmers use wax. I really like the Gel concept because you can add as little or as much as you want, which makes the gel last longer in my house. Once the gel heats up, it turn into a liquid and eventually it evaporates. If you want a new fragrance, just wipe the gel out and add the new one. No messy wax to clean out. So quick and easy, it really is a new way to keep your house smelling great. The fragrances work wonderfully and the whole house was taken to the tropics in a matter of minutes.

Somerset Warmer with Kiwi Papaya Gel
I really am loving my Celebrating Home Fragrance Warmer. It is such a great warmer to have in your home. Easy to use, no fire, heats the gel with an electric light bulb, ceramic warmer and they have a style of warmer to fit all your styles and personalities. Not looking for a full sized warmer? They have warmers that plug into the wall that are smaller than your average sized warmer. I love these smaller warmers, they fit perfectly into any room and will surely become a favorite in your home.
Not really sure what your style is? Why not ask Denise to help you. She is an amazing designer that would love to help you pick out the perfect warmer and design the perfect room. So, one lucky winner will receive 25% off of their shopping experience! This is one time I really wish I could enter our own giveaways! I have my eye on a few things!!

Thank you so much Denise for allowing our guys and gals a chance to shop with you!


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